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It is said that the best way to handle an arrogant person is to understand why he or she is arrogant. Arrogant individuals seem to believe they are always right about everything and are better than most ordinary individuals. Arrogance is like a shield to cover an individual's insecurities because he is afraid of. up for yourself or politely tell them your own opinion. However, you deserve to have your voice heard and to be treated with respect. If you always seem to cross paths with people who are stuck on themselves, try out these tips. You will be able to figure out strategies to handle that arrogant person in your life with dignity. How to Deal With an Arrogant Guy! By. Shallon Lester. May 6, am. Inevitably, any guy you date will have some habits (snoring, anyone?) that you'll learn to live with. But there's one quirk that I can't stand: an over-sized ego. Here's how I took a guy down a notch and the shocking result! A few weeks ago, I was .

Arrogant people seem to think that they know everything. If you let them, they can really get on your nerves or let you down and keep you there. Rather than getting upset, sad or depressed, it's better to find an approach that works well with you to coping with the arrogance and comments of the people who obviously are so full of themselves and make sure it effectively works with your personality. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

His ego rules him more than you can and he is going to be pretty insecure. JC Joseph Cavazos Apr 23, While you're here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Omgaan met arrogante mensen. Enter an encounter with an arrogant person with the strong and confident realization that you are well and strong.

When you feel sound within your own self, there is nothing an arrogant person can say or do to undermine you. Your sense of confidence and self-worth will prohibit you from being vulnerable to an arrogant person. The arrogant person may be unable to relate to you and might even click at this page noxious or cruel things but you can let it slide when you feel secure in yourself.

Use the encounter as an opportunity to improve your own listening skills or tolerance. Perhaps your weakness is impatience, frustration, or annoyance.

Don’t Hand Over Your Power

Perhaps you feel intimidated. Try to flip your usual negative approaches upside down and treat this as a learning opportunity in which you seek to listen without judging.

How to Cope With Arrogant People?

Aim to tolerate the person, seeking to understand what motivates him or her, and how you might feel in the same position. Of course, there is no place for excusing bad behavior but at least you can listen with an open mind——you might just surprise the arrogant person. Consider the ways in which you interact with other people. Do you assert yourself, or are you a people-pleaser; a grouch; or a timid mouse?

Arrogant people look for those who won't assert because they like to push people around or press their buttons. If you have difficulties in this area, you may wish to improve your assertiveness as well as learning how else to respond to arrogant types. Why do you feel that a person is being arrogant?

Have they been condescending to you or have they never spoken to you? If there has not been an incident that showed you this person feels superior to you, don't here he or she is arrogant How To Handle An Arrogant Man quickly. You might wrong him or her.

I didn't want myself to throw a fit over things he does, as I can get a bit arrogant myself, and after reading this article, I understood how I could act around him to make it comfortable for the both of us. And today he is an achievement coach that helps other people become their best. He may eventually become possessive about you too.

If you feel that your interests and needs are not being respected at all, this can be a sign of dealing with an arrogant person, especially where he or she insists that his or her way is the only way. Listen to their conversation. Is it always about them? Do they get mad or irritated if the center of attention moves to someone else?

Boasting, dismissing others, and behaving as if they know everything is a sure sign of an arrogant type. Interrupting conversations or breaking off abruptly are other signs of arrogance when talking. Look for the person constantly saying that they are better than you and other people. It may be subtle or overt but you'll certainly know of it. Consider how dismissive the person is towards you and your ideas or thoughts.

Dismissive attitudes signal a belief in being better than others. Does this person put down the things you care about, especially in public? Listen for a tone of voice that indicates bossiness and a dismissive attitude.

Does this person even notice when you are bored with the conversation? Arrogant people never notice this! Consider whether you're included or excluded in decision-making with this person. Arrogant people rarely include others in decision-making because they're certain that they're right and already have the answers. Of even less concern is whether How To Handle An Arrogant Man not the decision impacts you.

