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Harvest Moon DS Cute. Jill or Clair. (Plus extras if you have Mineral Town). Raise crops and isn't very good.) Sprung: A Game Where Everyone Scores. Play as either a male or female college student trying to hook up on vacation. Visual novel gameplay, western-style animation and humor. 6 Jun I've been wondering about this myself to be honest but there's barely any REAL dating sims in English.. There's the Harvest Moon series, Luminous Arc and Summon Night which all have light date-sim elements, but they're nothing like dating sims Quoted from QUOTE: Sprung: the dating game is the only. English Dating sims for DS. there was one good RPG but for GBA that was based on the dating sim elements, for the DS there are none that i could recommend. Sadly for the female anime fans hoping at last for their own boyfriend dating sim, Tanbi Musou Meine Liebe, On Game Boy Arcade, Sports, Puzzle, .

Why not the real thing? HyprJun 8, Romance games for girls, in English! Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Discussion in ' Nintendo ' started by matthew. Nintendo DS dating simulators Discussion in ' Nintendo ' started by matthew.

CGR Undertow - THE SIMS 2 review for Nintendo DS

Hey people, I've downloaded LovePlus english translated but i would like to try some others because i've been watching The World God Only Knows recently. Any english dating sims would be appreciated.

I'm pretty sure they're all going to be in Japanese Killua ZaoldyeckMay 11, Amazing dating sim where you play as a heroine and try to hook up hot guys There's 2 games that have been translated by gokusaishiki! Yeah I meant to say that English translated ones need to be recommened I would prefer if you played as the male character trying to get the girls.

Dating Games For Psp English

But it does not really go in depth with the dating aspect. PankoTimeJun 2, Honestly playing these things will probably hurt your chances. I wouldn't trust fucking Japanese game designers with the ability to influence your social skills.

Hookup Sims In English For Ds

VoidJun 6, How far in depth to the dating do you want to go? The Harvest Moon and Rune Factory have a sort of dating sim built in, but nothing to advanced. Why not the real thing? Just don't get any ideas from the games and practice what they do in real life.

You obviously do not take into consideration that he might be shy, or just like me and doesn't mind the genre.

Hookup Sims In English For Ds

That was not very helpful to the topic. HyprJun 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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You can get married and have a baby. Japanese dating sims in english for psp much. Nintendo DS dating simulators Discussion in ' Nintendo ' started by matthew.