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How to Make an Aquarius Fall in Love with You

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An Aquarian man has formed his own ideas of right and wrong and when a friend steps over the line, he'll be hurt and angry. However, if you've been a true At work and in casual situations Aquarius men can detach from slight offenses or any emotional drama and get on with what's important. They don't like to argue or . 25 Sep Before you two have gone out on a single date, before there's any pressure at all, there's one thing to keep in mind about the Aquarius male: You will have no idea that he wants to date you. That's because the way to an Aquarian male's heart is through his mind. He loves to talk until 6 a.m. and will listen to. You'll probably have to make your move (or at least make your feelings known) quite quickly, as, rather like the Gemini man, the Aquarius man has a tendency to change employers and even social groups quite often. This tendency to 'keep on moving' generally eases up over time; so, the younger the Aquarius man, the.

Be spontaneous, he will be intrigued with such things. We do like to communicate, hide a note where he will find it? Just wanted you to know, you're in my thoughts? I found it pleasant and fascinating. In return the unpredictable kicked in. It had to be better than just good. And that took it to the next level. Hard part was getting her there.

But that's another story. It was my way of shown my romantic side, she had never seen, in return it told her more about me, I found out she mint just what she said in the not.

For all of this reading and research I am doing on him, what is he doing to get to know ME? Tell him that you know that the two of you would make great friends. Anyway, we have know one another for about five years as college buddies. He would make special concessions for me and do whatever necessary to get what I needed done.

Yes I said romantic. We can be very romantic if you can learn how to push our buttons. I can usurer you I will be interested in here makes you do things from a-z its? Click here to add your own comments. Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am I'm an Aquarius man, do you have questions for me?

Anonymous Hi, I'm an Aries currently seeing an Aquarius. I'm pretty spontaneous and optimistic usually.

Why an Aquarian Man Is Mad at You

I just don't understand how he can disappear after we have such a great time together. And then talk about things, especially women the way he does. I find it makes me a little jealous. It's like he's just talking to a platonic friend. I think he likes that I'm a little jealous. But I figure he won't meet these people in real life so nothing to worry about.

Being The One To Walk Away From Aquarius Man

But then I have my down days and days when I'm upset and I get mad at him. I don't like to yell at people. But he comes back all the time. Is he just lazy to move on? Or maybe he just likes me?

How To Get Over An Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man Hi Aries, I would say he likes you or something about you. He may be trying to get a grasp of what you are all about. I can tell you this, if he did not like you he would not bother coming back. If thing go a little to fast it can make him stop and look at every thing that happen.


How is your communication? Aquarians want an intellectual companion with whom they can communicate, this is the foundation of their relationships friend or lover. Aquarians source always analyzing situations, friends and strangers. I need just a little more info.

You mention you had a great time together. How long was that time? It will help me break it down for you. Here is some information I posted in different areas hope this will help. Anonymous One thing your man will need to understand his own bounders. For me once I understood what I was about. I can now adjust to find a balance. When I go for the free space, I now know when I should come back down to earth.

It just the way we keep our self from becoming to complacent. Of what you ask? Just about every thing, we all have a passion, if you know what his is and you show an interest. Not only will you get him back down to earth, but he may even hover around the house LOL instead of taking a flight around his own world. Here is a small sample of what goes in my head ; I like to try new things. How To Get Over An Aquarius Man to do next. I enjoy meeting people.

I look for How To Get Over An Aquarius Man good in most things and the good in others. How to help others see the same Here is jus some of my passions: I enjoy long talks about anything or nothing at all or just one-to-one interment conversations.

One new thing I found, I am never afraid to show love and affection in public. A loving partner who can provide warmth and understanding can fulfill a major void in the life of the Aquarian and, if they can also embody the ability to share, then the relationship can be very satisfying. Aquarius Man Mark Have you tried to show him any information about himself? If not, try to make it a fun adventure to him.

If you do it the right way he will jump on it. It worked for me. Do you know any of his interest? Try to fine one you can shear or do with him. It will show him that you support his unusual and radical ideas. Try to inject new ones; he may just jump on the train with you. Someone asked me if I ever did any repelling.

How To Get Over An Aquarius Man

Now that was a fun train ride. He just may be willing to show you every thing about it. Click at this page approach it like he is your knight in shinning armor coming to your aid.

Do you know what his passion is? Aries are the intellectuals known for their cleverness. If you can use this to tap into his passion, you will be looking at his Hot button. Here is the danger! You must show genuine interest or he will see right through it. Did you ever tell him your interest?

He may be on a quest to understand you and wanting to be right about it, he will not rush into an action that may prove him wrong. I found out she loved all types of flowers; I had an assortment of flowers sent to her office. It was a bad move. Yes she loved the flowers but I never knew she was so allergic to How To Get Over An Aquarius Man. Here was my downfall. It told her that I did not take much interest in her. If he did he would have known.

Communication is so Key. With out it this will never work. He wants to know. What does this mean? Recently, he introduced me to his adult child. Is he slowly welcoming me into his inner circle?

Can I expect more from him or is he just playing with me? Aquarius Man Wow you lasted longer than Source did. My best with a Scorpio girl is 15 months. She would try to rule everything. But you may have hit the jackpot if you are seeing this part of him.

I did find this out about me and 2 other Aquarius men if you give us room or our space each day we are less likely to run off for a bit. Best of lock I do hope it works out for you. Am 32 and single, met a lot of guys, have a piece of my cake of heartaches and learned. Now, I met this great guy in the net, he's an Aquarius and a Go here in a nearby country. Ii is always fun! We talk of anything, teasing and accepted each other as friends.

Since we started online we were both a bit leary and he was so slow to give personal information. Try to back off a bit with the neediness. But he is nowhere near where yours seems to be. Try inviting him to do other stuff like sculpting, painting, wakeboarding, something you never tried.