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2 Oct Grand Theft Auto IV puts gamers in an all-new version of Liberty City, a living, breathing environment inspired by the greatest city in the real world -- New York. Playing as Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic, you'll find out firsthand just what it's like to be a strange person in an even stranger land. GTA IV follows Niko Bellic. He is an Eastern European refugee who fought in a war - losing many close friends and fellow soldiers at one point. That incident appears to have been a setup by one or two surviving men so Niko travels to America in order to track down these men for revenge while escaping many other people. Grand Theft Auto IV - PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports creating Games for Windows-LIVE accounts within Grand Theft Auto IV. You can create an account through and then log Browse and rate player- created guides for this game. Or create your own and share your tips with the community.

Overview Estimated Trophy Difficulty: For more info on cheat codes and their effects on trophies, check the following link here credit to ILikeChurros Introduction Grand Theft Auto IV is not an easy platinum. The requirement for this trophy is to effectively finish the story mode in under 30 hours. See the Trophy Description for useful information on how to maximise your chances of doing this, yet it is actually quite a lenient time scale so wont require too much obsessive restarting.

There are 88 Story missions in total, that's just a fraction over minutes per mission including the time it takes you to get from one to the next.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide

It is recommended that you end your story run by choosing the 'Revenge' mission thread close to the end. Choosing the 'Deal' mission thread could disable your ability to obtain a trophy during Step 2. Providing you dedicate your time to nothing but story missions, you should be fine. There will be occasions where your friends will call you throughout this Step asking if you would like to join them in an activity.

This would detract you from your goal, yet if you refuse, their 'like' percentage for you will fall, causing them to begin ignoring you when you need them for Step 2. To combat this, accept any invite that comes your way. Their initial will show up as a marker on your map. However, if you call them straight back and cancel the proposed activity, your friend will accept your apologies and your activity will be called off whilst your friends likeness progression will suffer no repercussions.

During this step, you will unlock a number of other trophies which coincide with requirements for this trophy. Provided you followed more info advice in the last Step and chose Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide 'Revenge' mission thread over the 'Deal' mission thread, you will have no trouble with the "Driving Mr.

This step can be very time consuming but using a checklist and ensuring you are saving upon completion of each individual requirement will help to avoid any instances where you have either overlooked something or actually completed but not saved afterwards.

Again, there are some very useful resources found in the actual Trophy Description. You may find that you obtain some of these trophies during steps 1 and 2. In fact, some are harder to not obtain. With this being the exception, the rest of the remaining offline trophies are relatively straight forwards. Step 4 - Multiplayer Because GameSpy have closed down, Rockstar have issued an update to remove all traces of them from the game.

AWP is now much harder because the "Network menu" has been removed. Last but by no means least are the online trophies. Over the years there have been many strategies come and go for the most efficient way to complete this section but it really comes down to whether you boost or play legit.

This guide will cover you for the legit ways of obtaining all online trophies which are not too difficult with the exception of AWP and Wanted which you are well advised to boost but if you insist on setting in for the task of unlocking everything above board then look no further.

This trophy requires you to score a turkey in ten pin bowling. If you can handle all that then do yourself a favour and snap out of it and use the links above, but if that still doesn't work: There are 5 choppers in total each taking you on a different tour so you need to take one tour in each.

Overview Estimated trophy difficulty: None Do cheats disable trophies? No Does difficulty affect trophies? The DLC is finally here, folks! This time, you'll be playing the role of Jonathan "Johnny" K. Just like the other DLC, this DLC also includes new vehicles, a new radio station, new weapons and, finally, new multiplayer modes.

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However, in comparison to the sister DLC, the trophies here are much easier to attain; 3 are plot-based and article source you get from doing simple, yet somewhat time-consuming, tasks.

When you start, the very first thing you should do is press and under "Game" - make sure that the Autosave is on. If you quit the game without enabling saves or even just saving, you'll have to start the DLC all over. Check out this thread: I recommend the following cheats for this DLC dial the numbers into your cell:. You will definitely run into Niko a few times, and there will be some overlapping in terms of plot between this DLC and the Ballad of Gay Tony, as they both take place around the same time.

