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The Origins of Goofy

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Since he was created inGoofy has proved one of Disney's most enduring and popular characters.

Why is goofy dating a cow -

After 85 years, though, fans continue to wonder: What is he exactly? Since his creation inthe Disney character Goofy has become a part of our shared cultural heritage. One question about him, though, has lasted just as long: Is Goofy a dog?

It seems like a strange question, maybe even counterintuitive. Even if it is clearly exaggerated for the purposes of comedic anthropomorphism, Goofy is clearly a dog, right? Hold on, if you sort of squint your eye, he could be a cow…or a wolf, maybe! The longer I thought about it, the less certain I was.

Originally named Dippy Dawg, the character began as an older, bearded bumpkin, whose lack of theatrical etiquette is a source of humor. Within two years of his debut, Goofy developed quickly, shedding first the beard, then his original name.

Dogs and cows have always had a close relationship. If you are a fan of Disney then you have probably seen Goofy. Comic Books to Sailing Ships.

In the s, Goofy experienced another pair of adjustments. The Goofy and Pluto problem complicates matters. Photo by Loren Javier on Flickr. In hindsight, if the creative team at Disney had kept a species designation as part of his moniker, we might not still be wondering whether he is a dog at all!

When you start giving funny animals human characteristics, including personal and romantic lives, this kind of click here is bound to follow. In the s films, for instance, he had a wife and son, who made things more complex by looking almost entirely human themselves.

During a run of comic books based on popular Disney figures, things fell Why Is Goofy Hookup A Cow further confusion for the fan community when Goofy began dating a cow.

Clarabelle Cow makes a minor appearance in Kingdom Hearts IIwhere she resides in the world of Timeless Riverwhich is notably set in the past. The Goofy How to Jul 5, Messages:

Clarabelle Cow, who predated Goofy in animated films dating back to the late s, was a love interest for Goofy. Photo by Jennie Park on Flickr. For most of her history, Clarabelle was linked to Horace Horsecollar. Most of the iconic Disney animated characters avoid this species confusion, either through naming or very distinct physical features.

The Origins of Goofy

Beyond these official and semi-official references, the rest is left to our speculation and theorization. From a personality standpoint, his curiosity and willingness to try new things, along with his clumsiness, point toward a dog in the hound family. At the crux of the issue, people point out inconsistencies in the ways that Goofy and Pluto are treated as characters.

Why Is Goofy Hookup A Cow

For his own part, Pluto has no opinion. Photo by Ashley on Flickr.

Why Is Goofy Hookup A Cow

If Goofy and Pluto are both supposed to be dogs, then why is one an English-speaking biped while the other barks and walks on all fours?

One one level, anthropomorphized cartoon animals are pure wish fulfillment.

Clarabelle Cow

Why is the joy of having Goofy, in all of his incarnations and iterations, not enough? To be honest, I spend a lot of click thinking about cartoons. Photo by JD Hancock on Flickr. After all, cartoons offer us worlds of limitless possibility.

In animation, animals wear clothes, have nuanced relationships, drive automobiles and hatch all manner of hare-brained schemes. In the attempt to be a latter-day Linnaeus, the drive to classify and delineate a character like Goofy is also an effort to restrict and compartmentalize him.

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