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tysm means thank you so much

"thank you so much" can be abbreviated as tysm. Q: A: What is the meaning of tysm abbreviation? The meaning of tysm abbreviation is "thank you so much". Q: A: What is tysm abbreviation? One of the definitions of tysm is "thank you so much ". Q: A: What does tysm mean? tysm as abbreviation means "thank you so much". 14 Jan tysm meaning. tysm is a text abbreviation, a small but mighty phrase for acknowledging kindness. What does tysm mean in texting?TYSM means thank you so much. Tysm is an acronym for "thank you so much". Human 1- "Omg tysm" Human 2- " No problem!!!" via giphy · #tysm] [acronym. by big cock dady August 31, 13 2. Get the mug. Get a TYSM mug for your Aunt Larisa. 4. TYSMname. TYSM is a word one uses when Michelle Obama tries to push her eggplant lasagna on you.

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Why is there no WTF? It is like the 2nd most commonly used in the world since LOL is the first I got answers from many people, and I thank them for their input.

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Other terms relating to 'thank': Okay, Thanks, Bye usually used dismissively. Pints and Quarts Please and Thank Yous. Thank you for the Retweet. Thanks, But No Thanks. Thanks Be To God. Thanks For the Information.

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Thanks For Letting Me Know. Thanks For Letting Me Share. Thanks For Reminding Me. Thanks For The Add. Thanks For The Geo Cache. Thanks For The Info. Thanks for the Link. Thank God Transgender Too Good. Thank God For Click. Thank God For the Internet. Thank God For Life. Thank God For That. Thank God I'm Alive. Thank God It's Almost Friday.

Most Common TYSM Meaning

Thank God It's Friday. Thank God It's Monday. Thank God It's Over. Thank God It's Thursday. Thank You Very Much. Thank You Based God. Thank You For Everything. Thank You For Your Time. Thank You Lord Jesus.

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Thank You So Very Much. You'll Thank Me Later. Other terms relating to 'much': I Love You Very Much letters in each word. Be Back Much Later.

Or any of the other slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here at Internet Slang? Anybody have any ideas? Without Thinking Too Much.

Been Up To Much? Out of it, having smoked too much pot. I Hate You So Much. I Love You So Much.

What Does Tysm Mean In Texting

I Love You Very Much. I Miss You So Much. Laughing So Much It Hurts. Love You So Much. Much Like Your Post. Miss You So Much. Miss You Very Much. Not Much Happening Just Chilling. Not Much Just Chat. Not Much, Just Chillin', U?

What Does Tysm Mean In Texting

Not Too Much Nothing Much. So Much For That. Effect of drinking too much.

Te Quiero Mucho Spanish for I love you. Damn in Chinese Too Much Detail. Too Much Swag ger. Too Much To Handle. Too Much Too Soon. Too Much To Text. Way Too Much Information. Without Thinking Too Much.