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How college relationships measure up. In high school, “dating” can mean anything from hanging out with a group of friends to hitting the movies one-on- one. In college, “dating” is less defined – just watching TV might count as a College campuses aren't just hookup havens. A number of students have begun choosing. 15 Aug Read about 10 Realities About Dating in College vs. Dating in High School at Campus Circle. Sign up for free movie screenings in your area. Has anyone here had success reconnecting and hooking up with girls they knew back in HS/college after some years have passed, but didn't bang at that time? If so, via what method did you reconnect? Social networking? School reunion? Mutual friends? How did the situation play out from initial contact to.

It's opposite for Hookup In College Vs High School. Well, I did go to an all girls' high school, but. Uni relationships if you're not into hooking up, getting drunk, etc are more mature, obviously. In college, dating and hooking up are a lot more casual. It's also not as big of a deal anymore.

Since high schools usually have a smaller student body, it's easier to hear about people dating each other, but in college if you go out with someone, it's not like a bunch of people will find out unless you make it known. In addition, during college link lot of people are just into having fun for the moment, so hook ups and friends-with-benefits situations are pretty prevalent.

In college, hooking up for one nighters with girls is kinda morally accepted by both parties and in some cases.

Hookup In College Vs High School

You don't see many couples Everyone's just trying to get to class and get out. Unlike highschool where kids are walking together to classes and what not. When you break up in high-school, it's the end of your life. College relationships are more mature and "serious"? Compared to in high school where dating for one week could be considered having had a real and "heartbreaking" relationship?

By ohatoms Started August click, In high school, you're always together. It's kind of weird and I noticed the difference very quickly. How does knowing that you may end up married change relationships? I was attracted to her back then but she had kind of a hipster PITA attitude at that point and so I hooked up with some other girls she was friends with instead.

I don't know, I'm not in college yet. Most of the replies here are that it's less serious in college, though, is that really true? I've always had the idea of relationships being more serious in college and more meaningless in high school.

If nothing else, hopefully you've at least taken decent care of yourself. I basically never "like" or comment on shit any of them post anymore because I realized that the only way that these damaged people could react to even helpful or insightful commentary on a post by some middle-aged woman that I'm not even interested in sexually was with gossip and backstabbing and drama. It seems like read more people use the first semester to feel things out, get involved, etc So I never went to any parties, didnt drink or smoke, didnt have a girlfriend I lost my virginity the day after graduation.

In College, you become two different people. You want two different things. Not more love interest? The replies on here are for people who are out for one-night stands. But its true college relationships are more serious, why wouldn't they click You are more mature now and perhaps looking to marry after you graduate.

Of course you are going to be more serious than in high school. Dating in college will be more mature, just by virtue of age and the community is much larger, so it's not as if gossip spreads throughout the school.

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But I think that most people would carry dating habits from one institution of learning to the next. I've always had this image that most guys in college are just looking to get laid. By sugarplum Started February 3, By Newsie Started 7 minutes ago. By ohatoms Started August 13, By the girl who! Started January 24, By -quiescent Started January 1, Archived This topic now archived and is closed to further replies.

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Hookup In College Vs High School

In high school you don't really have to worry about money? Posted October 1, In high school, you're always together. You feel that you are made for each other.

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Posted October 4, The maturity level is super different. Less of a big deal? Less of a drama. Sign In Sign Up.