Mother And Daughter Dating Same Guy. Cleveland Hookup!

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There are certain lessons only a mother can teach. A grandmother may not be as relatable, and a sister may not have enough wisdom—which is why it's up to Mom to initiate a heart-to-heart about matters of the heart. Although it can be a difficult subject to broach, your greatest gift to your daughter might just be the knowledge to face tough times and come out stronger.

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Here are the 11 most important things young women need to know about love, and how to explain them. You can't get respect unless you first give it. And that goes for not just significant others but also friends and family. Don't lose yourself in a relationship.

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Falling in love can cause a woman to fall out of sync with who she is without her other half. Remind your daughter to keep her interests, friends and alone time. She needs them all to lead a happy life and continue to feel fulfilled—whether or not the relationship lasts.

Mother And Daughter Dating Same Guy

Your body deserves pleasure. If you don't teach this, who will? They are ours to enjoy, explore and feel experiences fully.

So when her body begins to change, remind her that she deserves safe, pleasurable experiences when she's ready. Listen closely to potential and current partners. Remaining perceptive can save her heartache. If the guy she's interested in says he isn't looking for a girlfriend, tell her to believe him. If he snaps at his mother, she should take note.

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Often, people show and tell everything you need to know. Remind her not to trick herself into believing she knows "what he really means" instead.

Enter and stay in a relationship for the right reasons. Mothers must teach their daughters true love is about affection, selflessness and generosity. If those qualities aren't there, neither should she be. Know what you want and stay true to that. Sometimes relationships look right on the surface, but feel wrong deep down. Maybe she's not getting out of it what she's putting in, or she simply feels something's missing.

Mother And Daughter Dating Same Guy

Tell her to understand her wants and convey them, so she can fix issues or move on. Your daughter will never need your advice, and shoulder, more Mother And Daughter Dating Same Guy when she's brokenhearted. Remind her that it's OK to feel pain, but a breakup can be a lesson in itself. She will learn what she's willing to accept, what she really needs and when and how to let go. Anything you chase after runs. Teach your daughter not to desperately pursue; love will arrive when it's ready. Everyone needs room to breathe.

Acting prudently, though, can only make her more desirable. If you test someone, he may fail you. Don't administer litmus tests as measures of a person's love. Teach your daughter to trust her significant other, the strength of the relationship and herself.

Remind her she was born with good instincts.

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That self-confidence will set her up for healthy relationships. Most fairy tales were written by men. But the women in those beloved stories were "crafted by a different sex at a different time for a different audience," says Curtis. Tell your daughter not to model her life after Cinderella. Remind her she carries equal weight with her other half, and she can "slay the dragon herself," Curtis adds.

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11 Love Lessons Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter

I Am My Sister's Keeper.