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23 Apr Just when I think I've seen everything, somebody emails me the story about the interracial kiss controversy: the cover photo of the black man and a white woman kissing with a story in the Post-Dispatch's GO! magazine (April 10) about the best places to kiss in St. Louis. Apparently, the photo caused outrage. Find Meetups about Interracial And International Couples and meet people in your local community who share your interests. 14 Apr What's this, the weekend magazine of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has pictured miscegenation in action, and the locals are outraged! Imagine this photo, where your kids could see. Let's explore the comments, shall we? Yes: The paper chose to illustrate its wantonly sexual and scandalous story "The 7 Best.

He said I'm self hating,I say its my preference, not all click at this page dudes are ghetto but most can't say anything more than, what's popping, I get more respect from other nationalities so no, I won't settle for you just because we have similar complexions Or if you just wanna speak your mind on the topic.

Mature debate only please. Meet singles at DateHookup. Good luck with that. To be honest i regret wasting my time typing this. It just opens yourself up for hate mail. I was just messaging a dude that didn't understand why black women are into white men now a days. I wonder was this email from a black man upset with your preference, all the while he goes after women of other races. Thats Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo for the course. But, I'll say this If her natural attraction is black, then thats not good either.

I understand what most of you mean, I personally just feel that I have more in common with other races verses my own I have just had better experiences with other races Not looking for any type of answer our explanation, the point of the post was just to see what people had to say. Its not about agreeing or disagreeing. Its just about peoples opinion. Mature debate on an immature topic?

Seeking love and romance is now more fun, faster and safer at InterracialDatingCentral. And often these women interfere if the man DOES tell the children to act with some sense. It is free and quick. This reminds me of the recent post by the single mother who was competing with so many negative influences on her son. Then when I do give my number they text me to death with no invite to meet.

If you're into white men, nothing wrong with it. I believe that we're all made in God's likeness, but don't bash black men either. That's the problem with American culture nowadays, Black men and women seem to love tearing each other down.

Five Arguments Against Interracial Dating, From Missouri Rednecks

I've never seen it like that where I'm from, it's mind blowing. Just block the immature men. I'm an interracial dater, it's just a preference. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Everyone has their preference and opinion but it doesn't really matter it's not as if your going to take heed to our words to change your ways or anything like that. Don't reply to people who you're not interested in because of their skin color. This forum took a turn: But, In the past 5yrs I only date white men.

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether or not they want to date a person with kids and how that will affect them in the long run. Some of the comments I read were very critical of St. I hope that is NOT what you are looking for. To those guys I do not respond. You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Yes, it's my personal preference!!! I as well get really hateful messages. I have been called a sell out to my own race lol. I have come across a few who respect my choice, but more than not they jus leave me hate mail. One--two or three men--making statementsdoes not represent the entire span of people--and how they may think. AND--you cannot explain this stuff to people--so why bother to try??

No one here--can adequately explain iteither. It will only end up as "bait" for an argument. I hope that is NOT what you are looking for. If my personal choice was black or white--I have the right and the freedom to do it--and NOT explain it!!

I believe that black women are giving up on there own race because most of them told me that a black man can't treat them right. Whatever the case may be, there's good and bad in all races.

But I think once they quit dating there own race, and they move on Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo white men, I think, they think, it's a quick fix.

That the white man will be better because he's white. Sorry but that's bullshit.

Interracial dating ( white men and black women)

But is it true attraction to use white guys, or are we just second best? So like ok, a black guy can't be mature, but I'll just date this white dude because he has respect and does not act like a gangsta?

I really hope you black lady's are dating us because your truly attracted to us physically and emontially, not just the color of our skin. Remember just because where white, does not make us holier then thou.

Well said sir, can not agree more. Respect it You should stick to your own kind. I agree with some of the other users and this thread is bullshit.

Respect it You can date anybody you want. No large group of people are more racist than American black males nor more hypocritical. It's not just recently black women venture out, I have been banging black women the last 20 years I was 24 in that pic I believe everyone has the right to choose who they want. I have always dated African American men but am not nor have I ever been opposed to dating men of other races. What I here report is that some of the most refreshing conversations I've had lately have been with white men.

𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐩𝐦𝐨𝐦 & 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐩𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝟒𝟖 (𝐌𝐨𝐦'𝐬 𝐜𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐤 &

Day after day I get a good morning from our brothers that claimed they want to meet me. Then when I do give my number they text me to death with no invite to meet. It's like once they interview you and find out that you are educated, independent, etc They stop texting and start hitting me up on this site with good morning all over again. To those guys I do not respond. Some send ten thousand emoticons: A lot of black men do struggle with this, but it's a crappy thing to say "most" black men are like this.

I'm not going to discredit an Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo race because of a few bad experiences. You may just be running in the wrong circles. And 1st I was gonna say this.

Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo

First and foremost why does it matter what the next person does with whom. Black white purple or green. Women forget that their ROLE is to inspire men to do great things.

Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo

Then again beat it! Girl nobody cares who you lay down in bed with and if someone does why should u care, you do you. Stupid topic, stupid debate, case closed. Poor OP, she thought that she created a thread that people cared about Anyway, to each their own! Oh and a touch of free advise, it's not the color or nationality, it's compatibility.

Any women who respects herself and others, has pride in who she is and where she came from, can laugh and handle my ridiculously sarcastic and sometimes foul Sense of humor then she's fine for me.

I've always just thought everyone thought like that. Until you get older and realize there are some every ignorant people. White, brown, black and even Interracial Dating In St Louis Mo, doesn't matter, if you are ignorant, racist sexist or prejudice, to me you are the color grey and i dont want anything to do with grey people. Respect it okay i will say what all others are thinking but not man enough to say race as a Preference is bullchit!

Just ignore people who judge you for having preferences. You are not the first person to have a preference and won't be the last. I agree that common race or skin complexion isn't a reason to date someone. Who cares what people think! Date whoever you want to and dont concern yourself with other peoples opinions cause either way it doesnt matter. I love black women.

Date whomever you want! Who gives a shit what someone else thinks or believe in this brainwashed society we live in. You're not promised to be living in the next 5 minutes, so enjoy life as we know it. I remember watching a program on TLC where a guy married his horse.

So Just Do You! I've dated exclusively black women for years. An adult shouldn't care what others say about them. Why would anyone care what someone else is doing?? Respect it what most here do not get is it is not about race it is about nationality because the only race is the human race. White men only here too lol but I also have love for my clean cut black men no ghettoness for me. What ever happened to love being blind? If your serious about finding love you can see beyond race.