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Being Sick Vs. Having a Chronic Illness

Would You Get Involved With Someone With a Chronic Illness?

5 Jun Britt Renee, a woman with multiple chronic illnesses, questions whether someone would want to date her because of her health. 26 Feb What is it like to be on the 'losing' end when it comes to relationships? Here's my brief perspective as someone who lives with permanent illnesses. 1 Jul A quick sweep of dating advice articles shows a pathetic amount of articles with decent, realistic advice about love and sex (shout out to The Atlantic's article “Love in the Time of Chronic Illness,” a candle in the wind and one of the few worth reading). Most are directed at people who have disabilities.

Meet singles at DateHookup. Most of these Idgets are. It happens all the time. They get married and get life insurance and then the person dies and the still living, healthy one goes and lives on an island somewhere with their new wealth. It's a sound business strategy. If you met someone you really liked and enjoyed that you had a lot in common with, but found out they had a chronic illness that would make it difficult for them to go places and be reliable all the time would you still start a relationship with them?

You article source like being addicted to marijuana?

Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness

Many are going to say NO! I've had and beat cancer, dates find out, they run hide!

Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness

Wow u guys all suck! What a bunch of selfish one wayers! That's terrible, I can see if it's something that the person needs to be cared for, maybe shying away from that n not getting started, but not dating someone because they have diabetes, or copd, or RSD, I can think of a million others that u would probably never know unless they told you, but damn, you people are cold n heartless! If conservatives had their way, i'd be back on the plantation, making bean pies for the missus bridge game in the afternoon Or is it that YOU would force every white person to give up all their money and spend the rest of their lives bowing and stooping to YOUR ignorant ass.

Oh I get it Although it would depend on their relative wealth. Sorry just being honest. Yes, "nice guys" are honest. I'll go back and read That's almost as bad Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness the Politics forum where a thread starts on local goat milk regulations in Ohio and it ends up being Obamers[sic] fault.

I am too busy laughing at people to even think of this web page involved. No, been there, done that. I am maxed out in the "care" department. However, we could be friends and hang out from time to time. Not to basic Sandara And G Dragon Hookup 2018 reputation cruel, and hating the idea of someone being alone in life, I have come to an age where I need to be putting myself close to the head of the line.

Not maybe first but very close. We could be friends and I would be glad Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness do any errands or things that they need help with, but no romance. I don't think many would. I have chronic illness and it sucks. I would get sick of dating me. Been there done that its no fun. Especially when their illnesses are mostly in their minds and their prescription drug bill even with insurance runs in the thousands of dollars.

I would date Dona - unless it had something to do with the dreaded Pee Squeeze. No pee squeeze problem here. Suppose it depends on the chronic illness and what the complications are. I would probably not choose to start a relationship with someone in that condition.

The key word in the post is HAD. She doesn't have it now, once she did but not now. Its one thing to be in a relationship or married to someone who gets a chronic illness its something entirely different to through your self into a new relationship with someone who already has an illness. I could see me doing it for the right person because I know I have the heart for it but it would have to be something that just happens I wouldn't go looking for that kind of relationship. And yet, it's still all good to me.

I would pass on that type of relationship.

I know if it were to come back- I wouldn't tell a soul, the last thing I would want is any new friends out of pity! On the outside, falling down, falling apart. See me for who I am, not what I have. So what if my illnesses are permanent? So, what is another illness, or two, into the mix?

I don't look into the future so yes if there was a connection it is what it is. Right now is all anyone may have.

Life is full of moments good and bad.

Sorry just being honest. Worse, why had my loving, caring partner suddenly fixated on the one thing I hated about myself, and could not change? They are people too and they only want to here someone around to talk to most of the time. It was certainly very difficult for him during this time, and I feel the only reason we have made it is because he would always remind us both that the illness I had was just that, an illness, and he knew who he fell in love with. I always said I would never date anybody with a mental illness, after a couple of horrible Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness experiences.

Its a pre existing condition, so it can return! It sux, but that's life! And its ok, being a 5 yr survivor I can say that I'm honestly at a point in life that looking and waiting for mr right isn't about who I might meet anymore, but about ok--whose the one that has always been there thru thick and thin?

The way most are- they could care less had I croaked, and they don't understand why their not getting anything I've got to offer! I know if it were to come back- I wouldn't tell a soul, the last thing I would want is any new friends out of pity!

It's either chronic illness or mental illness- I attract them like magnets! Would depend on what Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness was. Initially, I'm not going to get involved with someone who isn't able or has not interest in the lifestyle I enjoy and the why matters little.

Willing and, with some accomodation, able - sure why not? I have dated someone with terminal cancer, but will not go beyond dating. If I am not involved with someone then it is ok to hang with this person.

They are people too and they only want to have someone around to talk to most of the time. Just because someone has cancer does not mean they are cancer. I've got a chronic illness, sometimes I can't help but laugh at stupid crap: We all have read article chronic, terminal, illness So, what is another illness, or two, into the mix? I would not make a point of dating Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness just because they had an illness, and I would not make a point of not dating them just because they had an illness.

Other ailments may be more, or less, difficult to deal with. If a person's personality is enough to make associating with them worthwhile-despite the difficulties-then go for it, and do not the illness stop you.

If their personality is not enough to make associating with them worth the trouble it entails, then do not bother with them. Ony you can decide, for yourself, whether-or not-you feel that the person you refer to is worth it all for you. Liberalism is the worst chronic illness of all. One thing that's gotten better?

Gypsy I agree Gypsy and so glad my boyfriend did not feel this way.

Conservatives Must Save the Republican Party From Itself

He accepted me illness and all. Just shocking how so many would not even look beyond an illness and look at the person behind it. But anything that had to do with cnacer or an std you know shit like that yes. If she check this out to die before me, i Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness use the money to pay for her furnal Lol yes i know i didnt spell that right.

Yes, i suppose the conservatives did us soo much more justice The Conservatives wouldn't drag us further into debt. If we're led by Liberals long enough, we'll turn into a 3rd world country. Hate to break it to ya dear, but it was a Republican that freed your asses.

Someone's been listening to Al Sharpton for too long. I thought Lincoln was a republican If you actually knew history, you'd know Lincoln was pressured into freeing the slaves, not that he necessarily wanted to.

It was a move he made to disrupt the economic base of the South.

The South Hookup Someone With A Chronic Illness slave labor to produce sweat based goods. The North, manufacturing which didn't require slaves to provide cheap labor. This thread has a chronic illness. Just be yourselves and stop over-thinking life so much. If read more actually knew history, you'd know Lincoln was pressured into freeing the slaves, not that he necessarily wanted to Just like YOU are pressed into not shooting white people, even though you want to, because you're afraid of retribution.

Go herky jerky now, because whitey's pulling your strings! One thing that has gotten better WTF would you do then? Like a painful looking sheet of 70's wall paper I know it's not funny No i dont wear no white sheets! I got kicked out of the klan years ago because i accidentally torched the grand gazookampah or whatever he was.

What not to say to someone with a chronic illness

What are you irish or something? I never laugh at people. Hey i seen you somewhere before. Arent you the guy who shorted out the shock box in the hospital???

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No offense but I wouldn't want to be a care taker.