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The US has lacked a telecom network visionary for nearly 2 decades. There have certainly been strong and capable leaders, such as John Malone who not only predicted but brought about the channel LinearTV model.

Both of them fundamentally changed the thinking around public service provider networks. But, as Son illustrated, things could be much, much better. To get there Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon needs more scale and one avenue is to merge with T-Mobile.

Initially skeptical when the rumors first surfaced in December, I quickly reasoned that a merger would be the best outcome for the incentive auctions. A merger would eliminate spectrum caps as a deterrent to active bidding and maximize total proceeds. Unfortunately, past management regimes at Sprint were incapable of understanding the strategies and future vision that went along with those investment and technology pitches. This is the challenge for any company that attempts to disrupt the vertically integrated telecom or LinearTV markets; the antiquated and overpriced ones Son says he is going after in his presentation.

But the US market is much larger and more robust than the rest of the world, not just geographically, but also from a degree competitive perspective where supply and demand are constantly changing and shifting.

Ultimate success may well rest in the control layer, where Apple and Google have already built up formidable operating systems which control vastly profitably settlement systems across multiple networks.

The current debate over the state of America's broadband services and over the future of the internet is like a 3-ring circus or 3 different monarchists debating democracy. Last week I wrote about Check this out conflicts and paradoxes on this issue. Here's my debunking of the debunker. Most people can't and shouldn't have to just for a cup a Joe that you can make at home for cents.

Because of their vertical business models, carriers are not well positioned to generate high ROI on rapidly depreciating technology and inefficient operating expense at every layer of the "stack" across geographically or market segment constrained demand.

This is the real legacy of inefficient monopoly regulation. Blueprints exist from the 80ss that can help us restructure our inefficient service providers.

Basically, any carrier that is granted a public ROW right of way or frequency should be held to an open access standard in layer 1. These scale economies derived from pre-existing monopolies or duopolies granted by and maintained to a great degree by the government.

It's Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon important to distinguish which of these are truly open or not. The real issue here is that America led the digital information revolution prior to because it was a relatively open and competitive democracy, then took the world into 70 years of monopoly dark ages, finally breaking the shackles of monopoly inand then leading the modern information revolution through the 80ss.

The US has now fallen behind in relative and absolute terms in the lower layers due to consolidation and remonopolization. The vertical monopolies stifle innovation and the generative economic activity we saw in those 2 decades. The economic growth numbers go here fiscal deficit do not lie.

Google is an amazing company, promoting the digital pricing and horizontal service provider spirit more than anyone.

Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon

But Google is motivated by profit and will seek to grow that profit as best it can, even if contrary to founding principles and market conditions that fueled its success aka net neutrality or equal access. Few realize or accept the genesis of Web 1. Google hit the bigtime that year and scaled into the early s by following KISS and freemium business model principles. BB enabled the web to become rich-media and Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon 2-way and interactive.

The combination of wifi high speeds when stationary and 3G connectivity when mobile was enough though to offset any degradation to user experience. Surprisingly, this latter point was not highlighted in Isaacson's excellent biography. Importantly, we would not have had the smartphone revolution were it not for Jobs' equal access efforts. Hence the death of the Wintel monopolynot by government decree, but by market forces 10 years after the first anti-trust attempts.

Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon

This circularity further underscores not only the interplay between upper and lower layers but between edge and core in the InfoStack. Importantly, Google acquired Android inwell before W3. It will be engaging and interactive on every sensory front; not just those in our immediate presence, read article everywhere aka the internet of things.

With Glass, Google is already well on its way to developing and dominating this future ecosystem. With KC Fiber Google is illustrating how it should be priced and what speeds will be necessary. Processing will be both centralized and distributed depending on the application and the context. There will be a constant state of flux between layers 1 and 3 transport and switchingbetween upper and lower layers, between Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon and hardware at every boundary point, and between core and edge processing and storage.

The missing pieces for W4. Many of these elements are developing in the market naturally: But its vertically integrated service provider model and stance on net neutrality in KC is in conflict with the principles that so far have led to its success.

Google is buying into the vertical monopoly mindset to preserve its profit base instead of teaching regulators and the markets about the virtues of open or equal access across every layer and boundary point something clearly missing from Tim Wu's and Bob Atkinson's definitions of net neutrality. Governments could solve this problem by simply conditioning any service provider with access to a public right of way or frequency to equal access in layers 1 and 2; along with a quid pro quo that every user has a right to access unhindered by landlords and local governments within economic and aesthetic reason.

The latter is a bone we can toss all the lawyers who will be looking for new work in the process of simpler regulations. Google and the entire market will benefit tremendously by this approach.

Who will get there first? So we may be reliant on the latter.

What happened?

InfoWorld defends Google based on its interpretation of NN; of which there are 4. DSL reports thinks Google is within its rights because it expects to offer enterprise service. Only they are not and heretofore had not mentioned it. A good article on Gizmodo about state of the web what "we" are giving up to Google.

The datacenter as an "open access" boundary. What happens today in the DC will happen tomorrow elsewhere. And nothing could be more true when it comes to current telecom and infomedia policy and structure.

In fact the middle layers all but dissappear as far as they are concerned. Ironically, the best way to look at the evolution of the internet is via the oft-maligned 7-layer OSI reference model. It happens to be the basis for one dimension of the InfoStack analytical engine. The InfoStack relates the horizontal layers what we call service provisioning checklist for a Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon solution to geographic dispersion of traffic and demand on a 2 nd axis, and to a 3 rd axis which historically covered 4 disparate networks and business models but now maps to applications and market segments.

