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I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

17/10/09 #7. I went out with a 16 year old when I was Before that I was going out with a 14 year old when I was 18 (and no I didn't do anything illegal) Looking at it written there that sounds so wrong. But I don't think it is. I've always gone out with women younger then me and have only been out. Sexual activity is illegal under any circumstances for under year olds. Those aged 13 and under cannot give consent. Doing anything sexual with someone under 13 is automatically an offence, whatever the young person says. I'm 16 and my boyfriend/girlfriend is It's OK if we have sex, isn't it? The law recognises that. Local authorities in England and Wales must keep in touch with care leavers until they are at least They should The age of consent (the legal age to have sex ) in the UK is 16 years old. The laws are In Scotland the age of criminal responsibility is 8 years old but the age at which a child can be prosecuted is 12 years.

The website of the Information Commissioner provides guidance on the most effective way to frame an information request at the following link: And yes, I did ask if the age difference was too big, which was a yes or no question, and I asked how you'd react if it was your daughters. Now I understand what your other question is about. Apprenticeships and alternatives to university Replies: Just all the sudden decided that he didn't love me any more and didn't want to be with me.

Hello, I'm 16 years old and I've been dating my 21 yr old boyfriend for almost a year. My parents like him but they aren't very open minded about our age difference. I've always been a very mature, responsible, free spirited girl with an open view on the world. He's an amazing guy and he makes me happy.

Just because we've blown out 16 candles on our birthday cake, doesn't mean we're ready for sex. As you get older, you mature mentally and physically. Age of criminal responsibility for children The age of criminal responsibility in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is 10 years old. It's just that situations like that are not very common. His relationship struggled a LOT because she ultimately was a defiant teenager when they were trying to make decisions together.

The age of consent where I live is 17, and I'll be 17 in 4 months. My boyfriend is a positive influence on my life, and we are very continue reading. But in your opinions if you have teenage daughters is our age difference too big?

It took a long time for me to read the entire thread. Yes, I actually do go through and read the responses so I know what has been said and what has not been said.

Ashlee, you asked a group of mothers what our opinion is of your age difference. I have a daughter your age, so I have an opinion.

I will keep it to myself because you don't want to hear it anyway. You got opinions, many of them Why do you continue to defend you choice and perhaps sway the opinions given? No one here is going to change the way they feel no matter how many different ways you try to justify you choice. You asked, you got your answers. If you don't like them, so be it.

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To defend yourself endlessly just demonstrates your unwillingness to accept that the mothers here do not agree with you, and is a sign of you immaturity. I started dating my first husband yes, first just as I was turning 17, so about your age now We were together for 9 years. Just all the sudden decided that he didn't love me any visit web page and didn't want to be with me.

I had no source. When I was 16, and concentrating on school I was a grade A student. Immediately after starting to date my ex I started not doing homework, skipping class to be with him and let my grades drop dramatically.

School, and achieving those academic goals was not my priority any more. The reason he left me ultimately was because I fell in love, and completely disregarded the fact that his goals didn't align directly with me. As we were arriving at the goals that I desperately wanted, and he said he would give me ex. I had to literally go to the doctor in order to get on medication that would help me eat again.

I had fallen into a cycle of anorexia.

Is It Illegal For A 21 Year Old Dating 16 Uk

There was only an age difference of 1 year with my ex and I. The age difference didn't really made the difference here though. My current husband had much the same experience. He was 29, and was with a girl who was His relationship struggled a LOT because she ultimately was a defiant teenager when they were trying to make decisions together.

He has very little positive to say about her. That being said - I am 9 years younger than my husband. We want to raise our children by the same concepts.

We make efforts lots of efforts in our relationship. We enjoy similar hobbies. When beginning the relationship we ensured that all of these important things lined up before we even allowed ourselves to fall in love.

Yes, I think your age difference is too large at this point in your life. Not because of the actual math, but because you are both focusing on different stages of your life right now. At least one of you is going to change in major ways during that time period.

