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The Gemini Switch-off

More confused than cold-hearted (although I know one or two cold Geminis). Geminis have feelings and emotions just like every other sign, but they are either unable or unwilling to openly show them. They are intellectual before they are emotional and this doesn't make them bad people, it's just how. 2 Apr No matter what they are doing, Geminis always do it with a smile on their face. They are capable of using Geminis will treat you like royalty until they feel you don't deserve to be treated so. Geminis sacrifice a massive amount when they feel that they have found the one to love. Geminis are capable of. no seriously, geminis are uber-dominant alphas. probably you did something that pissed him off badly. with geminis you get about chances. so if you're bossy, flakey, careless, high maintenance, picky or used to men chasing you DON'T date a gemini. at least in my estimation, we make very bold, quick, definite decisions.

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At West Chester University. A question about Virgos? Plus Vigos can be huge know it alls which is annoying. This song shows that your self-confidence can overpower anything.

No matter what they are doing, Geminis always do it with a smile on their face. They are capable of using harsh words but it is their silence that can be extremely painful for the other person. Even when a Gemini is hurt, they will smile and move on. The other person may never know that the Gemini is hurt. If annoyed or irritated, Geminis choose to use the harshest words. Their tongues can be sharper than swords. Geminis use humour to hide their sensitivities, inhibitions and emotions.

When cornered, nothing else can be more dangerous than Geminis. Geminis sacrifice a massive amount when they feel that they have found the one to love. Geminis are capable of switching their emotions Why Are Geminis So Cold Hearted split seconds.

One moment they may love you too much and the next, they will just hate you.

Why I'm cold hearted???? -rant time-

Geminis are very strong in their loyalties. However, they find that no one can reach their true heart.


Geminis are extremely capable of distancing themselves from other people. They will ignore the hell out of you. If you have nothing new to teach the Gemini, you might as well just not talk at all. Geminis are the kind whose trust disappears after one mistake.

Relationships with a Gemini means Why Are Geminis So Cold Hearted and loads of patience. Geminis are very enthusiastic about things. However, they can get easily bored too.

If you blame a Gemini for something and deny them the chance to explain here, you have just managed to push them off the edge. Run after that for your life. Giving a Gemini the silent treatment is equal to killing them. One may ask a Gemini to be involved in something but to tell them to get involved is like digging your own grave.

Geminis are extremely forgiving, but they will never forget. Geminis hate loss of freedom. Geminis are afraid of depressive thoughts.

Routine and monotone are a Geminis nightmare. Geminis tend to overthink. Geminis are always giggly or laughing at about something or the other. Geminis prefer friendships tighter than relationships. Geminis have a special adaptation habit.

Why Are Geminis So Cold Hearted

With a huge amount of friends, Geminis may trust only one or two or none at all. Geminis naturally have two opposite personalities. Geminis are very genuine people at heart. Geminis fall for intellectuals who are full of surprises. Geminis have a personality that is addictive. Geminis can be social and fun or moody and evil.

Why Are Geminis So Cold Hearted

Geminis are very flirtatious with everyone. They are charming and use words to seduce others. Geminis are very picky about their friends. They choose only the best.

Geminis notice everything around them. Geminis cannot stand to have boring conversations. Never suffocate a Gemini. They need a lot of respect and space. Geminis are very protective about the people they care for. Geminis will annoy people for fun. However, they enjoy it. The sleep pattern of a Gemini is messed up like crazy. Geminis can seem detached but can love intensely. Geminis cannot stand when past stuff is digged over and over again.

Geminis can get knocked down but they will get right back up. Resilience is their strong quality. Geminis will never let anyone fully link their heart. Geminis are always living inside their own world.

Geminis want to explore a little bit of everything. Geminis do not fall in love easily but they will make other star signs fall in love with them even more easily. Geminis need a partner who is strong enough and capable of being their lover.

Geminis can never silence their mind. Geminis can analyse both sides of an argument. Geminis entertain the most random thoughts. Geminis can be eloquent. Geminis Why Are Geminis So Cold Hearted emotionally unstable. Geminis have a sharper mind than all other star signs. Geminis prefer to let go of things. If a Gemini feels a strong connection with you, they will keep in touch no matter what. They sleep only because they have to. Geminis lack the ability to express their feelings. Geminis are sarcastic people.

Geminis have a methodical madness. Geminis do not like to explain themselves twice. Geminis appear youthful and childlike more than any other sign. Geminis are always curious.

Forgetting about a guy a few days Geminis are always right. I have come to learn your ways. Geminis hate loss of freedom.

Geminis desire understanding from others. Geminis are restless people. It is always hard to win over a Gemini. Geminis are more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people.

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