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How long does it take to walk down the aisle — The Knot

Wait for 35ish seconds to start walking down the aisle. 22 Apr Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a nice piece of music to walk down the aisle to, but I' m not really sure of what timescale I've got! It's not a huge church (approx rows of seats - it seats about 80 folk), and I've only got one bridesmaid who will most likely be going in before me. I LOVE this piece of music. 21 Jan When your having your dress 'pinned' at your first fitting remember to walk around in your dress. On average walking down the aisle will probably last about 30 seconds, this isnt that long. which is why you need to savour every second, look around you take in the smells of your flowers, faces of loved once.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Down The Aisle

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Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. MrsAKennedy 5 years ago Wedding: But thanks for the idea, I'm going to do that x. Create your wedding dress. I don't want to get all the way down the aisle and the important part hasn't even started yet.

Posted 28 July - Im having Des'ree - Kissing you. So what are you supposed to do. I would like to play the track to the end, I wouldn't want it to stop abruptly. Im not sure how this even works traditionally I can't remember what I've witnessed at other peoples weddings. I suppose you just wait outside the church doors? But obviously with a gazebo it's all open Then when you know the song will be ending, you begin to walk?

I'm article source that, actually. The bridesmaid smiles and accepts it, then the groomsman stands, takes her arm and leads her the rest of the way. The next two, then repeat it and so on.

By the time it gets to the part I want to walk down, the flower girl goes, How Long Does It Take To Walk Down The Aisle I follow with my dad. And an idea I got from the forum I will have two detachable roses in my bouquet Then start the ceremony. If I don't have time, then the rose and kiss exchange will be after we're pronounced man and wife. That's just an idea Like you, I was worried about the song ending too abruptly and probably awkward.

I think in tradition, you just stay out of sight I know with an open gazebo that would make it harder. I'm also using Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, but mine is 3 minutes and 46 seconds long.

I would say that you can do something similar to what Chelsea mentioned. I am having Mentally Hunt Taken Single Hookup Sam parents and the bridal party walk down the aisle to Canon in D and then I will be walking down to an entirely different song. Mine works out perfectly because they don't start walking till 15 seconds into the song, first FI with his mom, then his best man with my MOH then the other bridesmaid with groomsman and so on.

Everyone is being instructed not to start walking down until the last couple has taken their places. That way there is a pause in between and I am having the music fade out reduce the volume very very slowly before I come down the aisle to my song. Did you try discussing with you wedding coordinator to see how other brides have timed it in the past at that resort? Posted 29 July - The problem is, Im not having any bridesmaids, the only person we're having is a best man.

I didn't want to have too many people with a 'role' because there is only about 10 or so people coming so didn't want there to be hardly any audience if that makes sense. I do have a 3 year old little boy coming and I wanted him to throw petals in the ailse in front of me, so we'd be going down the aisle with just a few seconds between us.

(Closed) How long does it take to walk down the aisle?

I think the only thing I can do is hide somewhere until nearer the end of the track even though my guests will be bewildered, sitting there for 4 minutes wondering whats going on. Can you possibly have the music start, play for 15 seconds, then have your FI's parents walk down together, then your parents, then another 15 second pause Thats a good idea actually.

I think I'd probably have to do bigger pauses, or let more of the music play before we start coming down.

I will hopefully be able to time it but I was just looking for a more general answer like I have approximately guest and it took me approximately 45 seconds. You can always quicken or slow your pace as long as it's not too dramatic! Log in or Sign up to add your reply. Several functions may not work. I'm the dress tie-er-upper, the disposer of gum, the tissue carrier, the dress fixer, the water bottle holder, but most of all I'm the capturer of moments

But thanks for the idea, I'm going to do that x. Posted 31 July - I like the idea of playing it as they wait. Unlike most people I'm walking down the aisle to my own song so can't time it around the other attendants.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Down The Aisle

Let it build up the anticipation! Posted 24 December - Posted 14 February - I was thinking the exact same thing, and I plan to walk out to the same song "Kissing You" by Des'ree, which is a pretty long song! Posted 28 April - This is worrying me, too, because it's not like it can be timed out before we get there. I am thinking we'll need a rehearsal mostly so I can see how long it takes everyone to get down the aisle.

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We do have several people in our wedding party, so I have the luxury of choosing whether to pair them up or have them walk singly, but there is danger in just winging it, because worse than music stopping abruptly at the end is having the song end before you finish your walk up the aisle!

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