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Capricorn man and Scorpio woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. The Capricorn man and the scorpio woman are both extremely intense people. They love passionately and hate with extremity. You can't compete with either individuals and if you do, you are destined to lose. The Capricorn man may be cold and calculative on the outside but he is also a gentle, warm and kind person on. Can Capricorn men and Scorpio women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman relationship can be a roller-coaster ride that might have a sudden ending. When the Capricorn Man starts dating the Scorpio woman, he will be attracted to her in many different.


A Shared Love of Power. The Capricorn more info is all business ; he is traditional, conservative with a small c and very conventional. He plays by the rules, is emotionally aloof and is focused on providing stability and financial security for himself and his loved ones.

What brings this unlikely couple together in the first place, however, is a shared love of power. For the Capricorn man, the type of power he seeks is traditional, authoritative power in the workplace, or respect from his fellow man in everyday life.

The Scorpio woman seeks an altogether different kind of power — emotional power, personal magnetism and the ability to turn heads.

Scorpio Woman Dating A Capricorn Man

This couple also achieve their power in very different ways; the Capricorn man works hard in a step by step, logical approach. The Scorpio woman is much less patient and more forthright, and is not above using manipulation or underhand tactics to get her way. Nevertheless, this couple intrigue each other greatly, which is how Capricorn man Scorpio woman compatibility is born.

When it comes Scorpio Woman Dating A Capricorn Man sexual compatibility, these two are a surprisingly good match. Although the Scorpio woman is one of the most sexual in the zodiac, the Capricorn man can almost match her sensuality when he feels secure and safe — he is an earth sign, after all.

Outside the bedroom, this is a thoughtful and slow moving relationship. Neither partner is quick tempered, although the Scorpio woman can be provoked into a vengeful rage if her partner makes her jealous. And when she swings into one of her infamous moods, he has the emotional distance to merely watch her click, turn his back and walk off, coming back later when the situation is calmer.

I am a Capricorn guy trying to win over a Scorpio girl. I am a Scorpio women who is married to a capricorn. He has made me insecure and an emotional wreck due to his lack of emotion.

For Capricorn man Scorpio woman compatibility, this can be an issue. Nevertheless, if they are Scorpio Woman Dating A Capricorn Man in love, this couple can find some progressive solutions to their relationship problems. The Scorpio woman is exceptionally determined and will not allow the Capricorn man to slip through her fingers if she wants to keep him. She is a fixed sign, but one of her rulers is Mars, the all action planet, and she will take action when she needs to.

The Capricorn man, meanwhile, is a cardinal signand all too well aware of the action he needs to take if he wants to keep his Scorpio woman happy.

Capricorn man Scorpio woman compatibility will always involve some kind of power struggle, but if the couple can learn to take turns sharing the power, then this slightly mismatched relationship can stand a chance after all. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship?

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Scorpio Woman Dating A Capricorn Man

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But she is ridiculously gorgeous and I've really grown to like her. He said "I'm not really sure what I want. I told him to take some time and decide if this relationship is what he wanted. If he wants the relationship to go on to marriage then the hard work he puts into other aspects his life will have to all go towards this one goal. Yesshe has told you she likes you.