My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried. Nashville Hookups!

Girlfriend A Guy Be I Has Worried My Should Friend

Your Girlfriend is Going to Hang with a Guy Friend

Should I be worried my girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

How do you guys deal with this?? I've met him and I don't see him as a threat because he is definitely not as good looking as me but it's just weird because they hang out alone together, watch movies together, go to parties, etc. I just find it weird.. I haven't brought it up yet and I haven't shown any signs of. 3 Dec Hi all My girlfriend (of 6 months) and I get along fine for the most part, however we have the same old problem which cannot seem to be resolved due. I should also add. I don't have a problem with her being friends with this guy. My problems are that: 1) Whether he likes her or not, as a friend he contacts. So my girlfriend has a few very close guy friends she often hangs around with. I guess shes had mix ups with girls and shes also interested in a lot of traditionally male things. Shes very pretty though, which may help her attract guy friends. Either way these relationships bother me a lot. We don't live together.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Girlfriend has a best friend that's a guy. How do you guys deal with this?? I've met him and I don't see him as a threat because he is definitely not as good looking as me but it's just weird because My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried hang out alone together, watch movies together, go to parties, etc.

I just find it weird. I haven't brought it up yet and I haven't shown any signs of jealousy, but it's kinda pissing me off a little bit lol. This is a very new girlfriend been official for 2 weeksso there's hardly any feelings involved, but I just don't want this to be a problem in the future get cheated on or whatever.

Anybody else been in this type of situation? Any time I've ever been in one of these situations it's ended badly. I was with a girl for almost 4 month, a new guy best friend came around and I didnt care, she leaves me and now theyre boning as I type this. If it's already annoying you, and your relationship is that new, it's probably best to dip out cause shes not gonna give him up and go here just gonna get just click for source. I will never date a chick that has a guy best friend, relationship WILL go south after a while.

I've been in that situation before and it doesnt go well. You will start questioning her because there will be times when you think there is something going on, when you ask her she will get pissed and you become a jealous bad guy.

I believe there is no such thing as a best guy friend visa versa without one wanting more from the other. Originally Posted by nickh I've met him and I don't see him as a threat because he is definitely not as good looking as me. Agree with everything that was said, Even if they don't hook up its always going to be there in the back of your mind and it will come out sooner or later.

Originally Posted by SuperShamou. Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers, From the tumult of those who do iniquity, Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword. They hate us because of our freedom. Originally Posted by benzz.

Shes with you for a reason if you have fukked her, she chose you over him what do you do? Originally Posted by StrongMeat. OP give it to her straight that you know what guys are like and that she shouldn't be getting too close to him as it will give him ideas. This doesn't make you look like a jealous bf as essentially you are saying that even if she sees them as just friends, guys always have other ideas and are always looking to get into girls pants.

If she agrees with you you've got a good one, skip to step 4.

My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried

If she doesn't visit web page with you to reduce hours spent with him then the best thing to do is to walk away.

You will save yourself a lot of heartache in the future and you will come across as a MAN and not a fool. Even if she agrees with you keep an eye out on her behaviour around other boys. She may agree with you at first but then after a while might go back to doing what you've told her not to.

You will have spoken to her about it once. If it happens again, end it. No ifs or buts. End it there and then. I made the mistake of believeing my ex was innocent and that she didn't realise what was happening when other boys were hitting on her so i forgave her on three occassions. Because i didn't end it after the second time our relationship lasted 3 years and has taken a lot away from me emotionally and i now find it a lot harder to be without her.

Put your foot down early and if she doesn't agree with you then you've saved yourself a lot of pain later on. I had a best friend that was a female and she had a bf. I hit regularly on weekends.

Dude, my best friend in high school was a girl. It just made her relationships very complicated. Think about it, for two people to be best friends they have to get along well and understand each other. It's logical that they find each other attractive to a certain degree.

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In this sort of situation it would be way to easy to let your mind wonder and fill in the story for facts that just aren't there. While men and women go here to have friends of each sex, women more often than not stay in contact with past relationships to get over the pain of the breakup.