The book spans the time between the late s and the early s, but focuses principally on the late s and early s. Computers were enormously expensive and shared go here users, but mostly on a local basis because of high cost and slow connections. No mention is made of the struggle modems and hardware vendors had to get level access to the telephone system and PCs had yet to burst on the scene.

The Bells responded to this potential long-distance bypass threat by seeking regulatory relief with expanded calling areas and flat-rate calling to preserve their Class 5 switch monopoly.

Primarily this is because most of the efforts and decisions are being driven by insiders who do not want to change the status quo. This is the type of horizontalization we believe will continue to scale and undermine the perceived strength of vertical integration at every layer upper, middle and lower. This procedure is often required for people with tumors or epilepsy that do not respond to medication. Some companies have been producing high-end systems that have been widely used in established BCI labs for several years.

These ISPs benefited from low WAN costs competitive transit in layer 2inexpensive source compared with voice switches in layer 3, and low-cost channel banks and DIDs in those expanded LATAs to which people could dial up flat-rate read "free" and click connected all day long.

The US was the only country in the world that had that type of pricing model in the s and early s. Another foundation of the internet ecosystem, PCs, burst from the same lab Xerox Parc that was run by one of the founders of the Arpanet, Bob Taylor, who could deserve equal or more credit than Bob Kahn or Vint Cerf inventors of TCP for development of the internet. These technology threads which should have been better developed in the book for their role in the demand for and growth of the internet from the edge.

In the end, what really laid the foundation for the internet were numerous efforts in parallel that developed outside the monopoly network and highly regulated information markets. These were all 'generative' to quote Zitrane. And as I said a few weeks ago, they were accidental. These parallel streams evolved into an ecosystem onto which www, http, html and mosaic, were laid--the middle and upper layers--of the 1.

A good article on Gizmodo about state of the web what "we" are giving up to Google The datacenter as an "open access" boundary. In a team led by Theodore Berger, at the University of Southern Californiastarted work on a neurochip designed to function as an artificial or prosthetic hippocampus. Is the web dead?

This was disappointing and has had a huge, negative impact on perception and policy. What the authors should have said is that a horizontally oriented, low-cost, open protocol as part of a broader similarly oriented horizontal ecosystem beat out a vertically integrated, expensive, closed and siloed solution from monopoly service providers and vendors. Until history is viewed and understood properly, we will be doomed, in the words of Burke, to repeat it. Or, as Karl Marx said, "history repeats itself twice, first as tragedy and second as farce.

What struck me was how far our Asian ancestors had advanced technically, socially and intellectually beyond our western forefathers by BC. It would take another 1, years for the westerners to catch up during periods of war, plague and socio-political upheaval.

But once they passed their Asian brethren by the 15 th and 16 th centuries they never looked back. This question was reinforced over the holidays upon visiting the Loire Valley in France, which most people associate with beautiful Louis XIV chateaus, a rich fairy-tale medieval history, and good wines.

After the French finally kicked the English out in the s this once war-torn region became the center of the European renaissance and later the birthplace of the age of enlightenment. Francois 1 st brought Leonardo from Italy for the last 3 years of his life and the French seized upon his way of thinking; to be followed a few centuries later by Voltaire and Rousseau. The French aristocracy, without wars to fight, A Mom Hookup Single Being And them to stay in their Chateaus, built on the fortifications of the medieval castles, and develop their enduring principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

These in turn would become the foundations upon which America broadly based its constitution and structure of government; all of which in theory supports and leads to competitive markets and network neutrality; the basis of the internet. And before I left on my trip, I bought a kindle version of Sex, Bombs and Burgers by Peter Nowak on the recommendation of an acquaintance at Bloomberg.

While the book meanders on occasion, my take-away and answer to my above question is that war and the struggle to survive by procreating and eating increases the rate of technological innovations, which often then result in Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon products; themselves often mistakes or unintended commercial article source from their original military intent.

War increases the pace of innovation out of necessity, intensity and focus. Most people generally believe the internet is an example of a technological innovation hatched from the militarily driven space race; which is the premise for another book I am just starting Where Wizards Stay Up Lateby Hafner and Lyon.

The regulatory relief provided was to expand local calling areas LATAs and go to flat rate all you can eat pricing models.

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By then modems and routers, outgrowths of ARPA related initiatives, had gotten cheap enough that the earliest ISPs could cost effectively build and market their own layer nationwide "data bypass" networks across 5, local calling areas. These networks allowed people to dial up a free or low cost local number and stay connected with a computer or database or server anywhere all day long.

The internet started and scaled in the US because of partially competitive communications networks, whom no one else had in Only after these foundational pricing and infrastructure elements were in place, did the government allow commercial nets to interconnect via the ARPAnet in This was followed by Tim B Lee's WWW in Karl Field Concept Speed Hookup Lyon layer 3 address simplification standard and http and html in subsequent years providing the basis for a simple to use, mass-market browser, mosaic, the precursor to Netscape, in The result was the Internet or Web 1.

The internet was the result of two wars being fought against the monopolies of the Soviet communists and American bellheads; both of which, ironically, share d common principles.

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What we find in almost every instance on the part of every participant in these debates is hypocritical and paradoxical positions, since people do not fully appreciate history and how they arrived at their relative and absolute positions. No, the sequel to Big Bang aka the breakup of MaBell and the introduction of equal access was supposed to be the breakup of the local monopoly.