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Starting a Relationship when they live far away...

"David" went to grad school in my town and now lives on another continent. He came back for a week to visit his school friends. I also happen to know those friends, so we met at a party. We ended up talking until the party ended and everyone left, then walking back to his hotel and kissing. Then I said good. It's not your fault they live there and you live here. This is just life. What to do with a long distance crush. Obviously, it probably doesn't help that you think about this person all the time, and you can't do anything at least for now. I liked a guy from Australia. Yes, I know, far away. It's not easy when you have an emotional. The stress of showing that special someone that you care from so far away requires a bit of extra attention. If you've just met someone and he lives far away, getting him to like you is no different. To keep him thinking of you, you'll need to concoct the perfect blend between being sweetly aggressive and smothering.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Starting a Relationship when they live far away Hi, just a quick question.

What are anyone's views on Dating A Guy Who Lives Far Away. I know that alot of people have or have had long distance relationships Is it possible to START a relationship if there is a distance between the two from the very beginning??? I don't think it is I met this peron online He is WAY more attractive than his pictures I am drawn to him Should I bother with this person???

If you really feel somehting, dont give up on this person. Though I met someone online a few months ago and weve been together for 6 months until he brokeup with me a few days ago because of the distance-god if onlyif only i didnt live so far, we would still be together, i miss him so much and what we had was really special, too bad i am not in canada, because thats where he is and where i want to be.

I've never had a long distance relationship with someone. It's not that I don't think that I could, but the people that I've dated or even started to get to continue reading through the internet just weren't really interested in it. I think it's hard because you have to really trust each other to know that the other one isn't cheating on you or leading a double life.

I think it's possible to have a long distance relationship, but both parties have to want it and in my experience there's resistance. In one situation we could have seen each other on the weekends since I lived only 3 hrs away, but the guy just didn't want to.

He wanted me there or not at all, but I know that he was really insecure.

Dating A Guy Who Lives Far Away

I say, if the guy you met wants to and you want to, go for it! I say do it. Don't regret giving someone up just because of distance. Honestly I believe that if you truly care about someone a few hours really isnt that big a deal. If the commitment is there and the feelings are there, than what have you got to loose. Long-distance relationships can work.

May even be better for the relationship communication wise. But thats just my opinion.

5 Reasons Why To Go For A Long Distance Relationship

I hope all works out well for you. My boyfriend and I began our relationship with us living 3, miles apart. We also met online though not at all with the intent of forming a romantic relationship and when we met in person, we hit it off incredibly, becoming best friends; now we're very much in love, and still living on opposite ends of the country for now.

We see each other every few months, and more info plan is to eventually relocate to the same city. So yes, it's very possible. And by the way, I agree that in strong, committed relationships, distance can often help create a solid foundation for excellent communication between couples. When you're forced to relate solely via phone, email, IM, etc.

How to Keep a Guy You Just Met Interested When He Lives Far Away

In fact, I once saw a show in which a couple was getting married after having spent the four years of their relationship in different countries due to him attending college --and the husband mused that the distance had strengthened their relationship because they had no choice but to get to know each other's insides first. Thank-you so much everyone!!

Mermaid, your situation sounds so much like ours. He sent me an email saying that he just had to meet me It was like we had known eachother for ever.

Every time we talk on the phone it's for over an hour at least Our personalities just click so well I told him even if we don't want to get attached to eachother, you can only fake your feelings for so long Hey there, I totally understand your situation. I was in a similar situation myself.

About a year ago when I started my first year of university in HalifaxI met a guy in my residence and we hit it off immediately. We had this amazing connection this web page no other I've ever experienced, and we started spending a lot of time together, and grew to be very close friends.

We ended up talking until the party ended and everyone left, then walking back to his hotel and kissing. Pin It Tweet Share. Actually, who the hell wants a perfect relationship? Beware when you ask a question, because the real truth sometimes hurts. If the duration of the separation is unusually long, and the chance for monthly meetings is extremely low, it is going to become very hard.

Over the christmas holidays, he was in Halifax since he lived thereand I was back in Toronto. We talked almost every day on msn and emailed, and we both realized that we had this undeniable amazing chemistry that we couldn't pass by.

Dating A Guy Who Lives Far Away

The only problem was that I would be going back to Halifax for the next semester of school, while he would be going to Ottawa to do a co-op term for school. So we wouldn't see each other again. We talked about it We were starting a relationship, and already being apart, but the reality was that the connection was there We spent the next 4 months accross the country from each other, Dating A Guy Who Lives Far Away on msn and phone, and emailing daily.

We spoke a lot to each other, so it was great. We were already close from being good friends before, but being go here distance actually gave us the opportunity to build a very strong emotional connection because we didn't have to worry about physical stuff getting in the way. We were apart for the whole 4 months, except for a 5-day visit that I took to Ottawa on my March break.

Other than that we never saw each other, click when we reunited after the 4 months, it was well worth it and our relationship was very strong!!

I would definitely recommend that you at least give this relationship a chance. Long distance is always hard for anyone, but you don't want to live your life having regrets and constantly wondering what could have been if you had just taken that risk I think you should go for it.

“I’m Crazy For Him, But He Lives In Another Country. Am I Screwed?”

But you should be careful that things may not turn out for the best. Long distance relationships can be stressful and often worrying. I think it's important to build strong trust in a long distant relationship. Go for the chance and take it. If things don't work out, brush yourself down, pick yourself up and carry on. I've never really believed in long distant relationships either. But what the heck?

If you like him, and he likes you, you may as well give it a shot. All times are GMT The time now is