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A common theme — especially among older actors and actresses — stems from growing up during hard economic conditions, either from a poor economy as a whole or from family hardships. The fear that "The Next Job" may not come, as it often failed to do for their family, drives them to take roles they might not otherwise. Explore Magnifico.'s board "Everybody Love's Ray Liotta" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Road bike, Bicycle kick and Bicycling. Explore Andrija Rosic's board "ray liotta" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny stuff, Quote and Funniest pictures.

This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab.

Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle

Random Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The answer is simple: Individuals - Actors A-F. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared in Airplane! Subverted in that the movie is now considered a classic. Joss Ackland said that his money woes were the only reason he appeared in the movie Passion of Mindwhich he called 'awful'.

Arab-American comedian and actor Ahmed Ahmed has a stand-up bit where he talks about getting offered the role of Terrorist 4 in a Hollywood movie after attempting to troll the audition by playing the role as mockingly over-the-top as possible.

Ahmed describes that his first reaction was to reject the role on principle, because every time an ethnic actor takes a stereotypical role it just perpetuates the problem In his book There And Back Again: An Actor's TaleSean Astin talks at length about reconciling the conflict between the desire as an actor to do serious, important work, and the need to pay the bills Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle doing things like Encino Man.

John Barrowman stated this as his only reason for appearing in the legendary Shark Attack 3: Kim Basinger backed out of the production of Boxing Helenaand as a result was sued for eight million dollars. Basinger was forced to enter bankruptcy. Rolling Stone 's review even stated: Though Napier expressed pride and fondness for the role later on.

This was her declared motivation for starring in Executive Decision. It evidently had nothing to do with the quality of the film itself she simply didn't want to do itbut changed her mind when Warner Bros. She quickly signed up for it. She received a record salary for appearing in Catwomanwhich flopped at the box office. This film has a strange history; before Berry was attached it was a generic superhero film. After getting her, it became a vanity film for Berry, and they shoehorned in the Catwoman angle.

Perhaps Money, Dear Boy was at work when DC Comics allowed their trademarked name to be used in a film they had no input to. It really didn't help that the actual Catwoman character was off-limits because of the possibility she would appear in another Batman movie. Paul Bettany 's growing family must be the reason he made Legion and Priest learn more here Or perhaps for Awesome, Dear Boyas he has an entry there for Legion as well.

And in a more quality product, but admittedly done for cash: I feel like a pirate. I walk in, I say some lines on a piece of paper for two hours, and then they give me a bag of money learn more here I leave and I go about my day. And I've never seen one of Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle.

There was a couch I wanted to buy and I had no time in my schedule to do another film. My agent said, "I don't know if you're interested, but they're having auditions for an animated film So I went in and auditioned and then I got the call that I got the part.

She even did a spot for German railways. Voyager defended herself after doing the voiceover for a geocentrist documentary trailer by stating that she was simply a voice for hire and wouldn't even have taken the job if she'd known what the documentary in question was actually about or who was involved in making it. Although he was in it for the money, he found this sense of competition compelled him to create memorable stories and characters. I never read the script. I've never done anything like that, in my life.

And I got the couch! If they have a check and camera and a script and stuff for me to say, I am mostly there, unless I just can't take it. T hey paid me a quarter of a million dollars for seven days' work over ten weeks. What do you think Source am, darling? Individuals - Actors G-M.

The Weeknd - D.D.

Jeff Garlin has said he likes The Goldbergs and is very proud of the show, but that the major appeal of doing the series came from the fact that a mainstream sitcom on a major network gives him the financial security he needs to pursue riskier indie projects in his downtime.

Acclaimed actor and director. Connoisseur of fine champagne. He originally and consistently refused starring in Arthurbut the producers kept upping his fee until he really couldn't turn it down.

In the end he won an Academy Award click the role. By most accounts, Gielgud thought little of film acting generally and mainly took roles for money, regardless of their quality.

Gameloft an offshoot of Ubisoft makes video game-equivalents of The Mockbuster for mobile platforms like iPhone. It's a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images. Agent 47 is a Continuity Reboot partly because Olyphant didn't want to reprise his role. Revenge of the Fallen prompted him to talk about his role, and then only briefly and he also said that Bay could call him up if he wanted to, but Bay ultimately went with Tony Todd. In response to claims that they'd 'sold out', David Mitchell said that since they'd never attacked the capitalist system in any way, the only possible criticism could be their choice of product

This is why it was said about Whoopi Goldberg that "nobody like a paycheck like her. Kim Basinger 's situation after backing out of Boxing Helena was the main reason Whoopi Goldberg settled for a massive paycheck on Theodore Rex. She agreed to do it, saw the script, tried walking out, and decided "rich and ashamed" beat "broke and principled".

