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Marriage, Not Dating Episode 13 Recap

3 Aug But she takes this last chance to ask her to let go of Ki-tae, and not to force a marriage on him that he doesn't want just because it looks good to others. .. I didnt check the law in South Korea, but when reading thru the recap on "Bad Couple" - see episode 1, Hae-soo (sorry, forgot the name of the female. 4 Aug Okay, I dig this. Episode What You Must Never Let Anyone Find Out Cold Open: It's raining outside. Gi Tae, grandma and aunt look around uncomfortably as Jang Mi asks, “Does this really have special meaning to you, mother?” Mom says that it does so Jang Mi needs to treat it preciously. Jang. 27 Jul It's time for Jang Mi to choose between Gi Tae and Yeo Reum, but will she be happy about her choice? Episode 8: Marry Me, If You Can Cold Open: Curtains open to reveal Jang Mi, who's wearing a wedding dress. Jang Mi: “This person called my name like a flower”. Gi Tae's mom.

Gi Tae is performing a surgery and blood splatters on his face again. I think someone needs to invest in a face shield or some safety goggles. He storms into his clinic and frantically looks around. He worriedly looks down and yells, Joo Jang Mi!

I really was okay. After the events of last episode, aunt goes to show mom a picture of the kiss between Jang Mi and Gi Tae. Before mom can see the picture, grandma catches a glimpse and starts laughing in delight.

In bed, Gi Tae thinks back to the kiss. Gi Tae goes for a bottle of water while our little alcoholic goes for a nice cold can of beer. Everyone seems to have their own way of dealing with the recent events. Yeo Reum cleans the restaurant kitchen and Se Ah drinks alone at a bar. Dad seems to get uncomfortable at the mention of his family, but mistress continues to say that marriage is only one out of many ways and then gets snuggly with Mr.

Cheater McCheaterson tries to start a conversation with mom and she just wants him to get to the point. Mom says she understands and that she always plays the part of the villain. Aint nobody making you do that. Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary picks up her phone and calls Se Ah. Back at the restaurant, Yeo Reum fawns over some expensive truffles that chef jut bought for the kitchen. Visit web page puts it in the fridge all while giving off a shady vibe.

Jang Mi bikes up to the restaurant and spots aunt Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary on her. When Gi Tae rolls up in his car, Jang Mi acts excited, links arms with a very uncomfortable Gi Tae and drags him into the restaurant for breakfast. Once inside, Gi Tae pushes her off but she just pulls him over to a window table. When they sit down, all Gi Tae can focus on are her mesmerizing lips. Jang Mi reminds him that she did all that because of him and even a moment ago, it was because aunt was watching them.

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Yeo Reum appears and agrees that she was a little too much. That night, Jang Mi and Yeo Reum go to their usual hang out spot aka the kitchen. Awwww, I love that she puts Gi Tae first.

He takes out a savory egg custard tops it with some super duper thick slices of truffles. Chef comes back to the restaurant, talking to someone about the best quality truffles he just bought. Jang Mi and Yeo Reum hears someone coming so they frantically run, which causes the same exact pack of expensive truffles to fall on the ground and get stepped on by Jang Mi.

Hoon Dong thinks that Yeo Reum is the same person that has been sneaking into the kitchen to steal ingredients but Yeo Reum denies the accusation. He admits that he uses the kitchen to cook, but he only uses ingredients that are going to be thrown out anyways.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary

Chef looks a little too uncomfortable to click here innocent.

Chef suggests that Hoon Dong just fire Yeo Reum, but thankfully, Hoon Dong also finds it suspicious that Chef was in the kitchen at that time. Why do I feel like those are crocodile tears? In his own restaurant, behind his back, she was acting all lovey-dovey with Yeo Reum. He apologizes for messing around with her when he had someone else in his heart.

Hyun Hee tears up and says that she hates Jang Mi. Gi Tae chokes on his wine and Hoon Dong calls him pathetic. Gi Tae gets defensive and methinks, he doth protests too much. It cost his entire fortune to pay for the truffles they ruined.

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Jang Mi feels sorry so Yeo Reum asks if he can stay at her place for the time being. Gi Tae just glares at her and she tries to appease him with Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary smile. Ummmm pick me, pick me, I know!!! Before going inside, he reminds her that the reason for their fake marriage is so that he can live alone. They act like a lovey-dovey couple, with arms around each other, just as mom and Se Ah arrives.

