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18 Oct I've often been a bit paranoid when it comes to men and their relationships with sex. A big part of me believes that men are inherently more sexual than women, and that women often make compromises in order to please their male partners. This isn't s. 3 Aug Several answerers have implied that it's something about you that's at fault if a guy only wants to sleep with you but not have a relationship. . In one forum I heard a young girl intimate, “I kinda get offended when a guy of low smv complements me because he is wasting my time and tainting the list of hot guys that admire. 11 Jan When's the last time you saw a guy walk into a bar or party looking useless and confused? You want to have sex with him. And me. And." And you will feel like a man for the first time in your life, and you will say, "It was really nice meeting you the other night, but I have to floss my cat three times a day.

So I met this guy about a month ago, and we dig each other. He's not looking for a relationship, and I'm not going to waste my energy trying to make him, so we're basically in the "friends with benefits" stage.

The "benefits," however, only go so far.

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We've had several steamy makeout sessions in the car outside my house with all the high school flashbacks includedbut no sex. After one of these sessions, he told me he was having sex with someone else, and that it was a random, no-emotions arrangement. But we couldn't have sex because he felt guilty about having sex with two people at once. I should mention I'm polyamorous and do, in fact, sleep with more than one person. I would like him to be one of those people.

How Do I Get A Guy To Sleep With Me

My question is twofold: What the [bleep], is this dude stupid? And, I can't believe I'm saying this, how do I get this guy to sleep with me? You know, there are hundreds of articles on how to get a woman to sleep with a man, but not the other way around.

After exhaustive research, the only one I found simply said, "Take your shirt off," and since you've probably already rounded that base, I'm not going to repeat that sage advice anymore than I already have just now.

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To answer your first question, there are a number of reasons for sleeping with only one person at a time, although "guilt" falls relatively low on that list, somewhere between "so I don't have to shave as often" and "so I don't have to choose between sex and my favorite Food Network programs. As uncouth as it may seem that your fella would rather be monog in a non-emotional, casual situation, it is ultimately his choice, and you have to respect it.

If, however, you'd like to try to persuade him of your vagina's awesomeness and I suggest this only as a temporary strategythere are a few methods you can employ to help move things along. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If you keep having hot and heavy makeout sessions, odds are eventually he'll want to take things further, unless he's Katy Perry, in which case, he kisses you and he likes it but his boyfriend probably minds.

Try the opposite of what you've been doing. If you're the type to come on strong, then let him take the initiative. If you make out in cars, get thee to a dance floor, or any floor will do, really.

How Do I Get A Guy To Sleep With Me

I like my sex to rhyme. Find someone who actually wants to sleep with you. Why put yourself through the frustration of a benefit-less friend when you don't have to?


Is he under warranty? A friend-with-benefits arrangement has to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Give your blue labes a rest already and find that special someone s who will give you the deep dicking you so clearly deserve. Want to ask Anna an anonymous question about love, sex or dating? Email your quandary to redeyedating gmail.

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Then see what happens next Need to give your dating life a boost? When you feel sexy and confident, it shows," says Kait Scalisi, sex educator and founder of PassionbyKait.

Sign up for RedEye Dating. Discuss this article and others on RedEye's Facebook page. How do I get this guy to sleep with me? February 28, Anna Pulley, annapulley RedEye's sex columnist.

You need to make it count. If he thinks you were amazing, he could even put you in the girlfriend category when he had previously already decided that he was not going to be with you long term. Unleash your inner Anastasia Steele er, your inner goddess? If so, then you have to read this article about what men think after having sex.