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How Do You Deal With Doubt In A Long Term Relationship?

If you do have a fear of intimacy, doubts might be your secret way to sabotage a relationship and push away the person you love before you even realise what you are My first relationship was easily the best I've had, it was extremely healthy, we never fought, it was comfortable (we could fart in front of each other lol), easy. 27 Apr Whether a duo will last is determined by what both partners do in light of those doubts, he says. Wondering if you're staying in a relationship that's less than ideal because it's all you've ever known is a not only common, the fear is especially prevalent when partners are on the verge of a more serious. 24 Sep If you do have a fear of intimacy, doubts might be your secret way to sabotage a relationship and push away the person you love before you even negative comments about me that make me feel awful; When I tell him I don't want him to come over he shows up anyway; He keeps grabbing my arm so hard.

Doubt in relationships — a sudden fear or uncertainty about the person we are with — is inevitable and not necessarily a bad sign.

Why Do I Have Doubts About My Relationship

Doubts can feel a shock as they tend to first surface when the high of falling in love is infiltrated by the truth that you are not so entirely simpatico with your partner as you had hoped. You are indeed two people with differences. Just like we doubt what taking a new job or moving to another city might do to our lives, doubts surface in relationships when things progress in a new direction. These doubts tend to sound like:. Note that all of these doubts are actually perspectives over things set in stone.

They are issues that can change over time, or are often only one side of the story. See below for doubts that are not so healthy. Doubt can be hiding your fear.

Often this is a fear of intimacy.

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If every step towards a more committed relationship has your doubts rising like a crazy chorus, you might want to look into what it is you are scared of around letting Things To Know When Hookup A Police Officer close and sharing your life.

Doubts can be a form of sabotage. If you do have a fear of intimacy, doubts Why Do I Have Doubts About My Relationship be your secret way to sabotage a relationship and push away the person you love before you even realise what you are doing. Doubts can be hangovers from past experiences. Sometimes we think we are doubting the partner we are with, but really we are assuming certain things about our present relationship based on past experience.

For example, you might doubt your partner truly loves you if in the past you dated emotionally unavailable types, or doubt your partner is honest if your previous partner cheated. Doubt about your partner can also be your own doubts about yourself. It can pay to take a good look at yourself first when it comes to doubts. It might be your own behaviour towards your partner that you are projecting. Doubts might even be your own feelings about yourself that you are putting onto the other.

Doubt is rarely the real problem in a relationship. Do you fear upsetting them? Do neither of you know how to navigate conflict, or do you not trust each other enough to be vulnerable around each other? These are issues worth looking at, alone, or with a couples counsellor. Journalling can often help. Free form writing about your doubts can often help you see where they really come from, such as if they are really just a doubt you are bringing over from a previous relationship.

Be wary of talking over your doubts too much with the wrong people. Doubts are often just fears and anxieties over real problems. But talk about them too much with, say, your friend who is jealous of your relationship, or Why Do I Have Doubts About My Relationship mother who never likes any girl you date, and they are going to help your turn those doubts into real issues by bringing in biased views.

Try to spend time sorting out your doubts for yourself first, then talk to someone you truly trust, or even to a relationship coach. Balance your doubts with an equal focus on what is working. Try spending time every morning going through five things that are going right with your relationship.

Or keep a list you can add to and review in trickier moments about all the ways the relationship works and your partner is just what you need.

Big, red flag doubts are questions about how you are being treated in a relationship can be more serious, as they can be a sign that you are in a relationship that is damaging to your emotional, psychological, or even physical wellbeing. How can you tell the difference between healthy doubts and red flag doubts in your relationship?

Healthy doubts tend to be assumptions about the relationship itself. Red flag doubts tend to be about the other persons actions and behaviours are and are often things that come with factual evidence if you consider them further. The above red flag doubts are signs of betrayal, control, disrespect, and completely overstepping personal boundaries. Do so below, we love hearing from you. Yes, good point, thank you. Doubts can be a form of anxiety, a way of the mind creating a distraction.

Doubt can be hiding your fear. We spent two days talking through his doubts and it was very hard for me to watch him spiral down. Or is he trying to control you? And the idea that your relationship is only all good.

I have many doubts. I am an extremely loyal person, and feel I would fight for anyone who shares a part of my life. I want to be objective about my mistakes, my culpability, my part to play.

I have been in a difficult relationship for a year now. The previous was also strained and oppressive. He choked me one night too far and I lost control of my mind-body connection for about a half hour. Our sex was a precedent for the strangled relationship it became in all respects. Ten days after dating, I got diagnosed with herpes. He was very controlling and possessive, our relationship was angry, physical, afraid.

We both had many issues. I put up with a lot and came back to him because I was so afraid no one would ever love me. He always told me he loved me. He praises me still. I sacrificed my own desires to be with him, but in time resented him for it, because the relationship was not I had thought.

Those were my own choices. I became extremely isolated and depressed. Not being in a good place myself, I did not deal with his anxieties or fears well at all. Part of my reason not to keep the baby was because I was not sure about him, at the same time, because he was supportive through it, we became this web page. He has tried to change, I see it and I appreciate the effort.

He has been very isolated, psychologically abused for years from a young age. I am very impressed by the man he is, in spite of his past.

Why Do I Have Doubts About My Relationship

We work in potentiality. He says I need to appreciate that he wants to and has changed; in order for us to move forward I must let go of the past. Is it the past that holds me back, is it a fear of commitment, is it my entrenched negative thought pattern that prevents me from appreciating the changes he strives for. Do I not appreciate him fully. Am I being unfair by dwelling on the past. Is my doubt warranted. Should I be more understanding of his emotional difficulties.

Trauma is no easy feat. I click here in him, but I doubt our relationship, and if I convey those doubts, he will accuse me of turning my back on him.

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Comfortable because we have spent almost every day together since we met yet also painfully uncomfortable. These are not just doubts. This is your inner self screaming for you to take care of yourself.

Have you looked into codependency? You can read our article on codependency http: This kind of relationship is also incredibly addictive, the highs and lows of terror and then connection are like being on drugs.

What kind of love and care do I think I deserve? Hi I have boyfriend now and we are still new,like we still getting to know each other. Perhaps you are asking the wrong questions here Josephat.

Support would be essential. Can you afford it? If not read our piece on low cost counselling. As for the liberated sex, there is liberated sex, and there is good sex that is actually a form of abuse and control in disguise.

Have DOUBT in Relationship?- Inspirational Videos for you

This seems like it is bordering on the latter. I have just spent four very expensive and distressing months visiting a couples therapist with my husband. Every week I came out of there dreadfully upset and furious. I feel really troubled by the whole experience. The thought of going on like this for another twenty years is intolerable. I have been with my SO now for nearly 18 months.

The start of the relationship was difficult because of, firstly, the massive distance between us geographically. Long distance relationships are obviously hard, but it was my trust issues that were causing problems — my anxieties would cause me to question whether or not she loved me.

I saw counselors and therapists but eventually managed to subside my anxieties, a feat that I pride myself on for being able to get over. Since getting over this hump, the relationship has been wonderful. I love her family, I get on with them all, and the same vise versa. We compliment each other. We motivate each other. We love each other very, very much and always communicate that. So why, suddenly, have I started having doubts about whether Why Do I Have Doubts About My Relationship not this is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life, and doubts about whether or not I love her?

I know I love her. I know it because when I try to envisage the pros and cons of my life with her, there are see more cons and millions of pros. She is the perfect person for me and I have never loved somebody the way I love her, so where have these doubts so suddenly and irrationally come from?