Pros And Cons Of Dating A Guy In The Army. Marital Hookup!

Dating In The Pros And Army Of Cons A Guy

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What REAL Soldiers DO Like in a Relationship

I'm enlisting in the U.S. Army in a few months, and I'm curious if it is a positive thing to girls or not. Obviously it comes with both good and bad so I'll break it down into pros and cons as I see it. Pros: steady job, the uniform, always in good shape, sense of duty and honor, opportunities for advancement. Cons: gone a long time. 15 Sep He may be a reservist, he may have had a bad relationship because of his military status, his finances may be a mess, oh yes, and people half his age and twice as fast as he is may be shooting at him. While I was deployed and had downtime I was able to sign up on dating sites. Some were serious like. There aren't a lot of pros, unless you think being away from your loved one for MONTHS on end is a pro. You have to have a LOT of faith and trust in your relationship; a lot of guys -- young and old alike -- who are in the military tend to be immature, selfish, somewhat clingy, and rather uninhibited when it.

They have a guaranteed job, no matter what. Also long distance relationships can put a strain on the soldier causing error in judgment when doing the job at hand. Advice, thoughts, pros, cons on dating with 20 yr difference?

Ah, the men in uniform — in any uniform… What can we say, there is some kind of magnetism that brings the women to here in droves. Here are 10 things to consider before dating a man in uniform. Your Own Personal Eye Candy. They Are In Shape. Usually a man in uniform is in peak physical condition, mostly because their job requires them to do so.

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How many military guys do you know run around in degree heat, carrying a heavy pack on their back and still sport a beer belly? Not too many I bet. Generally when a man joins a profession where they are in a uniform, they will naturally have to start at the bottom.

I started to look for people who have a life. You need to try your hardest to understand, get him to eventually talk about it preferably to a professional and pretty much avoid all triggers — like war movies. I mean if I loved him with all my heart and he was my one and only love forever and ever. Hirepurpose empowers modern veterans to discover great careers.

The good thing about a man in uniform is that they have goals and aspire to move up within the ranks—whatever ranks they may be. Every now and then, a woman just wants to be taken care of, even if she can take care of herself.

Men in uniform have no problem doing this, as they generally ooze testosterone!

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Guy In The Army

here Passionate About Their Career.

So if you want a passionate man, the uniformed guy is for you! You know how the uniformed guy is passionate about his job, even though it has some dangers involved? Those dangers are very real and there may be nights where he comes home late and you are worried if he is safe. They Are Too Dominate.

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The down side of the uniformed guy oozing with testosterone is that he may not want to take a back seat and let you share in some of the responsibilities. They Live in their Uniform.

We get it, your uniform is like second skin to you. But, do you really have to wear it all the time? Your army fatigues are hot, yes… But do you really have to wear them everywhere you go?

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Either they are on call or they get deployed for weeks on end, there are going to be days you are alone. Yeah, you may have had to spend all day in a meeting that had nothing to do with you, which put you behind in your work and caused you to have a bad day. But, until you are in a car chase down a busy highway or are fighting a four alarm fire, you may not want to complain too much about your job.

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Guy In The Army