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29 Dec No worries, I can still help!:) The average date offer on WhatsYourPrice is $ dollars. However, $ is still a good offer. Keep in mind if you counter offer it, he may decline and then you are out that $ So its up to you whether you want to be out $ or $50 from the average? Remember girl, they. 28 Jul “Some of these dating websites make you fill out questionnaires and lengthy profiles before you can even get started. There's just no real incentive. No guarantee that things are even going to work out if I fill out this profile, much less go on a date with someone I met online. But what if you dated someone. How it Works. We make online dating simple. We are the online dating shortcut that gets you more dates with attractive people. Find singles in your area that are looking Accept an offer or name your price for a first date and go out tonight. The generous member unlocks the conversation so that you can set up your date.

I have been on the site for more than half a year and I have had 10 dates so far. Not POF, not Chemistry. All but 1 were the people I asked for dates matched their photos on the profile the other did not look like the pics posted on the profile and had to report the profile as a scam. Otherwise, I like the search feature to filter out whom I am looking for. The only thing I don't like about the site is that males or sugar daddies have to pay to read messages. I guess the site has to make money somehow.

At least, give the regular members a discount for being on the site for more than 3 months. Don't under bid for a date.

Wink first to see if they provide you an offer you like.

I even squared up to one of them and said "is there anything else you want from this website other than money", and the abuse I got what out of this world. Always but never on 1st date Can cost a bit?? July 28, at First Date Guarantee With our innovative and direct dating approach, first dates are happening faster and more frequently with WhatsYourPrice.

If you are on a budget, choose wisely and don't over bid what you can afford. Look at offer made by LanaMarkus. Obviously, she is pricey.

Stick with what kind of relationship you are looking for. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work result. You can't always get instant satisfaction here or any other dating sites.

Guys, if you want to get laid, there really aren't any shortcuts. The latter method won't get you a "relationship", by the way! I really don't recommend sites like How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work because you are paying up-front for no guaranteed product. You're much better off going to Vegas and sitting at an upscale bar. The prey will eventually come to you But at least you know what you're getting and wear a raincoat so you don't get too much! Better yet, subscribe to any number of "game coaching" programs to be able to intrigue women with your banter and style.

The program might cost you a few bucks and some time, but you will be vying for quality women who will actually be attracted to you! One more little secret: I give this site what;s your price two stars because I think it was a clever way to make money from the most promising market out there -- horny guys. I have made offers and when they were accepted plans were made to meet.

On 2 occasions the lady didn't show. When I reported this to the site the response was to bad we aren't going to refund anything because you made contact.

Yes through their anonymous messaging system. I learn more here have been talking to someone in jail getting a kickback on the money made from getting someone to accept a date. Gents, its really not that difficult to make your money go the distance. You have the option to make an offer you can afford. If she rejects it, then simply counter offer. If you still don't agree then move on until you find someone who will.

Most of the offers that are accepted by these women usually come with a message from them. Yes, it costs points to open, but there is a message waiting for you. You can continue to message thru the site or once SHE is comfortable you can exchange numbers and continue the convo there. Don't be dull when you initially respond or contact her. Be witty, try finding something in her profile that will catch her attention.

I'm personally new to the site, but know how to work the system. Also, don't low ball Biggest red flag is when she only talks about meeting and doesn't introduce herself or even asks your name. She should try to get to know you so she is aware that you're serious about meeting her and vice versa. Be sure to put her at ease that you're gentleman and not some creepy stalker. I hope this helps After joining almost every sugar daddy dating site out there IMO there are only two or three brands you can trust: I understand that many SDs and SBs are complaining but this site is one of the best.