Most people don't figure out and mature to a point of knowing exactly what they want until they are 25, so just be sure that you don't ignore your ultimate goals for this relationship because the person you fall in love now, won't be exactly the same person in 5 years.

Do yourself a favour, and write out your personal goals on a large piece of paper and put it in a place you see every day, and watch for the To Say Started How Happy You Dating To A Guy Just Birthday where you move away from those goals and targets in order to focus on your relationship.

Communicate this with your boyfriend, and have him help you stay on target. If he DOES take your goals seriously, you will be very lucky. Achieve A's in my classes Attend every class Go out with my friends 1 night a week Have dinner with parents every Sunday night Relationships will cause huge neglect in many areas that will change your life forever. Be aware of that, and move forward the way you think you should. After reading the entire thread, responses, and Miss Brenton's reactions, my short answer is: Yes, my husband is 5 years older than I.

Would I have dated him at 16? I will also add this: If Miss Brenton would like to be treated with respect, and treated as an adult, perhaps she shouldn't be so quick to shoot down actual adults with life experience when asking for advice. Child, while a 5 year difference won't mean much in a few years, it is the world now, and if you're no more Is It Illegal For A 21 Year Old Dating 16 Uk than your responses here indicate, you are not mature enough to be dating an adult male.

Stick with kids in your peer group. Just like you, they know it ALL Ashlee, if you didn't want honest opinions, then you should have stayed on a teen website. Where you can all lament how awful parents are and how they just don't understand. Well i was 19 when i dated Is It Illegal For A 21 Year Old Dating 16 Uk husband and he was 36 at that time.

We got married,have a son together and i couldnt wish for a better husband! My parents didnt say anything because they saw we are serious. So if i had a daughter and she would date an older man i would be ok with it. As long as he treats her right and respects her! My husband and i have never had a problem because of our age gap. This conversation has been closed to further comments. Michelle, I have no problem with respectful opinions, but saying things like my relationship won't work because of the age difference is unnecessary, because I didn't ask that.

Honestly, I never thought I'd be with an older guy. But like I said, who you fall for isn't something you have control over, your heart does.

Is It Illegal For A 21 Year Old Dating 16 Uk

Is the age difference too big for my age, maybe. Is my boyfriend taking advantage of me? Has he pressured me into doing anything that I am uncomfortable with? Is he a bad influence on me?

So other than legal reasons, why is it a bad thing considering that he treats me great? He has helped me through tough situations in my life. Read article I understand where you all are coming from, I truly do.

I just feel that age is just a number in situations like this. I am turning 20 next month. I met my fiancee when I was 12 and he was We "dated" a little, but we broke up and stayed best friends.

How Big Of An Age Gap Is Too Big In A Relationship?

We figured if it was meant to be we could be together when we got older. That was when i was 14 and he was He dated around in the mean time and I felt like I had lost him. He even had a one night stand resulting in a baby. I thought we just weren't meant to be and I couldn't change that, but once he found out I still had feelings for him he asked if I was ready to be in a relationship and I felt I was. We've been dating for over 2 years now and are getting married.

Age Of Consent

I don't regret our decision to wait. We were mature enough at 14 and 16 to understand we needed to just be friends. But we also both believed in "fate" and knew if it was meant to be then it would. It might not happen when you want it to, but if it's meant to be then it'll be. The age difference isn't a lot, it's the fact that you have school and everything.

He's 21, he might meet another girl who is his age and he may move on. I was talking to one of my co workers today who is 21 and even she said asked: The age gap you have isn't big if you are both adults but you are still a child and he's an adult.

Yes source will get opinions because this is a public forum and you can't dictate how people reply.

If you don't like the answers you don't have to hang around on a Mothers site. People who fall in love for real still get divorced. It is more likely if you have such a large age difference or if you are a teen romance. That's why we are saying that your parents have very legitimate concerns that you should respect and listen to.