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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Married My Tinder Match After Only Five Months | Tinder match

This mascara also wins big points with me because it never smudges underneath my eye - one of my biggest mascara pet-peeves! image. Primer isn't just .. @ ScottWheaton: what is the most challenging thing about dating someone from the bachelor nation?i think you and @AshleySpivey are awesome. Ah, yes. I thought. 8 Jun I've been trying to think of something profound enough to say about Li Wei's fantastic images. I imagine his unique disembodied head and embedded head images, especially given the particularly Chinese locations, work as a metaphor for changing China. Wei himself says “The brain is. In August , researchers have revealed that a good credit history helps to find your true love. Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group, the developers of the Tinder online dating application, found out that high credit scores increase your c.

You might all know me from The Bachelor, but I'd rather make you laugh, give you great advice, and make you think twice about taking Cosmo seriously. Sometimes y'all like to ask me questions on Twitter. Everyone and their momma is doing gift guides for the holidays, so I decided to share with y'all the actual wish list I created for my Mom on Sephora. Click on the pictures and it will take you straight to the items Sephora.

I love pink blushes. I love orgasms this palette has the uber popular orgasm and super orgasm. Thank you Nars for making this awesome palette! This stuff is amazing and will make your skin appear radiant! Speaking of my skin, I had acne problems as a teen, I struggle with hyperpigmentation, and by the end of the day my face usually looks like an oil slick.

As I said before, I got oil probz y'all. Rather than reapply my makeup halfway thru the day, I like to keep this shine control pressed powder in my purse so I can look like a normal, not sweaty human being. It only comes in one color - colorless with a mint green tint - so you can use it throughout the seasons and the tint corrects redness and link. My only recommendation with this stuff is to apply with a brush and not the sponge to avoid cakey, oily messes!

This magnetic polish by Nails Inc. How awesome is this?!? Sephora makes a great, relatively cheap brush set. Start out with these basic six brushes and once you get comfortable, start expanding your Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor collection!

Now that I have continued to blog about this, some unknown user me on this blog. This thinly-veiled sneer directed at lovable but unfuckable beta males is a mini-trend among women. I love her quote about her mom:. Furthermore, the betaness of the shirt is amplified by one other implied message that in my opinion blares louder than the favorable competing message of his irresistibility to women — namely, that this dude feels it necessary to tell the world he has a girlfriend. Check our dating sites.

This is by far, my new favorite mascara. This mascara also wins big points with me because it never smudges underneath my eye - one Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor my biggest mascara pet-peeves! This particular primer also nourishes the lashes with a serum that promotes long term lash growth, strength and vitality. My only recommendation with this stuff is to put your mascara over it while the primer is still wet!

I have to tell y'all a secret…I can not stop staring at bad eyebrows. If someone has bad eyebrows, I cannot look away! Some ladies need to learn to put the link down and get thyself to a brow professional!

For those of you that need some help in the eyebrow department even I like to fill in my sparse areasthis is the BEST brow wiz! Just remember to use a light hand when applying the pencil and use the spooley end to blend! Did I leave anything out? Anymore beauty questions or tips?

Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor

Yeah, I said it. I got my jiggly butt out of bed at 5am on Wednesday to attend a class at 6: We were both pretty terrified but were excited to try something different. Pure Barre claims to lift your seat, tone your thighs, abs and arms and burn fat in record braking time. The ball is what really kicked my butt!

We had to keep this tiny thing. Have y'all ever tried Pure Barre? Anyone in NYC interested?

Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor

Any one else giving themselves a toned, healthy body for the holidays? Ever wondered what I want Scott to give me for Christmas? Wanna know what I think is the best mascara I have ever used? Well yesterday was quite the day for Bachelornation! The promo was intense. Watching that promo made me want to start a career as a consultant to girls that are about to go on reality shows so I can save their future careers and dignity! Haha, ok Momma Ashley is done. Y'all have to understand that these promo pics are always bad.

They usually look nothing like the person and we are all a little crazy by this point because we have been sequestered! However, the comments under these pictures on ABC. I cannot believe how cruel people are! Courtney is gorgeous - pretty hair, amazing eyebrows, and flawless skin!

Regardless, she is hot. Ben will love her. Just click for source is cute, on the older side so she is more apt to take relationships more seriously, and is director of a non-profit!

While Elyse is young 24everything on her profile screams that she is a good person. I love her quote about her mom:. Who do you admire the most and why? Mom - she raised 6 children, worked hard all her life for us to have a good life. Always lived a healthy lifestyle running and eating right. She made me who I am today. What is your ideal mates personality like? I know that Ben really appreciated the fact that Ashley was super smart so I know he will love Emily. Smart, pretty, and stands up to Courtney?

What else could Ben need? What is it of? I know this sounds weird but I have a really good feeling about Jamie. She also lists a lot of attributes under what she wants in a mate so I think she takes relationships seriously - she is looking for a husband but also someone that will be good father. Seriously - how cute is Nicki?!?

Girlfriend also has the best makeup skills so far of any of the girls on the show. Not really important to Ben but important to me: I think maybe Rachel and I are kindred spirits: Ben is pretty laid back so I Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor Rachel is the click here of girl he can hang with but will also be attracted to.

What in the world? Apparently, this lady is just there to introduce her grand-daughter but the fact that they include her in the pics is cracking me up!

Age is just a number Occupation: Grabbing life when and wherever I can Do you like being the center of attention or do you prefer being more mysterious and why?

Definitely the center of attention What is your biggest date fear? Rejection What does your ideal mate look like? I believe in taking risks in Eharmony Cat Hookup Video Submissions For Bachelor to get the man I love.

Every season has some sort of gimmick - instead of a therapist, Ben gets a grandma!

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So what do y'all think? Who are you really looking forward to seeing? Which bachelorette is your favorite based on the bios and pictures? How crazy does the new season of The Bachelor look? There are definitely some pretty girls and some gorgeous locations but it looks like there is going to be a huge amount of drama!

A definite change from my season!

What do y'all think of the promo? Think Ben will find love? Who is the mystery girl that has everyone freaking out? So after 3 weeks of nagging Scott, I finally got him to answer some questions and write up a little post about relationship advice.

ScottWheaton AshleySpivey Scott-compared to other relationships, what stands out about your current relationship. I was instantly attracted to Ashley, from how she looked and carried herself, to how she knew that in the end, she controls her happiness — leaving no one else with that kind of power.

I love beer - eHarmony Video Bio - Spoof of crazy cat lady

That, was and is, incredibly attractive. ScottWheaton AshleySpivey Also, have you guys talked about marriage at all, yet? Scottwheaton why are you so lame?

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I like mixing a little bit of root beer in my diet coke. For all her sweetness, and believe me, she is a genuinely caring and loving person, she has a dorky, crazy, in-your-face side as well. ScottWheaton What do you love the most about your lovely girlfriend Ashley? If I had to pick one thing that I love most it would be how genuinely caring she is, combined with her incredible maturity and resilience.

But that would be worthless to me without her sense of humor.

Go on a date and fade. Number 1 would be beta two men and one woman should be understood as two gay men and one womanbut not BOTM material. And I think the magical age on these sites is 49, we all know you are not 49, who are you kidding?

I would say that There is a guy out there for every girl well, maybe not this oneand every girl deserves to and can meet a guy who is so absolutely in love with her that he wants to give it a title.