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For a mission guide, check out this walkthrough from the official wiki: LINK In addition there are 25 Gang Wars and 12 Bike Races, both are side missions that you may need to do a few times for two of the trophies, though you do not need to win any of the races and the Gang Wars are rather unnecessary but they do make one of the trophies easier to obtain See Full Chat for more info. None Do Cheats Disable Trophies? You play as Luis Fernando Lopez, a Dominican ex-drug-dealer.

He is now the personal bodyguard of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a successful nightclub owner and socialite.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide

Bigger guns, better missions and more interesting characters make this an episode worth checking out. Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide a game in itself, it puts many other companies DLC to shame. The Main Story The best place to start is the main story missions. Play the game through from beginning to end. You will unlock everything you need along the way, and earn some much needed cash which you can use for weapons later on. There are 26 main story missions that you need to work through. All you have to do is follow up all the initialled icons on the map.

At the end of the story, you will have unlocked: Gang Wars These missions are short and generally involve stealing some form of stash.

They can get a little boring and repetitive though. After 25 Gang War missions, you will have unlocked: It basically doubles the lifespan of the game. Allow 7 or 8 hours to clear all 26 missions. After clearing every mission, you will have unlocked: Miscellaneous More info that is left then is to complete the base jumps, win the fighting championship, hit the flag a few times in the driving range, dance in the clubs and perform the ultimate skydive.

These can be completed at any time and in any order.

To combat this, accept any invite that comes your way. Replaying Hangman's NOOSE on Hard to my knowledge is still without the use of glitches about the best rate of pay to be cost effective but this will still take weeks if not months to grind. If done right, the ball should roll dead on the line going down the lane leading just to the left of the foremost pin. See more this being the exception, the rest of the remaining offline trophies are relatively straight forwards. The success of the above glitch is a little inconsistent depending on where you stand before you perform the glitch.

They are all relatively quick to complete. It's just a matter of doing them After tying up the loose ends, you will have unlocked: The trophies in TBoGT are not disabled by the use of cheats. The only drawback is that mission scores are disallowed if a cheat is used during that this web page. So keep their use strictly between missions only.

They can prove handy at times though, just to keep everything moving. Here are a few that could prove useful: The FBI Buffalo is also a handy spawn car. A good all-rounder, it is fast, stable, toll exemption and has four doors so that you can carry passengers. The siren also helps out from time to time. This trophy is story related and unmissable. Link to the Walkthrough here. This trophy is unlocked by playing darts in a pub. This activity can be started by inviting one of your friends who likes to play Hookup Someone A Different those who don't will not have the option to play darts when you call them and starting a match once you arrive at the bar by approaching the dartboard and pressing.

In short, the objective of the trophy is to score with three darts. This entails that you hit treble 20, 3 times in a row, in one single turn. The treble 20 is the small red section of the black '20' in the top middle section of the board between the thick end and the thin end. Use to steady your aim before throwing. You will be required to play darts, and win, against those of your friends who like to play, for a separate trophy "Key To Liberty City". Play a few games to practice if you need to get the hang of it.

The game is Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide it makes for short games. For anyone alien to darts, a crash course is that you need to Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide from to 0 in the least amount of darts possible. You cant go over, you have to land on 0. The outer circle around the board doubles the score of whatever number it landed in, the centre ring triples the score.

Finally, you can only get to zero, or 'checkout' as it is called, on a double. Here's a youtube video if your still struggling:. As the trophy states, you simply need to beat a friend at pool. The game provides in-game step by step instructions on how to actually play and use the buttons to control your shots. You only need to win 1 game to unlock this trophy. It is quite easy to beat anyone, although your girlfriend Michelle is particularly bad at pool.

Anyone new to pool won't need to learn too much. There are 15 balls.

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If your opponent pots a stripe, you are then by Grand Theft Auto 4 Hookup Guide solids, and vice versa. If you happen to pot a ball first, you get to choose and then force your opponent to be on the opposite set of colours, When all 7 colours are potted, the 8 ball is the final ball.

If the 8 ball is potted before that players colours have been potted, they lose. Also, if you hit an opponents ball or pot one of their balls, this is a foul and your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere they want for their next turn.

Here's a youtube video if you need more tips:. QUB3D is an arcade game which you can play by interacting with the arcade machines in bars and clubs across Liberty City. If your looking for a QUB3D arcade, there's a machine in the bar on the outskirts of Broker where you play pool with Little Jacob early on in the story mode, or there's one in Triangles strip club in Alderney.

The game play is similar to Tetris. Blocks descend from the top in different colours.