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THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLEGE: Parties, Hookups, Studying & Advice For Freshman!!

13 Guys You Will Hook Up With in College

13 Mar You had no good Halloween plans, so you tagged along to *takes a deep breath* a frat party. Between all the wobbly keg stands and post-tequila throaty yelling, this is a mediocre man's time to shine. All he has to do is chill in a corner, not say something deeply sexist for a few hours, and voilà, he looks. 29 Jun 21 Life-Changing Dating Tips Every College Student Needs To Know. You don't have to find "the one We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish they knew about dating in college. Here are their amazing . Don't throw away love for college hookups. "If you're sure about. 5 Dec Before college I had only had two serious boyfriends, and kissed five different boys. At the time, I thought I knew a lot and had loads of experience, but in reality I had no idea. I was still clutching my V-card as if it were the only determining factor of my dignity. Now, as a sophomore, I still don't have a buttload.

For many young women and men, the end of August marks the start of a new chapter of life -- one of higher learning, critical thinking, problem solving, horizon broadening, and lots and lots of casual bonking. It's a whole new world of unchaperoned independence and freedom combined with year-old hormones -- which can result in a lot of really bad life decisions.

If you are the kind of wise-beyond-your-years person who only has sober sex with people you're in a committed relationship with, more power to you! If not, follow these rules to save yourself from at least some sex-related humiliation and regret up in your ivory tower.

Keep your condom shelf fully stocked at all times. Whether you're a man or a woman, make sure you keep a healthy supply of condoms on hand, for you, for your friends, for friends of friends.

Hookup Advice For Guys In College

Invest in decent ones, with lubrication but not spermicidebecause everyone could use a little rehydration after a night of drinking and, good or bad, many of you will have been drinking Replace the condoms when they get close to their expiration date -- because the only thing worse than not having a condom is having one that breaks mid sesh.

Carry a condom on you at all times. Do you see a theme here?

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You never know when nookie is around the corner, especially on nights out. Keep a condom more if you can manage it cool and dry in a purse or loose pocket, not crammed in an overstuffed wallet or squeezed into the back pocket of your skinny jeans. Don't do it drunk. Chances are, you will get drunk. Probably on more than one occasion. We're not talking about a good, healthy buzz -- because let's face it, that's the most likely time sex is going to happen for you this year -- no, we're talking completely sloshed.

A Guide to Hooking Up in College

And when that happens, when your balance starts to fail and your voice gets read more loud and the room spins a bit, try with all your might NOT to hook up. Because the chances of it not going well are exceedingly high. Have a no hook-up zone. Ground zero is your dorm room and the zone radiates out from there.

The closer anyone lives to ground zero, the less advised you are to hook up with them. And while we're on the topic of roommates, have respect for yours -- don't keep locking them out while you're showing someone your dorm room etchings, especially on nights before exams. Don't sleep with anyone to get them to like you. This will not work. Sleep with someone because you are attracted to them and would like to have sex now, but only if you can do so without any expectations of a future relationship.

If you think sex tonight means you're dating tomorrow, think again. But especially a fraternity house. Because in close-knit community living like that there are no boundaries: They might try to take pictures. Don't hook up with your friends' exes. We know college is inherently incestuous.


But you've got four more years with your friends. Don't make it awkward. Be open and honest about STDs.

Hookup Advice For Guys In College

You're jumping into a pool of smart, well educated, fun, attractive, decent people -- many of whom have sexually transmitted diseases. Hell, you probably have one right now too!

A guy who can sing and looks really good in his maroon team blazer? I then found the courage to speak. I miss that house a lot. The closer anyone lives to ground zero, the less advised you are to hook up with them.

There's nothing shameful about that -- it's just statistics. But that doesn't mean you can shirk your civic responsibility to be honest about anything you've got that might be transferrable -- oral herpes counts too! The more people talk about it, the less stigma there will be, and the smarter everyone can be about protecting themselves and the ones they lust.

Don't schtupp your professor.

There is nothing wrong with needing a little extra help to get you or your partner into the moment. STI's are very, very real and more common than most people think. We know college is inherently incestuous.

The affair might feel naughty and more info, but ultimately it's an abuse of power on their part. Plus, it's not worth it for the inevitable mediocre B you'll get. Get familiar with your health center, campus security, and your school's policy related to sexual assault.

The health center is your friend: Familiarize yourself with campus security: Finally, now that schools are being forced to actually do something about the on-campus sexual assault epidemic according to a study funded by the National Institute of Justice, one in five women will become the victim of an attempted or complete sexual assault during collegereview your own school's current policy so you know your rights and whether you need to insist your school do more.

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