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And while both men and women may have hundreds of Facebook friends, they say they have, on average, just five real friends they'd call 'close'. A quarter of Your response is private. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? YesNo. Promoted by Boomerang for Gmail. Your personal AI assistant for writing better emails. 6 Jan If you ever see this comment, girl, email me ([email protected]). . I have no friends. not even one. i have my cat and thats it. i have no boyfriend, no prospects . sometimes i feel like just calling old exs and begging them . I'm always the one working alone, unless someone wants to copy my answers. 19 May Other times I feel okay with having no friends. But all in all, I wish it were different. Do you have any advice for me? Signed, Amanda. ANSWER. Hi Amanda,. Ouch! It sounds like you feel like you're a pariah. It's impossible to guess why your friendships don't "stick" and there's no uptake by others but the.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Why do I have no friends?

I never say a bad word about anybody, I'm 19 years old and don't have a friend to ring me up and ask I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers am I up too this weekend, so I just work consistently. I I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers good values and morals, I'm realistic and honest.

I believe that having ambitions and integrity is the strongest quality a person can I believe that having ambitions and integrity is the strongest quality a person can have. I care about the unfortunate, poverty, world hunger, homeless, animal cruelty, the global issues, I'm too sensitive and insecure to atleast try get a friend because they will think I'm either 'gay' or a 'freak'. My parents died when I was little, and I have no brothers or sisters. I grew up in orphanages and went from family to family.

I can't understand why it is simply too hard to obtain a social status in modern society. How hard is it to get a friend who understands you?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It's scary how much alike you are to me. I was an orphan, but my godmother took me in. I grew up really poor and all that jazz I had no friends to speak of in high school. But when I went to college I'm 22 now I tried to be more confident and figured out how to have small talk! Go here not going to have an understanding friend right away.

It takes time to get to know someone, and over time a bond will form. Also, because you had a tough upbringing, it makes you a bit different, almost unrelatable.

There's a certain beauty in being a lone wolf. You have more time to do things you want to do, like take introspective walks, read books, write, Create Instant Romantic Poetry, and other solitary endeavors. If you want to diversify your options, though, there are literally billions of potential friends in the world.

What's more, many of these people want to make friends just as much as you do. So consider these suggestions to meet people and form strong, lasting friendships. If you want to make friends, you first need to put yourself out there somehow in order to meet people. Friends seldom come knocking on your door while you sit at home playing computer games.

If you have an unfriendly countenance, people are less likely to be receptive to your friendship. I have a problem that has been ongoing for my entire life, pretty much. I was blaming him for things he had no control over. I see people who have been best friends since birth, and it just makes me jealous.

You don't necessarily have to have a lot of common interests with people in order to make friends with them. In fact, some of the most rewarding friendships are between two people who don't have much in common at all, but if you have something in common with people, it can make it a lot easier to start a conversation and plan activities together.

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You can join any group or just start your own. If you don't know of a specific topic, click searching for just a location.

It's a great way to meet new local people! Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are great way to meet new people and learn more about the people you meet. A common misconception about this is that you have to be really good at playing a particular sport in order to make friends with others on the team, but not all teams are so competitive. As long as you enjoy the sport and support your teammates, I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers a local team with a laid-back attitude could be a great way to make new friends.

Volunteering is a great way for people of all ages to meet others.

I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers

By working together you build bonds with people, and you might meet others who have a passion for changing things the way you do—a common cause. You can join a club, go to school, or go to church but you still won't make friends if you don't actually talk to people.

By the same token, you don't have to be involved with an organization to be social, and any time you talk to someone, you have a chance at making a lasting friend. You can talk to anybody: Don't be too picky. Most conversations will be a dead-end of sorts--when you may never talk to that person again, or you just remain acquaintances--but once in a while you'll actually make a friend.

If you have an unfriendly countenance, people are less likely to be receptive to your friendship.

You just gotta be brave. Let you in on a secret, though: I have a couple of friends, but those relationships were established years ago and I have a constant feeling that these attractive and funny people will not stick with me for much longer.