Ever wonder why Goldberg agreed to do Sister Act 2? Disney promised to bankroll a movie she wanted to make, an adaptation of the Broadway musical Sarafina! His agent responded by drawing a dollar sign over it. Matthew Goode said that Leap Year was "turgid" and the only reasons he did it were for money and so he could see his family more often. Gossett himself pointed out that a "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar is something of a curse; smaller projects think they can't afford you, and larger projects don't think you can open a film on your own.

This tempered his later opinion of the film; he deeply resented being identified with a film he vocally didn't respectbut had to admit he owed his later ability to be very picky with roles to the resulting financial independence.

Many of Gene Hackman 's roles were Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle this. He decided that it would be obscene not to take the offer and accepted the part. The Quest for Peace was another one — he admitted to co-star Jon Cryer that that was the main reason he signed on. Richard Harris took on a third-billed role in Mutiny on the Bounty for a hefty paycheck, a chance to act opposite Marlon Brando and a free trip to Tahiti.

He took on the title role in Cromwella casting choice that raised many eyebrows, as he was a hedonistic proudly patriotic Irishman playing a puritan who once committed click at this page in Ireland.

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The salary was simply too good to pass up. This is why Deadwood star John Hawkes played what was essentially a bit part in season six of Lost — his role was literally just repeating what another actor said and for that he got paid a lot and filmed in Hawaii.

As an actor, Lance Henriksen has appeared in well over films. Many more, however, have been pretty dire Piranha Part Two: The SpawningVampires: Out For Blood and Hellraiser: Hellworld to name but a few. He even worked in a Brazilian soap opera about mutants.

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Henriksen is a king of direct-to-DVD, and seems to specialize in mostly low budget SF, horror, fantasy or action flicks — films in which he is very often the only notable actor on board. Henriksen is also often very guilty of phoning-it-in, and frequently plays the same deadpan, imposing, monotone see more character he's been portraying for the last thirty-or-so years. He's appeared in multiple cheap cash-ins on pre-existing popular franchises see The Da Vinci Treasure and Pirates Of Treasure Islandboth released in has provided voice duties for many animated series and video games, appeared in adverts and also found time along the way to star in Chris Carter 's grim but mostly great pseudo- X-Files spinoff series Millennium for three years.

Henriksen has admitted to taking some less-than-stellar roles for the money because he owed alimony to his ex-wife. He's undeniably one of those actors and when he is good, such as in Millenniumhe is very good. Eamonn Holmes explained his appearance on Mongrels by saying he didn't even look at the script, only the fee. Anthony Hopkins said it in an interview on Conan O'Brien.

Conan said to Anthony that "some actors choose movies based on who they'll be working with, or who's catering the set. What Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle you choose a movie?

When Dennis Hopper was asked by his younger son on why he appeared in awful productions such as Super Mario Bros. His son replied he didn't need them that much.

Bob Hoskins also said that was the only movie he did for the money. And yes, he hated the film too see also John Leguizamo. Hopper probably starred in the box-office flop Meet The Deedles for the same reason. Though surprisingly averted with Waterworldwhich he admitted to liking. He believed the reason that it bombed in the US was because the filmmakers announced that it was overbudgeted, shooting themselves in the foot.

Ice-T recalled one interview on a hip-hop show where the host made fun of him for doing Tank Girl. In his comedy special in Hawaii, Gabriel Iglesias mentioned that when he signed on to do a show in Singapore, he was unaware that English is actually the dominant language there. When asked why he would agree to do a show when he didn't even know if they spoke English, he replies, "Because the check was fat.

And I'm a little whore. According to Wikiquote, when asked why he took his Dungeons and Dragons role, Irons replied: I'd just bought a castle, I had to here for it somehow! He also did Beautiful Creatures to pay for the castle. Michael Ironside has never made any bones about the fact that he takes jobs based on the pay he's offered, and once joked that he took his role as The Dragon in Total Recall because he wanted to buy his oldest daughter a new car for her 16th birthday.

I mean, it the script read as if it had been written by a thirteen year old boy. But I'd never played a barbarian swordsman before, and this was my first big evil mastermind type.

I figured if I was going to do this stupid movie, I might as well have fun and go as far over the top as I possibly could. All that eye-rolling and foaming at the mouth was me deciding that if I was going to be in a piece of shit like that movie, I was going to be the most memorable fucking thing in it. And I think Click here succeeded.

Ray Liotta How About Them Cowboys Memes Images Motivational Cattle