Does this person try to hang around with, work with, or conspire with people of high status? This is because the arrogant person believes he or she is only worthy of those with high status. Be aware that arrogant people are often quite insecure. Through seeking to dominate and control, they feel in control, a reflection of their big fear of being dominated and controlled. The arrogant person finds it hard to admit read article wrong and no matter how preposterous, will read article cling to a belief that he or she knows things even when the knowledge is outdated or fails to take into account broader perspectives.

Sadly, many arrogant people actually have How To Handle An Arrogant Man life experience than their pretense; it's all a big cover up embellished by imagination and envy.

Being a snob is a classic sign of arrogance. Pretending or even actually knowing as much as possible about something thought to be exclusive gives the arrogant person the upper hand and he or she isn't afraid to show off. It is very difficult for an arrogant person to understand complexity. He or she is much happier with predictable, black and white situations and tends to see all of life with such a view. This can cause the arrogant person to assume a lot and know very little.

Anxiety can bring about a sense of arrogance without a real intention to treat you as inferior. In this case, the anxious person is simply overwhelmed by seeming inadequate in a conversation How To Handle An Arrogant Man tries too hard to be clever. This can end up sounding superior and, if coupled with dominating the conversation, can seem arrogant.

Be careful to look more deeply before you judge the person's motivation. An anxious person will be interested in your responsiveness, while an arrogant one couldn't care less and won't ever apologize for talking too much. Don't let it get to you.

This can be easier said than done but by ignoring the practiced superiority, it's knocking down the whole purpose of the behavior. Be charitable in interpreting this person's obvious exaggerations and assumptions and try to find ways to excuse some of the big talk especially if it's a relative or someone you see regularly.

Probe for what you can enjoy about the encounter——among all of the fluff, there probably is something worth knowing or exploring more deeply together.

Maybe this person is good for a story or is charming in spite of the evident snobbery. When meeting someone new for the first time, it is always best to give him or her the chance to reveal his or her true nature fully.

How to Deal with an Arrogant Co-worker - The Muse

This means listening attentively and allowing the other person to speak freely. Be polite and acknowledge what is said without trying to engage any more deeply.

As the person talks, his or her personality will be exposed and you'll find it's either friendly and equitable or mired in insecurity and therefore likely to bring up a range of irritating behaviors.

How To Handle An Arrogant Man

If, for expediency's sake, the person happens to fit the latter category that is, unappealing and irritatingquietly plan to obtain the information you have come to seek from them or the business How To Handle An Arrogant Man you are obligated to complete and then resolve to quietly and quickly with the most polite tact make your exit aka escape from their presence.

By being tactful, you can still point out things that are self-evident or down to luck rather than any person's actual skills. Discuss how much you owe to luck in life and the read article of others. Note too, that many people do it tough in life, and how amazed you at how such people manage to thrive all the same. This gives a hint that you're not going to stand around listening to blarney about the arrogant person's amazing supernatural abilities.

Change the topic of conversation. This can take the wind out of an arrogant person keen to dominate a conversation on a topic that he or she feels comfortable. If there is an attempt to return to the old topic, politely point out that you have already made known your views and return to yet another new topic. This will help to make it clear that you're not standing there all day to listen to a one-comedian show. Avoid interacting much at all. There are some good ways to lessen the How To Handle An Arrogant Man of an arrogant person who is both dominating the conversation and exaggerating or intimidating as if on stage.

Nod here and there. Refuse to be drawn in. An occasional murmur like "ah," ha," or "mmm" can be helpful. Then plan your exit. Laugh very loudly at a point where clearly laughter isn't right. It will baffle and gives a chance to change the topic. A simple one often used by teenagers is the "Really? Say it with a tone of disbelief, look the person straight in the eye, and say no more. Practice this in front of the mirror to perfect it. You're not a punching bag or a mirror.

You are entitled to voice your opinion politely. So, take the opportunity to do in a way that simply states that there are other views, too. Stay calm and polite while doing this. I've not found the same to be true in my line of work though.

How To Handle An Arrogant Man

However, in my experience, I've seen things happen quite differently. Find humor in their arrogance. This is a big one. Often, arrogant types are too self-centered to realize that others are making fun of them.

Pretend that you don't understand simple concepts, and watch them swoop in and try to prove their superiority.