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Summer Dating 5 Seconds Fans Of

Ashton Irwin from 5SOS ENCOURAGES Fans to Troll His Girl Alex Losey

5 seconds of summer dating fans, j. lo & a-rod are your new power couple

16 Sep The boys of 5SOS talk about whether or not they would date fans. Catch the latest Music stories and features from The Hits Radio | Our favourite chart-conquering Aussies, 5 Seconds of Summer, have revealed. Michael Clifford added: "I'd definitely date a fan, it would be like dating someone who likes your music.” He also revealed that they haven't had any incidents with obsessive . Read #65 He Tells The Fans You're Dating from the story 5SOS Preferences by anxioustyles ( ) with reads. calum, 5sosimaginesandpreferences, luke. Asht.

You and Ashton have been dating for 2 months, and has been going great. The only problem is that you guys haven't told the fans. You guys didn't mean for it to be a secret, it was just that you were worried how they would react. For all you know, they could absolutely hate you. What if they like you, or they just wanted Ashton for themselves? These were all the thoughts that went through your mind, and its what kept you from telling them.

You would have gotten together at some point. You guys have liked each other forever, and after a little stunt made by the other boys, you finally got together. And Ashton Irwin has revealed his personal rule when it comes to having sexual relationships with the group's female fans. Comments 2 Share what you think. The pair have been known for their on-again off-again relationship since they were first spotted hand in hand in May while attending Coachella music festival in America before taking to the streets of London weeks later.

We cant hide it from them for forever, and I want to be able to call you my girlfriend and kiss you without hiding it. You blush by what Ashton said. But would they like you?

Although this worried you, you were willing to take the risk.

5 Seconds Of Summer Dating Fans

Once it started you saw that a lot of people were all ready watching, and got even more anxious. A ton of comments come through, saying ' hey' back, and ' who is she', relating to you. We've been dating for the past 2 months, and we only kept it from you because we were nervous. Ashton and you smile, and look over at each other.

I think so, too. You were currently at Luke's concert. You've been dating for almost a month, and it was all just so amazing.

You never thought you would ever date someone from your favorite band, including your favorite band member. It was all just a blur, but you were enjoying every second of it. They ended one of their songs ' End Up Here', and Luke looks over at you and winks, making you blush. The fans, not knowing who 5 Seconds Of Summer Dating Fans wink was supposedly for, started freaking out. The crowd was a whole flood of screams of ' Oh my gosh!

5 Seconds Of Summer Dating Fans

Who was that wink for?! Luke and the other band members laugh, and Luke speaks into the microphone.

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here You cover your face with your hands, not believing what was happening. You guys haven't told the fans about your relationship yet. You knew it would click soon, but you weren't prepared for Today.

You uncover your face and walk up onto the stage, face red by being in front of so many people. Luke smiles and puts his arm around you, which makes the crowd gasp. The crowd envelopes in screams. You and Michael were at the mall, going to pick up some new video games.

You guys played to much of the same game, so you agreed on getting on new ones. Once you guys bought all the ones you wanted, you decided to go get some coffee. When you walked over to Starbucks you hear some gasps and hear some girls say, " That's Mikey from 5 seconds of summer! Some where nervous, but some where just confident and excited.

Back to top Home News U. They rocked up to the front door and one of them was trying to peer in with a light. But despite claiming he was on the market, Aston and Bryana spent the Christmas period together in his hometown in north-west Sydney with his mother Anne-Marie and two younger siblings. Some where nervous, but some where just confident and excited.

He waves and signs stuff, trying to give most of them hugs. One of the fans points out you, and then questions kept on coming from them, asking who you were. The fans all start getting smiles, and they all start asking you questions and complimenting you. You tried to answer and thank all of them, and after awhile the girls left, leaving you and Michael. You don't mind if I tweet it, do you? You smile and give him a kiss.

Who is the best with their fans 5 seconds of summer or Fifth Harmony

You were at a interview with Calum. You were standing behind the camera, and when he would look over at you, you would make a funny face, making him laugh.

You and Calum have been dating for 2 weeks, but have been best friends since you were just little kids.

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You guys have liked each other forever, and after a little stunt made by the other boys, you finally got together. The fans knew who you were, and that you and Calum were best friends, but they didn't know you were dating. And you had no idea how they would react. You hear the interviewer ask them if they're all single, and all the boys give Calum a look. He blushes and looks at you, asking for permission, which you nod your head to. You can't hide it forever.

The interviewer checks his phone, and tells them all the excitement with the fans in comments. Michael rolls his eyes and takes the microphone. You would have gotten together at some point. You look over at him and give him a kissy face. You were glad too. Log in Sign Up. Apparently Ashton couldn't take it anymore. Read this story for FREE!