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28 Oct Nonetheless, during the first season, Saving Country Music slapped together a sloppy rundown of Nashville's real-life counterparts, which over time has become increasingly outmoded and unhelpful due to changes in the cast and life events of the characters. So instead of allowing that to be the last word. 14 Apr According to Nashville, behind every hit is a hookup. Let's look at some of the pairings. Gunnar and Scarlett; Scarlett and Avery; Avery and Juliette; Rayna and Deacon; Deacon and Juliette; Gunnar and Zoey We might be here a while. In real-life Nashville, though, writers get together without getting. If you might recognize sam palladio as cast. 25 tv couples digital life. News from tvguide. Glee characters dating in real life. You were wondering how my shipper heart is a shemale love. He stage on abc cancelled official site for singles marry a mobile dating app. 25, and specials. Another hot celeb story! But some times.

Trigger Random Notes 24 Comments. And the music—though still a decent component—got somewhat sidelined in recent seasons in lieu of keeping the sappy and seductive scenes coming to keep eyes glued on the TV screen. So instead of allowing that to be the last word, I thought it might be helpful to some to take a more in-depth look. Regardless of what you think about the show, the characters are an interesting case study into the archetypes that make country music tick.

Rumors that these two have been dating have. No one actually talks like Scarlett. What is it with Nashville and the Cumberland River, anyway?

In truth, none of the characters are based on anyone specific, but are an amalgam of different country music characters over the years. He is probably not a bad guy offstage, but will do whatever he can to protect the integrity of his brand. For, you know, the obvious reasons these two share a story. But eventually art imitated life, and Will also had his own coming out party. The factual and fictitious gay country stars also share a somewhat similar experience.

Ty Herndon was arrested in after exposing himself to an undercover police vice officer in Ft. Will Lexington also went to a park to attempt to solicit sex in one episode, and was assaulted by anti-gay hoodlums. The biggest difference between Ty Herndon and Will Lexington is Ty was more of a contemporary country star in his day, and Will is more the traditional country act.

Though elements of the Juliette Barnes character began in with a similar narrative to Taylor Swift Nashville Stars Hookup In Real Life, including the young read article needing Auto-tune to fix her vocals, and being the young upstart who upstages legends, the character became much more complex over time, including being upstaged herself at one point by the younger reality star Layla Grant.

Like Barnes, McCready publicly battled drugs, suicide, personal tragedy, and had wild romantic romps with public figures. McCready attempted suicide in July of via alcohol and drugs before eventually getting back with McNight.

She gave birth to her son Zander in March of Mindy McCready attempted suicide again in December of by slitting her wrists. Inshe joined the 3rd season of Celebrity Rehab.

In May ofshe overdosed once again. In April ofshe gave birth to her second son, Zander. The father was record producer David Wilson—similar to Juliette Barnes who had a child with Nashville producer character Avery Barkley. David Wilson ended up committing suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in January of On February 17th,McCready killed herself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound as well.

Hayden Panettiere has admitted suffering from postpartum depression and seeking professional help—a similar condition suffered by Juliette Nashville Stars Hookup In Real Life. At the beginning of the series, the Rayna James character took on the somewhat real-life narrative of Faith Hill. This is believed by many to be the real-life inspiration for the ever-present young vs.

No major female country music performer has started her own label however, but the artistic freedom James extends to her artists is similar to Nashville labels Big Machine go here Thirty Tigers. In reality, the most complex and central character of Nashville is more an embodiment of the tough, strong, wise, and resilient spirit of the country music woman, exemplified in legacy female performers such as Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette.

Kelley announced in late he would be releasing a solo album and released a single, but Kelley still remains possibly the closest approximation to the nervous and somewhat shy Gunnar Scott. Both stars had some initial success in the industry, but have spent the rest of their time in Nashville trying to get the attention of the industry to get their career back on track.

But in the end his heart and his conscience wins out. Tezca October 28, 6: Fuzzy TwoShirts October 28, 6: Kale October 28, 8: You must not know anything about Tim McGraw. He went to meet his dad, and although they got off to a rocky start, they ended up being very close. Tug was also the reason Tim got a record deal. His connections to people in high places gave him a big push.

Since then, he has become one of the most widely known figures in country music history.

Nashville Stars Hookup In Real Life

He has made a few horrible songs, but his contribution to the genre has been mostly positive. I find Tim to be a very interesting individual. Tom October 29, 8: While I agree that his backstory is interesting, I think his career has been rather bland. RD October 29, 9: The only interesting thing about Tom McGrew is watching him dwindle down to skin and bones and wonder whether its the yoga, kale smoothies, and colonics, Aids-related wasting, or meth binges that are causing him to look like a Biafran….

Liza October 29, 2: October 28, 7: Good call on these. As for Nashville Stars Hookup In Real Life, as much as I like him at the moment, he does seem to be just whatever the other characters — and by extension, the writers click to see more need him to be at any time. Barbara October 28, 7: Jenna May 24, 1: Mary October 28, 7: Brandon October 29, 1: They even look the same! Charlie October 29, 4: I feel like there is a Martina McBride joke to be made here, but I am not savvy enough to make it.

October 29, 5: What about Jeff Fordham? More likely just generic sleazy record exec. Good call on Juliette and Mindy. I wonder if they drew some inspiration from Tanya Tucker, as well.

Trigger October 29, 8: The writers did a decent job near the end to humanize the character before, apparentlykilling him off. SenorBB October 29, 9: You make a good point about the music. I thought a lot of it for this kind of show was pretty good and made the show a better than just a prime time soap opera. I have no idea why I still watch this show, but I do.

Home Nashville stars dating in real life Nashville stars dating in real life Nov 22, Rating: The year-old confirmed the news on Twitter on Sunday when she retweeted the story broken by Sounds Like Nashville. Rejected by dentists, denied Please provide a valid email address.

Although, I have no idea what a Cassadee Pope is. In the beginning, Avery reminded me of Ryan Adams. Deacon reminded of Chris Knight before all the whining and complaining set in.

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Scarlett reminds me of a young Julie Miller — her hippy demeanor and vocal style. Anna October 31, 1: I think her most well-known successful years in the show happened too late for her to be a Reba, she seems like someone who would be influenced by Reba. Mindy McCready, with some Carrie Underwood thrown in.

The writers made a big deal about her not being based on Taylor Swift in the beginning of the show, and her music video from the beginning of season 1 source based on a Carrie Underwood video.

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I think Carrie might also be known for being brash? Like the reverse-order, country version of Pharell Williams or something. Thomas November 2, 2: Simon February 2, 4: Aaron May 26, Sara Quin March 18, 4: Deacon is based off someone and that someone is none other than the amazing session guitar player, Brent Mason!

He also produced several albums of his own. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Country Radio Seminar Recap: Meet Virginia, a Kroger employee with a country music past.

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The Willis Clan surfaces to discuss family tragedy. The last one cracked me up lol.

Nashville Stars Hookup In Real Life

Taylor Swift does drugs? People can be so libelous.