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Everyone is always using Charlie's info on Tinder. I decided to switch it up. : IASIP

Charlie's dating profile - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. this is one of my favourite scenes from always. Charlie's Dating Profile. Mary Elizabeth Ellis: Charlie Day Arm-Wrestled For The Right To Hit On Me. At a restaurant, Dennis and Mac coach Charlie for a blind date. He is sweating. Charlie freaks out, and Dennis. 20 Jul Charlie: Milk. Charlie Kelly from Always Sunny in Philadelphia e-match profile. Who would date this guy? lol. | See more about Guys, Lol and Charlie. Explore Charlie S Dating, Funny Tv, and more!. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quotes - Charlie. Charlie's dating profile - It's Always Sunny In. Charlie has a long standing crush on The Waitress. The gang, minus Frank, went to high school.

The Waitress is a woman openly stalked by Charlie Kellydespite numerous restraining orders. System " She went to high school with the Gangand used to work at a local coffee shop frequented by Charlie.

Charlie Gets Analyzed

She attends the high-school reunion with the Gang, where her name tag is missing further implying her status as 'easily forgettable', a theme in that episodepreventing her name from being revealed. Many fans assumed her name was Nikki Potnick when Frank showed up with a stolen tag bearing that name. However, Glenn Howerton specified on Twitter that this is not the case [1].

The Waitress has often worked a number of side jobs to make extra money: She lives in an apartment in Philadelphia. The Waitress is a recurring character, appearing in every season. The Waitress is an on-and-off again alcoholic. When drunk, she is rude and belligerent. The Waitress is frustrated by Charlie Kelly 's obsessive stalking. She has no interest in Charlie, but has harbored an unrequited crush on Dennis.

"Charlie Rules the World"

She also has a desire for revenge on Dennis, which has resulted in her trying to win Paddy's Pub in a dance contest. Charlie goes to great lengths to woo the Waitress, even going so far to express his affections and intentions with a musical production. The Waitress has low self-esteem, which has allowed various people to manipulate her in humiliating ways:. The Waitress appears to be concerned for her safety. She sprayed a Mace-like can on Dee and Dennis when they followed her late at night.

The Waitress went to high school with The Gang but none of them except Charlie seem to remember her. She sat next to Dee in Trig. As Charlie has coffee with Mac and Dennis, they link about Terrell 's plans for recruiting people to the bar. They repeat his assurances about filling the bar, quoting "there will be niggers hanging from rafters.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile

He later takes a black girl, Janellon a date to the coffee shop to prove he is not racist, but the Waitress reveals his plan to Janell. While Http:// is spending the day with his supposed son TommyCharlie bumps into the Waitress at a toy store.

She tells him that she is a member of the Big Sisters of America program, and he lies, telling her that he and Tommy are also in the program in order to secure a date with her at a program picnic. Later, after Tommy was sneaking drinks from the bar, Waitress discovers Charlie yelling at a drunk Tommy in the alley.

Charlie and the Waitress on a date " Charlie Has Cancer ". After seeing her wear a Livestrong bracelet, Charlie schemes up a strategy to get her to date him starting with telling Dennis he has cancer. Dennis works with Mac to get Charlie laid and decides to guilt the Waitress into banging him. However, when Dennis tells her Charlie is ill, she responds by consoling Dennis who takes advantage and sleeps with her.

Dennis attempts to get out of Charlie Work by telling Charlie he will bang the Waitress unless Charlie agrees to do all the Charlie Work for him. Charlie's scheme to get back at Dennis by encouraging Mac to bang Dennis' mom leads to a series of complications that eventually leads the Waitress to bang Jc Still Dating R And Lia to get back at Dennis after she spots him trying to bang both Mac and Charlie's moms to get back at them.

The Waitress agrees to be his sponsor, but soon Charlie abuses her kindness by using this as an excuse to constantly go to her apartment. She, in turn, uses him to get her close to Dennis, who is coaching a kids' basketball team as part of his sentence for the fire. When Dennis uses the fact she is Charlie's sponsor as his excuse to Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile her down when she asks him out on a date, she stops being Charlie's sponsor, which causes him to start drinking again.

The Waitress relates that a Starbucks has moved in across the street, and is taking away all the business from her coffee shop.

Charlie Kelly

She is forced to supplement her job at the coffee shop by working at a corporate pub as the manager. She gets fired from the pub after being manipulated into hiring Charlie, Dee and Dennis, who completely ignore her directions and continue to behave as they do at Paddy's.

He leaves her at his apartment, terrified of the mess he's gotten himself into, and believes she is stalking him when she calls his cell phone nonstop. Charlie has had little success in dating, and spends much of his spare time stalking the Waitress. Home of the Original Kitten Mittens" when The Gang goes to him to get patents for products that they have created.

As part of just click for source effort to get inside the mind of a serial killer, Dennis and Dee decide to start stalking the Waitress, as though they were serial killers stalking their prey. However, the Waitress detects them largely due to the squeaky shoes that are part of Dee's "killer clown" costume and she blasts both of them in the face with a large can of pepper spray.

The Waitress promises to sleep with Mac so she can find and destroy the sex tape Dennis made of him banging her. She then tells Mac that she'll only have sex with him if they do it at Charlie's apartment; this is so she can find and destroy yet another sex tape Frank has made of him banging her, but the Waitress finds that Charlie has already destroyed the tape.

