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How To Attract Women - Why Being "Too Nice" Kills Attraction

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Being called “nice” used to be considered a good thing. But in our eat or be eaten world, nice girls are often put on the back burner in favor of the more exciting, mysterious, and even dramatic girls. Most guys are drawn to a girl who will make their heart race and keep them on their toes, and unfortunately “nice” girls don't. I think I made my move too late on her, which is fine because I never dated before and I was just trying to get experience. Basically she agreed to one date, but after that basically dodged my attempts at another one by saying "we'll see" or giving an excuse or canceling the day before or finally telling me that she'll let me. It's not because you're too nice. It's because AS A PERSON: you no longer have anything to offer to her in terms of growth outside of her. Pretending to have a full life and having one are two different things. Just as people are drawn to full parties, people are drawn to full lives. People who still make and.

Have you ever been turned off by a woman because she was "too nice"? I've heard women say this about guys a lot. I was wondering if any of you feel the same way about women. It's cause for pause like No one ever is. When I think of "too nice" I think of someone who's kind of a pushover. As in, too nice to confront people who've done them wrong, overly apologizing for things, etc. I do think girls get a lot more leeway with this, but that's because it's probably seen as a feminine demeanor more submissive so it will turn girls off who like "masculine" guys, but won't bother guys who like "feminine" girls.

I do think girls get a lot more leeway with this, but that's because it's go here seen as a feminine demeanor more submissive.

And, guys get less leeway with this, as not being too 'nice' is probably seen as masculine demeanour less submissiveand is vital to turn the sexual desire of women on. Do you mean creepily involved in your life while maintaining status as a read article con 5 clinger? Yes, that is a thing. Before this point, I never thought a girl could be "too nice," but she was and it made for a poor relationship.

I couldn't even characterize what "too nice" was until this point. It's really a collection of traits -- nice being the overarching theme -- that this describes.

So, this girl had low self-esteem, was a care-taker, not self-aware, and was also in a very stressful line of work. She wasn't clingy, though, which is probably the reason the relationship lasted for 3 years instead of 3 months. All the family loves her. She helps out everyone -- friends, Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice, etc. Even when her help is not seemingly required, she goes out to help.

Some people think this is odd -- others are like whateves. I'm drowning in gifts. This woman cannot buy me enough stuff. But it's weird stuff, like candles, beer coozies, patio furniture.

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And I don't even have a patio. Then I have to treasure that lavender candle. But it was hard to say no to or crush her "niceness" She would also plan kneejerk event that go here thought I'd like Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice not like them and then I'd have to fake that I'd like them because she put effort into them.

Could not take criticism. Yes, later I would say, "hey, that 3 hour train ride was really worth the burger, but tell me next time so I can arrange my schedule" or "I don't like long trip to eat something I don't know," and her response would be sad, depressed, "sorry, I only wanted to do something nice and surprise you. You can't argue when someone feels they are doing something nice for you. You're always the ass. At this point, things were bad.

His smooth, confident, secure and self-interested personality won her over. This is a man whose life is now wrapped around her very existence. Just reading your blog has created major shifts in the way I approach men.

She felt like I paying less attention to the relationship, which I was but couldn't admit to myself, and this caused her to go even more overboard in doing "nice things.

Exhibit signs of suffering walking to my office to bring me lunch while she was sick with the fluletting people walk all over her, and the such.

My please click for source loved her because she'd always bake cookies for them. My family loved her because she did whatever they wanted. But my respect for her as a person was draining away. Don't help my cousin rake leaves -- lazy bones should do that himself. You might think that's a dick thing to say, but half way through my cousin took a break and she finished raking for him.

Because she wanted to and said nary a word against him. So, at some point in all this I realized that I was always in a shitty mood around her and even though this great girl was "super nice," she was tying emotional weights around my neck. Like I was being held hostage by her niceness and no matter what I did, I would look like the biggest jerk to my friends, family, and her if I ever complained or had a fight with her or god forbid broke up.

Unsurprisingly, Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice cried for a solid 2 hours straight. Pity seeking all throughout.

Do Nice Women Finish Last? Absolutely Not!

How "this always happens to her and she never understands why. I still cared about her and still do -- she's super niceso I stayed with her and made sure she was OK. But afterwards, I felt like a huge emotional burden she piled on my back just fell away. I couldn't help but to feel bad about what I did even with everything leading up to it. But I realized that niceness was the King Midas Touch; it turned everything to gold, but you can't eat gold food or drink gold water.