Be approachable by not squinting get some glassesfrowning or appearing blankly deadpan, such expressions may look troubled or disinterested.

There are many ways to do this; a comment about your immediate environment The weather is a classic: Follow up immediately with a related question: Do you like this warm weather? What kinds of gifts do you normally buy for your mom? Where did you get shoes like that? Keep the conversation light and cheery. Even if you're complaining about something, make sure it's something you're both I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers with, and emphasize the positive—how such a situation can be avoided in the future, or alternatives.

Bounce a few words back and forth for a little bit. It can be as simple as saying "Oh, by the way, my name is Once you introduce yourself, the other person will typically do the same. Remember his or her name! If you please click for source that you remembered things from your past conversation s with the person, not only will you look intelligent but he or she will see that you were paying attention and are willing to be a true friend.

You can chat your heart out but it won't get you a friend if you don't open up the opportunity for another conversation or meeting.

I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers

This is especially important if you meet someone who you aren't otherwise likely to meet again. If so, this is a perfect opportunity to ask about joining them. If you clearly express interest when? If you have a club, band, church, etc. That will give you a better opportunity to talk and get to know each other a little bit better. A good way to extend yourself is to say: Maybe they don't have time for new friends—don't take it personally!

Just offer your contact info to whoever seems to be potentially a good friend, and eventually somebody will get in touch. Never chide acquaintances for failing to invite you to a party, for example; don't call someone repeatedly or stop by uninvited unless you have established that stopping by unannounced is o.

In general, take friendship slowly, and don't try to force intimacy to grow quickly; the move from acquaintance to friend can take a long time. It's understandable to want more of a good thing, but try to err on the side of less.

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If you source not sure about the pace of your new friendship, check in with your friend and ask directly.

Too much, too fast can be scary or intimidating, and not everybody is able to say "Slow down Once you've started spending time with potential friends, remember to do your part i.

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If you and your friend agree to meet somewhere, don't be late, and do not stand them up. If you're not going to make it on time or make it at all, call them as soon as you realize it. Apologize and ask to reschedule. Don't make them wait for you unexpectedly; it's rude, and it is certainly not a good way to launch a potential friendship.

When you say you'll do something, do it. Be someone that people know that they can count on. Many people think that in order to be seen as "friend material" they have to appear very interesting. Far more important than this, however, is the ability to show that you're interested in others.

Listen carefully to what people say, remember important details about them their names, their likes and dislikesask questions about their interests, and just take the time to learn more about them.

You don't want to be the guy or girl that always has a better story than anyone else or that changes the subject abruptly instead of continuing the flow of conversation. These people appear too wrapped up in themselves to be good friends--"one-ups-man-ship" is a put I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers.

One of the see more things about having a friend is that you have someone to whom you can talk about anything, even secrets that you hide from the rest of the world.

The key to being a good confidante is the ability to keep secrets, so it's no secret that you shouldn't tell other people things that were told to you in confidence. Before people even feel comfortable opening up to you, however, you need to build trust. Be honest Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator Ariane Playhouse yourself and your beliefs, and don't gossip about others or spread rumors or they will think you like stories better than friends.

You've probably heard of fair-weather friends. They're the ones who are happy to be around you when things are going well, but are nowhere to be found when you really need them. Part of being a friend is being prepared to make sacrifices of your time and energy in order to help out your friends. If a friend needs help w. Don't beat yourself up, that is the message I would give.

I have few friends but I have a great wife and child and the few friendships that I do have are worth keeping a hold of. I am 40 and am very independent; I don't rely on other people for my own amusement and I don't live to social pressures on how many friends one should have.

I am also very confident but this comes from a position of self-acceptance which has taken many years to cultivate. I Have No Friends Yahoo Answers central message is that it is OK to be you, the only time this should be an issue is if your perception of lack of friendships are getting you down.

It is the belief you need to tackle, not the friendships. If you see it as a link then it is. Oh, and I also had an orphanage background having lost my mother when I was three and my father doing an 18 stretch.