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40 Faces Photoshopped To Look Like An "Average Woman" From Around The World

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I've finally accepted that I have a bigger butt, but it doesn't define me like it did in high school and for too many years beyond — years where if I was naked with a man I would do a ridiculous sideways saunter out of a room to avoid giving a straight-on look at the ass. These days, it's no longer a liability, just part of who I am. 24 Jun FEMAIL has been contacted by many MailOnline who say they can pass for ten - or sometimes 20 years - younger than their age, with some even mistaken for their son's She believes her youthful looks are down to genetic as her year- old mother is often mistaken for a woman 20 years younger. 15 Feb smiling redheaded woman. Dylan Ellis/Getty Images. What makes you look older ? Large pores: +3 YEARS Accumulated sun damage can cause the support structure of the pores to sag, making them look wider. Pores are also more noticeable when they're clogged. Have them? How to get rid of them.

The concept with quite simple: No wrinkles, a smooth, even skin tone, no dents or creases or jowly loose bits around my jawline.

13 women who look much younger than they really are | Daily Mail Online

Beautifully clear, bright eyes and flush cheeks, perfectly arched eyebrows and a sculpted nose. The results in my head looked amazing, just the way I wanted to look in real life. So of course I had to start with an untouched, close-up photo of myself — this would be the scary bit, to put such a close-up of my face on the web, but here I am in all my crinkly glory: There are things I do like about my face: But what I ended up with was more fascinatingly repulsive than I could possibly have ever imagined: I simply cloned the wrinkles away, lightened the shadow areas, and airbrushed to oblivion.

And with each stage, I got more and more creeped out, all the time looking back at the original and starting to like her a little more, and read more new person a little less. So my conclusion about the airbrushed adverts? Although I always knew deep down of course the makeup adverts were touched up and then some!

Two years ago she says she was even asked for ID when buying a lottery ticket dressed in a cap and trainers. Our ideal heart rates also should remain consistent throughout adulthood: Are we afraid to be real? Maybe new Lara will be old Lara's daughter.

So in contrast to my original expectations, I now actually like my real, ageing, 40 year old face, with all its crinkles, creases and uneven skin tone. I love your face before the photoshop. I think that shows your true beauty. The photoshopped picture has no character, it just seems flat. I hope I will look like when I turn 40, you look amazing, I wouldn't ever say that you're 40! Catherine You look beautiful in your original photo you have amazing skin and look no where near you rock!

I hope I look half as good as you when I am 40! The real you is much better than the fake! I am 43 and you quite like how my face looks at the moment, a few lines around the eyes and some smile lines — that What Does The Average 40 Year Old Woman Look Like to be a good sign, you can't do too much smiling.

If I look as well as you in my 40s I'd be a very happy girl. I love your natural self…you are so beautiful and you're aging very well. You could easily pass for Seeing click photoshopped picture makes me realize how many photos I have seen just like it — in ads and on blogs. I am so glad you are going to let your 'real' beauty shine through.

I'm glad you prefaced with the ending first because I was afraid it would be a post promoting photoshoping your face. The first thing I thought when I saw the images was how much I liked your non-Photoshoped and real face. I love natural beauty.

Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale flashes her VERY tiny midriff as she does a headstand on an aeroplane Loved-up Kelly Brook takes control on Valentine's Day as she chooses her own flowers and giant heart-shaped balloon with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi 'I'm terribly sorry about that awful noise': Morbidly obese woman who spent YEARS confined to her bed because of her lb frame undergoes weight Man whose long term girlfriend 'ran off with Stavros from Greece' marries a woman he met for the first time She believes her sarcastic sense of humour helps keep her young too. Mother provokes a furious debate by claiming hyphenated monikers such as Ava-May belong on council estates where parents 'sit at home on benefits' What a transformation!

Recently I've had the same read more. A few years back I stopped wearing makeup on a day to day basis. If I went to a play or something of the sort I'd throw a smidgen on.

I'll admit, in the beginning I thought I looked better with the makeup and I missed it. I now prefer to be makeup-less and have come to love the natural look and seeing what changes my faces makes as I get older. So thanks for this post! Well you look naturally beautiful so you would have no need to photoshop yourself. Personally, I hate that photoshopping was ever invented, it gives women especially younger women such a warped idea of how people look.