With this friendship she probably introduced you two early on to show off to him that she had moved on and demonstrate to you that he was just a friend after all.

8 Ways to Judge If Your Girlfriend's Male Friend Is Actually a Friend

I know even after this, you'll want to tell yourself that she is with him when the both of you aren't talking but that is just insecurity talking.

The very minute a man feels insecure about losing his woman he attempts to overlook his downfalls and attempts to regain control by asserting his masculinity and dominating her in one area or another. Wether it's acting out through rage, passive aggression, sexual dominance, or controling who she can and cannot talk to all of these atctions will turn her off and actually push her away possibly into the arms of another man or the greener grasses over the fence This is a bad idea because plain and simple you begin to pressure her to see things your way instead of listening and understanding where she is coming from.

If think there is the possibility of infadelity when you are of sound body and mind, not under the influence or highly emotional, then you need to go here closer attention to her actions and the messages behind her words.

Usually things begin when she loses interest in you and stops returning calls or texts get returned much later with simple one or here word responses.

My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried

This just means you're introuble but not dead in the water. If you start noticing that she has dropped some of her traits in favor of sayings, actions, sex acts, likes or dislikes that are not her's, then she's attempting to alter her own sense of ID to fit into someone else's. This is really not enough to tell if she is cheating but more of a half way marker as she could be attempting to detach from your shared ID to psychologicaly prepare herself to be single again. Now if she has almost completely stopped talking to you and uses her phone to call or text all the time, hides her phone or locks it, wispers or ends a call when you walk in the room you're in trouble.

No more so than when she makes giant changes to her appearance and starts looking like the way she did when you met her.

The signs are too long to list here, but I have to warn you all that some signs do cross over from My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried cheating" to "she's leaving" If she has been acting depressed and pushing you away to talk to him instead of happily ignoring you, if she has gained a lot of weight recently, if she cuts you off from sex, or if she starts criticising you more, then in those circumstances she isn't happy with the way you are treating her.

You have to learn to read the see more in congruencies of 3 or 4 before you accuse anybody. If you believe your partner is unfaithful then you better have proof before you accuse them and be ready for a hail of emotions from both of you.

There's no rule saying you can't work things out if you both want to but there are rules against domestic violence. I have a good lady friend and I want nothing of the sort. Guys who can't be friends with girls have some serious problems IMO. Being friends with a good looking girl opens the door for a ton of other experiences with other women her friends. Not to mention when you go out it makes it easier to talk to other girls.

As far as my girl being good friends with a guy, as long as our relationship was strong I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I feel like it would help to make sure your girl knows that any infidelity on her part means you are gone for good, as long as she believes that if she really cares about you she will stay faithful.

If you care about her, shouldn't you make an effort to get to know her friends? Girlfriend has a lot of close guy friends, should I be worried? They are too close for my liking.

If not, you had your fun and learned a lesson, throw her ass to the curb and find some new girl. Originally Posted by bigollie Originally Posted by nvrstopworking. I agree with all of this. That being said, once my female friend gets into a relationship I respect that fact and back off a bit.

No more calling her up to hang out unless I invite the BF too. Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider.

Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Girlfriend Has Too Many Male Friends

Yes bro, get out of that relationship. My ex has a guy best friend that was a pretty boy.

Would you be willing to shift your expectations--to move away from the story I quoted above, just to see, at least, to try it out and explore whether something else might be possible? It's normal to feel a little jealous, but the key is to maintain your trust and confidence, and you may even gain a new friend in the process. Unless, of course, if the two of you are enemies and you have a real reason to be concerned.

Only reason they didn't date was cause he wasn't "committed" to a relationship, is what she told me. And all along she wanted him. This girl I've been talking to talks to me about her boyfriend, including their secks. She's a flirtsy and has already hinted for myself to get at her when she's done with him. Don't fall for them and ditch them right away.

Should You Be Worried If Your Girlfriend Wants To Meet Up With A Guy Friend?

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