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2. He knows what he wants.

13 Jan That said, when you're 17 or 18, it's not really a big deal to hook up with someone who's just a few years older than you. 5. Why does this person want to date a teenager? This is the biggest question you should ask yourself about some older suitor who's sniffing around your doorstep. Why does he/she. 22 Sep I get a lot of judgment from dating a guy 17 years older than me, but our relationship and sex life is amazing. Here's my story about At first, I was intimidated because he had been married (divorced for 5 years) and I didn't think I would be experienced enough to sleep with him. But, he never made me. With the authority that been in 4 relationships with people 4+ years older than me the answer is: Hell no! Are you allowed to date someone who is 4 years older than you? Is it weird to date someone 4 years older than you if you are 17 and he is 21?.

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Granted I won't date or be with a woman unless she's maybe 10 yrs younger than me or older to me is way better. To me how much experiance she has doesn't matter as long as there is chemistry,experiance together will come along in its own way and time. Meet singles at DateHookup. We had some good times,but a relationship I really don't base the relationship on the experience either, just good chemistry, some common interests and similar goals and life beliefs.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say exactly Hey this is a thought how date somone your own damn age.

The sexual spark may be there at first but if they're twenty years older it usually burns out. No one can tell that age matters because I truly believe it is just a number The only time it might become an issue is when you go out in public together, and then it will feel like people are watching you when in fact they hardly notice.

I could never date a man 20 years older than me cause I wouldn't want to be responsible for him having a heart attack and I need a man with all his teeth. I date around my age, give or take 5 years. Twenty years is too big an age gap and I'd think anyone who'd date someone young enough to be their child is slightly off.

Fourteen years is about the biggest age difference I'd consider to be sane. Do things like that really bother you that much? Hmm where is my broom so I can remove the cob webs. To me age is just a number most of the time. Good Lord man if she is 20 years older than me.

Rogue vs Ghost Gaming. Fourteen years is about the biggest age difference I'd consider to be sane. Go to mobile site. Even if you have sage life advice to impart, know when to just STFU.

Too much of an age difference always cramps the dynamics of a relationship. I had a wonderful relationship with a man 14 years my senior I don't think it is wrong in any way that can't be made up for using enough pillows, some lube and dim lighting, assuming it's consensual and not familial. Age is a factor, without question, but If it's outside of marriahe you KNOW it's wrong!! What would your own mother say?? If you have to ask, then you know it's wrong. You're just trying to jusitfy bad behavior.

No my parents were 20 years apart. Good lord she's 72?

I’m Dating A Guy 17 Years Older Than Me, And This Is What Our Sex Life Is Like

Its not wrong if you really care for her and really want to be with her! Slide, hit her head and die! But yeah age is just ayou're both consenting adults! Not as long as they are BOTH consenting adults. In truth, it depends on the people involved.

Good for you there hugsnlaughter, its what you feel and like. Date whoever u want as long as its legal and the 2 are happy. If a guy is 25 and is having Betty White fantasies, that's his life.

Dating After 60: What is the Real Reason Older Men Prefer to Date Younger Women?

To each is own. So go ahead, give Betty white the nite of her life. Or afternoon, they tend to go to bed early. If you're a year old horndog who's hot for teacher Agree with this statement. Oh add to it. I'm dating someone 10 years older, but she could pass for an 18 year old. Age is just a number if you ask me. If I dated someone 20 years older than me, he would drop dead before he hit the sheets.

If I'm married to her and could actually have an erection I don't see why it would be wrong.

Kelly, who was boning her teenage self at the time? Karen Fratti April 17, 8: Know when you can offer help and when they just want you to listen to them. Teenagehood lasts only seven years. But as long as ourboth happy, its your lives.

We'd be married and she'd know what she was getting and made her vows with open eyes. It's not like anything she'd see after marriage would be a big surprise. Wow you look amazing for your age. More than twice my age and I'd still date you. Why does it matter what other people think about it? Do what you want. I have a hard time thinking about someone as more than a child if he is about the same age or younger than my son.

My grandfather was my father-figure. He was 57 years older than me so I have no concerns about guys old enough to be my dad -- they are all dead.

What others do is none of my business unless a child is being Is Hookup Someone 5 Years Older Wrong.

Is Hookup Someone 5 Years Older Wrong

I've been with someone who was pretty close in age to my parents. But couldn't do someone who was closer in age to my kids than to me. Yeah but Aud, your kids are like 6 years old rofl. I think we can make an exception in this case. When I get to the point were someone their age is pursuing me, I couldn't do it. I'm NOT going to be a cougar when I get older. Yeah yeah we'll see about that.

Is Hookup Someone 5 Years Older Wrong

I'll just be turning 35 when my daughter is Dude if I was 20 and you were 37, I could so seduce you. Especially if I was a hot young towel boy to top it off. You couldn't even seduce me now Petey. Your theory is flawed. If older and people want to date, go for it, just sat no to marriage. Yes, If you are 60 and she is That's wrong man!