The Waitress had a cat named Frederick that died. She then falls off the wagon after hanging out and drinking with Dee and Artemis. Charlie creates the musical "The Nightman Cometh" to woo the Waitress into accepting his marriage proposal. She only agrees to attend because Charlie promises to never bother her again if she shows up.

She refuses Charlie's proposal, and Charlie reneges on his promise. The Waitress gets engaged to her high school ex-boyfriend Brad Fisher. Dee who also dated Brad in high school attempts to break it up. Brad reveals that he was leading both women on for dumping him in high school because of his acne.

The Waitress has a new side job working at a carnival. The Waitress gets dirty mop water dumped on her during Dennis and Dee's podcast. Charlie hallucinates that the Waitress was at the Halloween party. While playing in the ocean, he finds the Waitress walking along the beach. She allows him to hang out with her, and the two spend the night talking, laughing, and enjoying the beach.

When she wakes up in the morning, she is freaked out for living one of her worst nightmares. She tells Charlie she was tripping on Ecstasy the Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile before. The Waitress attends her high school reunion completely drunk.

In Season 12, the gang casually mention that they injected a GPS pet source chip into Cricket's body, without his knowledge. I don't want wild girls. It is the only access to Charlie's "bad room", in which Charlie likes to go to "be alone and break bottles" " The Gang Gets Held Hostage ". Charlie also began huffing glue at a very young age " A Very Sunny Christmas ".

Nobody remembers her and she does not have a nametag. Nobody wants to talk to her, and she sits alone at a table by herself. Before Charlie can say a word, Schmitty arrives and talks to her and takes her home. The Gang's Revenge ". The Waitress demands that Charlie stop stalking her, and, unexpectedly, Charlie agrees, and soon begins dating Ruby Taft. It turns out that Charlie has not merely been stalking her: Without Charlie helping her out, her life starts to fall apart, and she appeals to Dennis to help her.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile sends Frank out with the list Charlie keeps of what he does for the Waitress, which Frank, not surprisingly, has trouble reading. Frank mixes up some of the tasks, such as thinking that Charlie source rat poison in her shampoo, causing her hair to fall out.

He hits the Waitress with his car as he follows her around keeping her bike from being stolen. In the end, it turns out that Charlie was using Ruby to make the Waitress jealous. The Waitress asks Charlie to go back to whatever he was doing for her, and even agrees to reduce the distance he has to stay away from her from to 50 feet. In his animated fantasy of how he handles the convenience store robbery The Gang has found itself stuck in the middle of, Charlie saves the Waitress from being shot when she comes into the store by throwing Dee in front of the bullet.

The Waitress is won over by check this out act of heroism, and she moves into Charlie's apartment with him. She is horrified by the rats she sees there, but is ultimately charmed when Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile turn out to be helpful friends, making her a lovely wedding dress, making them a romantic dinner, and ultimately building them a house.

They have a large family together obtained in a trip to the Baby Storeand live a happy life, growing old together, until the Waitress finally dies.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile

Charlie is here in his grief for a while, but decides to get out of it by filling the house with balloons and letting it float away. The Waitress in Flowers for Charlie. When the "intelligence drug" that Charlie is taking makes him start to separate himself from the rest of The Gang, Frank tries to get him back by paying visit web page Waitress to go on a date with him.

However, Charlie, who has become far more intelligent since starting to take the experimental drug or at least thinks he's become more intelligentfinds the Waitress to be vapid and ends the date. Dennis, reeling from his extremely low rating on a website where women rate men they have dated, takes the Waitress out to dinner at Guigino's. He tells the Waitress that he has realized that he has treated women -- including, of course, the Waitress -- poorly over the years.

He offers the Waitress a "promise ring", with which he promises to "treat [her] nice", in return for her giving him a good rating on the rating website. However, the Waitress doesn't have Internet access or, as she says, she doesn't "have the online" and even has an ancient phone that is actually just a phone. After he hears this, Dennis storms out of the restaurant in disgust. As part of Level Three of a game of Chardee MacDennis, Charlie has to endure one minute of intense public humiliation from the Waitress without crying.

According to Dee, Charlie cried like a baby, and the team flag got burned. The Waitress comes to Charlie and Frank's apartment, lured there by Mac who told her the apartment was available. She tells them that she has been going through very rough times and is living in a women's shelter. When she finds out Mac was lying about Charlie not living there anymore, she gets angry and says Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Hookup Profile rather live on the streets than live with Charlie.

Charlie then tries to toss her out the window, because he believes it's a "time portal" since Frank has believed that the year is since he fell out the window though this is due to a head injury, not because of actual time travel. Mac rescues her and she escapes. After Dennis reveals to the Gang that he has a child, as a result from his time spent in North Dakota during The Gang Beats Boggs, he asks the Gang for ideas to help him out of the situation but Charlie gets sidetracked with the idea of trapping The Waitress by getting her pregnant.

He convinces her to come over to his apartment by paying her a dollar a minute, but she is immediately skeptical upon seeing rose buds scattered throughout the apartment. Through various charts, Charlie shows that The Waitress has been on a steady decline throughout the years, and that he knows she's always wanted children, due to spying on her looking longingly at kids in town.

He says that if the two of them were to have a baby, Frank will provide for them. The Waitress angrily asks why he's still pursuing her if she's such a mess, to which he tells her "I love you", and the two sleep together. However, The Waitress starts talking about how they will need to move somewhere nicer to raise a child, and gets furious when Charlie tells her she'll need to control her emotions to be a good mother. He leaves her at his apartment, terrified of the mess he's gotten himself into, and believes she is stalking him when she calls his cell phone nonstop.

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