12 Things to Know Before Dating The Girl Who Is Too Nice

So either you don't criticize the gold and slowly starve, or you have to uncomprehendingly walk away from all that wealth and suffer the people you care about who think you're a bad guy because they don't understand the emotional burden of having a girl who was "too nice. I'm sure I have my share of fault along the way.

Okay, this is click at this page an example how "too nice" can unambiguously the reason for a breakup, and not some weaseling around other unattractive qualities unrelated to it.

I didn't have the drowning in gifts part I really don't think gifts are all Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice bad but I'm quite materialistic. But You did a great way to word the way she was tying you down with her niceness. I wasn't able to word it but Emotional anchors around your neck sounds about right.

I don't know about turned off but "nice" isn't my vibe. The women I've appreciated most have had a dry sense of humor, a sharp wit, and not suffered fools gladly. I'm a good and kind person but I can be a turbocunt when I wanna be. My boyfriend Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice and accepts this and he's truly a saint. Of course not, but if she went past nice and became a complete doormat, unwilling to assert herself or super-self-effacing, that'd be really annoying really fast.

One of the main reasons I love my girlfriend is because she is very very nice. Sometimes even I tell her that she's a bit "too nice" because it gets close to "a little naive". However, even that is not a turn off at all, quite the opposite. Personally, I often see the bad side of people a bit too much while she's the opposite. I think we both bring a well needed point of view and we balance each other out which I think is pretty awesome.

It is possible that the phrase "too nice" as they use it has dogwhistle aspects to it that aren't about actual niceness. Like, "a total milquetoast" or "if I hear 'whatever you want to do' one.

How do you deal with this type of situation? Also, there are some women or men who enjoy the thrill of the chase, enjoy envisioning possibilities and love falling in love more than falling in love with someone. So, at some point in all this I realized that I was always in a shitty mood around her and even though this great girl was "super nice," she was tying emotional weights around my neck. There are lots of insightful information regarding men, women, and relationships.

The way I've come to understand it is that "nice" has come to mean anything but nice and the meaning depends on who uses it. For instance, if a woman uses it, it generally means that the guy lacks a certain something. Usually it seems to be confidence or link. For the record, that describes me, so I'm not trying to rag on anyone.

These guys are fine, but the woman doesn't want a pushover and saying he's too nice sounds, well, nicer. It could also be a way of saying that this guy is a decent person but there's just no attraction there for whatever reason. As for guys, I just click for source a comment that pointed out that the guys Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice say "I'm a nice guy" generally don't throw out any other aspects as a reason for going out with them, just that they're nice.

Thus the idea of nice guys finishing last in dating isn't because they are nice, but because they don't bring anything else to the table.

There's a more eloquent way of putting that, but I don't remember the comment. I've never met a girl who I thought was too nice. I Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice most people aren't nice enoughso when someone is genuinely nice it makes my day. I've never though "this person enough of an asshole, I don't know if I like that about them".

The whole "nice is a good quality but it does mean anybody owes you for it" argument applies to both males and females. No, although usually the ones that I've met that were really nice were also overly religious and that aspect turned me off.

Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice

A girl can be "too nice". But I'm using the reddit definition of "nice", which means being a pushover. If you can't tell me what's wrong the second you feel it, or can't tell that creep that's been chasing you to just fuck off already, or can't handle criticism, or does so much for other people that it actually becomes suspicious to me that you're doing it for an agenda However, though it is rare, I've met women who were too pure as in kind at a level it would never work out.

Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice sense of humor and general makeup read more dark and gritty and people who I describe as "pure of heart" as in deeply naive and religious, would just be crushed by my level of cynicism.

I'm generally outwardly kind and generally very selfless, which has put me in the trap of being in the "too nice" category. This only applies towards my inner circle though. I'm far from nice if someone is trying to get over on me.

Women who want me to be close to them yet mistreat them are just not a match for me. Neither are those who are too pure of heart and live in a bubble detached from reality.

Dating A Girl Whos Too Nice

I really need bantering and teasing and even a 'fight' sometimes and I become bored pretty fast without that. But it seems that I'm part of a minority. I've been turned off by a woman because she was a doormat. That could be viewed as too nice. I like women with a backbone. Yes it conveys a lack of self-respect. I mean too nice in that they let people walk over them or push them over or take advantage of them. I started seeing a girl and I noticed she was too nice.