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6 Signs That Your Man Is Cheating

Hidden signs your partner might be cheating on you | The Independent

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Cheating. A cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is something we worry about. Not everyone cheats. From time to time, these worries are unfounded. Perhaps he does have to work late, or the strange. 23 Aug Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox says that if you recognise six or more of the signs on this list it could mean your partner is going to be unfaithful and it is time for you to have a discussion. Is your partner cheating on you? Pay attention to these potential signs of infidelity .

Most of our waking hours, at least for those with full-time jobs, are spent at work. Besides putting your health at risk — which is an entirely different topic in its own right — spending all your time at the office can wreak havoc on your home life, too.

In particular, the relationship between you and your significant other can suffer.

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating

Here are 10 major signs your partner has a lover at the office. Partner working long hours?

Pay attention to the influences in your mate's life. Also take notice if there is an obvious increase in the amount of time your spouse spends on social networks each day. Is your partner either enraged or excited to discuss this certain co-worker?

This companionship, however, can turn from platonic to romantic rather quickly. For instance, is your partner suddenly working into the wee morning hours, after years of coming home at a certain time every single night?

10 Signs She's Cheating on You

If there are strange changes and your intuition kicks in, trust it. But as we mentioned earlier, there are certain circumstances you should be wary of. Unfortunately for you, hotel rooms are a great place to keep an affair a secret. We realize we have some explaining to do with this one. According to The Chartdressing up for work, and caring more about presentation than whether you find them attractive may be something to pay attention to.

Having trouble with meaningful conversations lately?

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This kind of action on their part can quickly result in a total loss of communication between the two of you. And of course, communication is key in any healthy relationship.

Have his or her friends begun to act oddly around you? You've found a clue. He was irritable or down and now he's suspiciously cheery.

Your partner either loves, or hates talking about the co-worker you suspect. Is your partner either enraged or excited to discuss this certain co-worker? Still skeptical this kind of in-your-face behavior could be so obvious?

They come home later

Just take a look at one admission of guilt featured on Whisper. This person is torn between slapping and hugging the man she had an affair with.

An emotional affair can sometimes be more damaging than a physical one.

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating

Some co-workers have nothing better to keep them busy than gossip. Switching jobs could be the best thing for your relationship. But if your partner suddenly announces he or she is dead set on leaving the company ASAP without any reasonable explanation, you should be a little suspicious.

Even if you never caught your partner in the act, they may be trying to end things and here back on track with you. Thus, their best exit strategy could be to move on to an entirely new position, company, or career.

Will this last-ditch effort be enough to save your relationship? Taryn Brooke also contributed to this article. Julie Peirano More Articles November 28,