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Emotional Abuse Test

1 May Are you a little uneasy about your relationship? Are you unsure if you are just being paranoid? Are you positive that you're being abused and just looking to back up yourself? Here is the place to find out for sure. 31 Jul Does your partner force you to have sex against your will, have they ever forced them self on you sexually and perform sexual acts on you against your will? Please Answer "YES" or "NO". A. Yes. B. No. 7. Are you staying in this relationship because you are afraid that your life might be in danger if you leave. Are you a good partner? Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out. Make sure to check the boxes to record your responses. At the end, you'll find out how to score your answers. Start Quiz Download as PDF. Share Quiz. Share on Facebook Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter Share on Twitter · Share to.

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Take this quiz to find out if you are currently in an emotionally abusive relationship.

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7 Signs of an "Emotionally Abusive Relationship" (All Women MUST WATCH)

It might take a minute or two, go have some chocolate. A verification link has been sent to your mailbox. Meanwhile, you can look around at what others have created. By signing up, you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Help translate this item. Processing, Please hold on Have you ever been cornered in a room and not allowed to leave it by your see more until they were satisfied with the outcome of the conflict?

Have you ever been touched sexually at night while sleeping by your partner without your expressed permission? Does your partner make fun of you or put you down in front of others? Does your partner disrespect your requests and do only what they think is best for you? Does your partner blame you or others for their unhappiness or problems? Does your partner make excuses for their behavior or tend to blame others or circumstances for their mistakes and shortcomings? Does your partner pout, withdraw or purposely withhold attention or affection from you when they don't get their way?

Does your partner refuse to meet your basic Am I An Abusive Partner Quiz or use neglect or abandonment as punishment?

Am I An Abusive Partner Quiz

Does it seem as if your partner does not notice or care how you feel? Does your partner require continual contact lacking a healthy support network among their own peers?

Do you ever feel that your partner treats you as an extension of themselves rather than as an individual? Does your partner ever threaten to out you to your family or family members?

Have you ever been forced to do something against your will in order to appease your partner?

It's your fault for being controlling, mean and selfish. Blaming this core failure on someone else justifies a sense of self-righteousness, along with low-grade angerwhich temporarily feel more powerful. He's my soulmate before he lost his high pay job. I agree with you that we perceive ourselves to have more of a right to feel good than previous generations and we expect that those around us have an obligation to make us feel good, but I also think that current generations are much more out of touch with their emotions and much less socially adept than previous generations. For over a year now we have argued like this, over the dumbest little things.

Does your partner disrespect your personal boundaries by sharing information that you have not approved for sharing? Does your partner accuse you of something contrived in their own mind when you know it is not true? Is your partner unusually possessive of you or jealous of others who spend time with you? Has your partner ever made false allegations about you to your friends, family members, children, employer, or the police, in order to manipulate and isolate you?

Help translate this item. Career Quiz for Kids. I remember that sense of disconnection when I was your age.

Has your partner ever threatened to prevent you from seeing your kids if you try to leave? Embed Embed This Section. Instant Articles supported Click here to embed Embed a constantly updated feed of playful items about.

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Am I An Abusive Partner Quiz

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