If you like it or not but besides PayMeDaddy. They will accept your offer, which costs you money when you write to them, then change their minds They want to be wined and dined, and that's it. Good source of income for them to get something for nothing with many first dates. I am sure fake profiles are used on here to generate business, but it is difficult to prove. So this is not cheap, especially when They are quick to make contact to agree on a price, but once you have spent your money, everything goes very, quiet This website is full of scams, some members agree on a date and never show for the actual meeting. girl made $15,000 dating

I reported such a member online, but he is still an active member. I'm just letting anyone who's interested know that I'm not a scam. I'm a real life beautiful woman interested in having some fun with a real life sexy man. The downside to this site is that sugar babies have pay to interact with daddies.

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When you decide to be a sugar baby it generally means you are not financially stable. By making babies pay they discourage babies who are new to the game from joining. As for the male reviewers saying it's too expensive or they feel like they're being scammed because they have to pay the baby cash and pay for dates, ignore these reviewers ladies - they are not sugar daddies, they're what we call splenda's.

I had a crazy idea in my mind it would be a very romantic evening. I hope this helps If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us at Support WhatsYourPrice.

I suggest they join tinder instead. Anyway getting back to my review I find that the site is ok. Although the PPM rate seems to be on the lower side on here. I wouldn't recommend it though there are other sites that are free for babies.

How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work

Well maybe a little. Only WYP has asked for my credit card so far.

My first suggestion, don't jump right in. Watch and wait for a while, even if you get favorites and winks, or even offers. Almost every girl comes, takes a look, and disappears. Those that stay, mostly looking for cash up front for sex. I'm sure there are a few real ones among the sugar baby wannabees, but take everything you see with a skeptical eye. Perhaps in the larger cities you could filter things down to a few worthwhile candidates, but would spend a fair amount doing it.

In general, looks like a waste of money. While the concept of the How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work is intriguing, and a few of the girls on WYP are demonstratively genuine, there are countless more that are not, and appear to be fake How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work produced by the site itself.

My evidence for this is the number of extremely attractive girls who presumably go to the supposed trouble of posting very public pictures of themselves on a 'sugar daddyish' site often in bikinismade an offer to me causing me to buy credits on the site to be able to interact with themand then, do not respond at all, or respond minimally think: This makes little sense, given the girl is presumably trying to earn money for a date. Moreover, the profiles are often of girls who look 'too good to be true' model like pictures, too many girls in provocative poses.

The profiles are often remarkably similar to one another, typically with one line suggestive answers to the prompted questions. Moreover, some of the profiles are of what I would refer to as, 'cam girls'--girls not wanting to meet up, but rather, looking for you to send them money for online interaction of some kind. I was contacted repeatedly by girls all over the world, which click zero sense on a dating site, but makes sense if the girls are looking for money to be sent to them.

The customer service aspect of the operation is beyond pathetic. As one example, I was duped into redeeming credits by a 'local' girl on the site who messaged me. Shortly after I responded, but a couple of hours later, she changed her location to an area miles away.

In the next 24 hours, she changed her location, again multiple times!

How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work

When I complained to the site, I got a response 10 days later, that apparently the girl 'traveled for business', so, tough luck for you. They guard their credits like Fort Knox, so even in cases of fraud, do not expect any help from the site. Overall, the site is poorly constructed, hardly monitored and full of scams posed by either the site, or girls on the site. As a postscript, I sent this review to the site's customer service week ago before posting--to give them an opportunity to respond to my concerns and complaints.

Everything I'm saying here is accurate, but even if the site disagreed or disputed what How Does Whats Your Price Dating Work saying, one would think there'd be a response of some kind, even if only, to prevent yet another bad review. Their non-response is indicative of the indifference on this site.

I am left to offer only one word of warning--stay away! This website is not what it's intends to be. I will give you my journey.

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Basically initially you'd have very incising women accepting your offer, or sending you an offer. Many of them give the impression that they are up for more. The women there moan and complain about their unfortunate financial situation.

I even tried to get many of them jobs so they wouldn't suffer but none of them were interested, and completely shunned the idea of actually working for their money. I must so foolish, this is what I've done most of my life.