She points out that if mom was going to come with side dishes, mom could have told her instead of bringing Se Ah. Gi Tae just stands next to her with this look that I can only describe as proud. Mom loses this round and decides to leave. Yeo Reum reappears link puts an arm around Jang Mi which earns him a rather disgruntled look from Gi Tae. Back inside the apartment, Yeo Reum is basically a Jang Mi 2.

He runs around the house, curious about everything, so Gi Tae just forbids him from doing just about anything and everything. Yeo Reum runs to the massage chair and asks if he can sleep there instead but Gi Tae pulls him off.

She leaves and Gi Tae just looks after her with a longing look, probably wishing she were his roommate instead. In the car, mom here to Se Ah for having to see that sort of scene.

He was honestly clueless about how to fix things with Jang-mi's life, and money was the first thing he thought of. After all that useless, aggravating angst. Sue her for defamation and ask her to take the post down? I agree with you that this show just gets better!!! Hope it's god riddance now for Se Ah and Yeo reum.

She arrogantly says the even though she and Gi Tae were just friends, other girls would be jealous and wary of her. You forgot Jang Mi! Se Ah says that her dad still likes Gi Tae and wants to bring him over to their hospital. Se Ah slyly brings up the fact that dad wants to meet with Gi Tae but thinking Jang Mi might misunderstand, Gi Tae will probably decline.

The next morning, Gi Tae is freezing in bed. He reaches for some of the blankets and cuddles up to the person lying in bed next to him until he realizes it is Yeo Reum. Turns out, it was so cold in the morning that Yeo Reum snuck into bed with Gi Tae. Gi Tae even looks under the covers to make sure all clothes are on before storming out. Yeo Reum says that all his friends are girls, he lost contact with his relatives, he never had a dad and his mom ran away. Gi Tae is taken aback and feels a pang of sympathy so he leaves and lets Yeo Reum eat the rest of the breakfast.

Yeo Reum tries to hitch a ride to Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary with Gi Tae but gets denied! Although rejected, Yeo Reum Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary that Gi Tae is cuter than he looks. In the car Gi Tae starts coughing. Looks like another drama character with a super weak immune system is getting sick! Hmmm, I wonder how this will play into our story…. Mom decides to make Gi Tae some samgyetang ginseng chicken soup and tells Jang Mi to deliver it.

Mom offers to deliver it so off Jang Mi goes. Jang Mi meets with aunt at a department store, while carrying her pot of soup, and aunt makes her try on numerous outfits. Mom also calls Gi Tae and tells him to meet her and Jang Mi for dinner.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 9 Summary

Aunt tortures Jang Mi with multiple outfit source, a staircase workout and a complete makeover. Jang Mi continues to carry the pot of soup with her throughout the day.

When Jang Mi falls asleep, aunt grabs her phone and leaves her behind. Aunt reports back to mom, who asks how aunt can leave Jang Mi alone. Gi Tae arrives at the restaurant and sees Se Ah.

And it's a smart plan - if proximity to KT prompted feelings, perhaps proximity to YR will shift those feelings back. Man, I agree with everything you said in the comments section, girlfriday! Even in countries where abortions r illegal, rape pregnancies are exceptions.

She suggests source they leave while their parents talk and slides over a hotel room key. OMG, violence is not the answer but I want to smack her so bad right now. Mom shows up and Gi Tae immediately asks about Jang Mi. Is aunt holding onto her?

Gi Tae tells his mom to pick up the call and mom tries to excuse herself. Jang Mi finally wakes up and finds her phone gone. Ummmmm this seems like a fire hazard.

She accidentally knocks the soup over onto herself. I asked her to. Seriously, those two were pissing me off in that conversation. Gi Tae drives to his clinic like a mad-man, running red lights and almost hitting pedestrians. Anywaaays, once inside, the two frantically search for Jang Mi. Gi Tae sees the spilled ginseng chicken soup and really starts to worry. He goes into his office and sees Jang Mi huddled under his desk. Hug her, hug her, hug her! Too late, Yeo Reum takes the opportunity and swoops in to give Jang Mi a hug.

Jang Mi continues to cry into Yeo Reum and says that she was really scared while Yeo Reum tries to sooth her. Back at the apartment, Jang Mi is sad about wasting the soup and then goes to clean herself up. Yeo Reum notices their sweet moment. Yeo Reum interrupts their heart-to-heart and Jang Mi suggests that they drink wine. The three of them have a cute little party and they all feed each other the food.