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17 Oct Champagne to my real friends and real pain to my sham friends. gifs/prank-pop-ouch-. 2. This'll cement the end of your friendship. http: // 3. Never be the first to pass out at a party. 4. The most evil pranks to play on people. Pull these funny pranks on your friends but be warned, they'll be looking for revenge. This archive consists of tons of ideas and pranks for you to use to get revenge on someone you have been wronged by or someone you just really want to pull a prank on. You can generate, then mix'n' match revenge pranks in this category. Put nasty and personalized touches that are designed especially with your own.

Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. What is a prank you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy? Please don't do anything you find in this thread. Especially the ones involving dismemberment. But keep the interesting ideas coming! That episode was so good! That was where Cartman grew from whiny but fun little bitch to full-on psycho! When I was at university, a buddy of mine had some awful Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies.

They used to shop at the NZ version of Costco so they had the big version of everything. After a particularly bad scrap, he got their giant 2L margarine out of the fridge, dug down to the bottom and took a shit in it, then put all the margarine back on top. It took three months of using this marge before anyone found the prize. From what I hear, the girl in the flat the main aggressor was the one who click through into the pocket of air where the poop was.

As the story goes, she immediately puked and dropped Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies container, then slipped in the puke and fell on the margarine. You almost made me lmao in the middle of a physics lecture Thanks omg your fucking aceing I always meant to ask.

What happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? This reminds me of something that happened at the machine shop my friend worked at. There was a bigger guy there who always had his crack showing when he bent down.

That shit's bad yo. When no one's home, break in. What happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? You definately can go overboard with that and end up screwed. I dunno what my friend did to these people, but they must hate him bad, I mean lbs of sand

The guys in the shop would always put a nickel in his crack whenever they walked by. SeriouslyI remember watching America's Funniest Home Videos with my parents and that show always had a segment of fake lottery 'pranks'. We changed the channel until it was over. Like, people tricking loved ones into thinking that their greatest dream has come true, only to smash it to smithereens a visit web page minutes later.

Did this to my mum once when I was like 8. She asked me to write down the lotto numbers while she was out so I checked her ones and wrote them down instead. There was an episode of 6teen about that. It was simultaneously hilarious and uncomfortable in equal measures. If your greatest dream is getting rich by sitting on your ass and doing nothing you deserve getting pranked.

I gave my dad one of those fake scratch offs it was only for a few grand though and it was hilarious.

Did your Dad get mad? I love you, Baby!! Steal everything of value, then torch the place. This week on The Buff and the Beautiful:

Those million dollar ones though, that's pretty brutal. Not to knock you, but what is funny about someone thinking they've won any amount of money and then being let down like that? Did your Dad get mad? It's in the way the other reacts. If after it's over, the person is angry about it, it's not funny and you're an asshole. Probably the embarrassment of the situation to be honest.

It wasn't that big of a deal as I said but humans tend to find humor at the expense of others. Not really, look at any show like AFV or more info Tosh.

That sounds like a great idea for a little girls birthday!! Put it on the fan and while she is opening presents turn the fan on and watch everyone freak out! I would have loved this as child. My roommate did that and Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies looked like a unicorn queefed for a few days. It's hard to get out of the carpet. Dissolving pure capsaicin the chemical that makes spicy foods spicy into someones drink without them knowing. An example of it being swallowed. I guess this would be closer to assault than a prank though.

Sorry mate looking back at your message I can see I over reacted. I read it in a different tone I guess my bad. I hear it's a particularly good time to dump a bucket of water on someone's car in the Midwest these days. My G35 got keyed once I caught them scribbling on the hood.

Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies

My fat ass chased down and beat the shit out of that fucker. My car now a is my bae. You don't fuck with my bae. I would wish any level of horror on my worst enemy, they are, after all, your "worst enemy. Not on mobile anymore, and I still can't source it. Guess it is mine. Found several similar quotes except not about enemies, but I like it better this way. Respecting animals and those who can do nothing for you are one thing, treating people you don't like with basic respect is another.

One is common decency, the second all too rare. Sirius Black from Harry Potter said something similar - "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. They might be your worse enemy, but they are still human.

If you were told that your enemy die from AIDS and you were to scream of joy, what do you think people are going to think of you? Pretty cruel, now I think about it. Just because he didn't like the prank, they didn't graduate? He is something, huh?

The most I've ever lost was a dog, and I wanted to commit suicide after that I was lonely and he was my only friend, everyone else bullied me. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible it would feel to lose the person you built your life with.

I did this when I was in middle school and the vice principal was the victim. Apparently it got all over his legs learn more here pants and he called the whole school into a meeting.

Since 3 of us were involved we got ratted out. Student gets pranked, boys will be boys. In middle school we did that, thought we'd get a student but it ended up being a teacher I had later in the day.

My brother did this to me. Got all over my pants. I was running late for work. Almost punched his smug little Nasty Pranks To Pull On Enemies year old face in. My high school girlfriend played this one on me.

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It led to the eventual demise of our relationship. Once read about a guy who put bleach in his brother's shampoo as a joke, thinking it would patchily bleach his hair blonde. Turns out getting bleach here your eye will blind you for life. If someone did this to me I would make sure they were charged.

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I would also probably beat the shit out of them. I am not a violent woman, but no one messes with my kids! I saw that video of a guy getting woken up by someone spraying a flaming can of hair spray or something on his face That shit was fucked up.

Yea, that's a prank, alright. A nice, friendly, harmless, prank.

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Not at all assault.