I'm a photographer and I shoot a lot of actor's head shots. They have to look natural, like what they really look like in real life. What I will do in photoshop is what makeup and hair artists on the set will do anyway.

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So, that means that I'll even the skin tone foundation, per saydarken the lipstick usually by request and tidy-up the hair.

I never ever remove fine lines, take away the skin texture, or transform their face and nose shape. You're very a beautiful girl, Catherine! Your eyes are amazing and your smile is gorgeous. You should never compare yourself to adverts, or to other women. There's no one quite as lovely as you!

When we compare ourselves to others we always end up on the loosing side, be it our looks, our blogs or our lives that we're comparing! Because what we are comparing ourselves to may very well be an airbrushed reality, like on the make up adverts, the top tier blogs or the rich neighbor across the street!

Also, we don't need to airbrush our lives or our faces to be good enough, or rather, to be fabulous! It's how we deal with the situation as it is that makes a great blog and inspires visit web page, not just how perfect we look!

I definitely agree that the Photoshopped face is scary and looks fake. First pic is definitely better. Catherine, I actually like the not enhanced photoshopped photo. It's the beauty of aging gracefully.

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The retouch photos looks faked and a bit scary. I love how you show the real you and be confident about it.

What Does The Average 40 Year Old Woman Look Like

Cheers… I am pushing 40 myself! As you say, maybe a little bit overdone, but still Photoshop makes people look too artificial, kind of like how Jude Law looked in A. We are NOT plastic, we don't have to be smooth or even, because we have the freedom of not living under a mask.

What Does The Average 40 Year Old Woman Look Like

I personally look forward to getting those similing wrinkles you have when I'm your age. The photo of you Photoshopped looks plastic. You Photoshopped the photo excessively. I am not against using PS however to correct some obvious flaws, like lighting especially indoors or bad shadows adding to bags under the eyes or emphasizing wrinkles.

That airbrush tool seems to make everything look fake. At least when you clone stamp you're taking real pixels from the image. I am in total agreement. You look fab at I turned 40 too this year, feel not too freaked out by my face but wondered What Does The Average 40 Year Old Woman Look Like about a smoother looking skin.

I think I will also like growing old gracefully! Of course you look so much better in real life. Have you ever seen the photoshop film of the brand Dove?

What they do with the model and afterwards with the photos? The 1 minute film is at least 6 years old, but as it is a Dutch brand, chances are you have not seen it.

It takes a while to download on YouTube and is called Dove Evolution. Here is the link: UN-airbrushed faces are SO much more beautiful!! What is more gorgeous than being you?? And you're absolutely beautiful. Photoshop just makes people look like weird mutants from the future.

Seriously, though, I do think the overabundance What Does The Average 40 Year Old Woman Look Like photoshopped images is getting to the point of being ridiculous now. Some are so obviously freakish and overdone. According to my hair stylist who also does makeup and works on celebrities and professional "shoots" there isn't a celebrity out there who is photographed without a hair extensions and b a lot of after-the-fact photoshopping.

If I looked half as pretty as you do in your 40s, I'd be very happy! You actually have terrific skin normally. You are right, I think we need to challenge ourselves sometimes and hold up what we see all the time realising it is neither normal nor true. Love your work the writing work not the photoshopping!!

I love this post! You are beautiful, and I agree here you in that the photoshopped version is creepy, it's not natural.

I saw the photos before anything else, and i thought GAH! Your re-touched photo is sooo creepy. Visit web page not interesting or beautiful, it is the mannequin of you. As i get older i'm at the tail end of 36 and the lines start to appear, i look and you and think. Stylish, gorgeous and confidant in her looks and life. And this is what i want for myself, not the over produced, completely re-touched store mannequins that we see in Magazines.

But real, beautiful, strong women! Your unshopped photo is stunning. The photoshopped one is terrifying. I have issues with putting any pictures full on of my face as I am in my 40's and I had a friend who took a photo of me and photoshopped me to the point where I was aghast. I thought my face must have been really bad for him to do that and that thought has stayed with me since and plagues me now as I peruse my wrinkles each day. I know they are there and that they will increase with time but age is still sometimes a hard thing to deal with.