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A month later the Wall Street Journal published an article about Pewdiepie saying he is an anti-Semite and using his jokes to prove it through 9 videos between August of and in early This eventually made Maker Studios, Pewdiepie's network since late drop his channel as well as his YouTube Red show. You've spent a fair amount of time crafting the perfect explainer videos, promo videos, and video presentations to support your marketing efforts, but it's all for nought if your potential customers never see them. We've previously covered how to use SEO tactics to help your videos get found on YouTube — the world's 2nd. Video Maker For Youtube, Music, Intro is pro app create great video. Photo video editor with song applications through you not delete any photo or image. You just convert all photos to video or slideshow. Create Intro Video Stories for youtube from photo video editor with song full. Incredibly easy to use, a app where you.

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He has the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time with over 60 million subscribers and the fifth most viewed YouTube channel with over 17 billion video views, having the most viewed channel from December 29, to February 14,before being surpassed by T-Serieswhich ironically was the same day PewDiePie was dropped from YouTube Red and Maker Studios. The Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker "PewDiePie" was formed by the term "Pew!

When he supposedly forgot his password, he created another channel by adding 'Pie' because "He loves pie", resulting in PewDiePie. Sinceit has been his main channel which has been the most subscribed channel on YouTube since August 15, that is not owned by YouTube themselves. Felix first joined YouTube on December 19, His first YouTube channel is Pewdie. At first, he recorded gaming videos usually revolved around CoD on the channel, however in he forgot the password and later remembered it in Januaryin which he deleted the original videos.

Most content on the Pewdie channel consists of gaming, but there are vlogging videos as well. Ever sincethe Pewdie channel has been inactive since PewDiePie possibly feels he doesn't need to upload on another channel anymore.

Pewdiepie would start to gain media attention in as he uploaded videos of his dark humor and likable reactions to computer games, horror games however really boosted his subscriber growth. Kjellberg gained the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time on August 15, after surpassing Smosh. He eventually dropped to 2 after the YouTube Spotlight passed him on November 2, On December 8,he beat the YouTube channel to reclaim the 1 spot and then lost it only article source day later to YouTube again.

Then after several hours, on December 9, he reclaimed the title once again but three days later, reclaiming it on December 22 of that year. Currently, there are 3 accounts owned by YouTube that are in the lead bringing PewDiePie to the 4 spot but technically he is still 1 most subscribed. He gained the second most amount of subscribers injumping from slighly underto 3.

So far this year, his channel is the tenth fastest growing in subscribers, gaining over 1. At the moment, he is in a relationship with Marzia Bisognin otherwise known as CutiePieMarzia for more than 6 years.

Legend of the Brofist. Pewdiepie has also had clothing lines such as Backpacks. He has transitioned more in to vlogging and other internet topics than gaming these days. Felix was born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I'll show you my diiii-" n e v e r. The Madness Returns "Don't touch my boobs, it's fragile! PewDiePie hit 27 million subscribers on May 22, PewDiePie has talked about any upcoming traveling, events, projects or contests he will be doing, or shares what is going on in his life right at the moment. Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Webarchive template wayback links Articles lacking reliable references from May All articles lacking reliable references Articles with hCards All articles with unsourced Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from April

Some of PewDiePie's first subscribers say that he has changed a lot but still say that "he's awesome". Felix's first job was selling hot dogs. Felix made a video where he shows his family.

He made it on his birthday, October 24, Felix's mother's name is Johanna Kjellberg. His dad's name is Ulf Kjellberg. He also has an older sister named Fanny Kjellberg who is married and has a baby. His pets have mostly been either cats or dogs. His first pet was a cat who died of old age. Ynk was the second pet.

She is a Yorkie. Ynk for now lives with Felix's mother in Sweden. She appeared in a video published December 28, His second dog is Maya.

Maya has a missing eye, because she had a incident click at this page a cat when she was a puppy. When Felix got Edgar, he was one year old, and when he came to his new home he was really nervous.

Edgar is three years old now, but bigger than Maya in size. Felix and Marzia also had 2 axolotls, Bill and Clint, but they had to be given away due to their fish tank breaking. Slippy resides in a glass tank in Felix's recording studio. PewDiePie has a somewhat common personality for Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker.

However, how well he executes his personality is what makes him so popular.

PewDiePie acts confused, and crazy during his gameplay, and is very humor oriented. He also swears very commonly, and isn't afraid to outright state what he says, making fun of some of the games he plays. He is very caring, and hosts multiple charity events to help others. When angry or scared, Felix used to have a tendency to swear profusely and somewhat nonsensically in Swedish and since the last couple read more months that tendency has returned.

During early to midhis personality started to change and eventually started to use a different tone of a, and also began to Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker completely quit using the vibes around his channel such as calling viewers "bros", the brofist and his intro which these personality changes kind of developed him into a different person, however the rest haven't changed besides being executed in a new style.

Pewdiepie would go on to delete his 2nd channel, jack septiceye2, which he made as a joke to mock fellow YouTuber and friend, Jacksepticeye.

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On January 11, PewDiePie published a video which included 2 guys from the website "Fiverr" holding a sign saying "death to all jews" which he requested them to do.

This sparked many people to be offended by it which PewDiePie eventually apologized but also joked about the fact that people were offended over a joke which intention was to cause humor rather than offense.

A month later the Wall Street Journal published an article about Pewdiepie saying he is an anti-Semite and using his jokes to prove it through 9 videos between Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker of and in early Multiplayer Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker cancelled by YouTube and his name being removed from Google Preferred.

Pewdiepie has again apologized however gave a middle finger to Wall Street Journal as well as expressing how excited he was for finally being an independent channel again.

During the whole drama, many news sites had made articles against Pewds' actions. Some of the words said by Jack in the video were not clear, making some people believe that he "backstabbed" Felix and supported Maker Studios. Since the video was uploaded, Jack has apologized and has talked to Felix privately, as well as making things clear to his fans. Jack and Felix are still friends and record videos together, as seen in this one. Often these follow no specific upload pattern, as well as what is done.

Sometimes they play video games together, such as the Amnesia and Happy Http:// videos they did together. Beginning inPewDiePie started to make unique videos on Fridays which are typically from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long though the longest being 16 minutes long.

Usually, the Friday videos are non-gameplay videos giving PewDiePie his chance to check up and communicate with his subscribers, especially since the popularity of his channel continues to grow rapidly, he dedicated many Friday videos to thank his subscribers and their support.

PewDiePie has talked about any upcoming traveling, events, projects or contests he will be doing, or shares what is going on in his life right at the moment. Each video ends continue reading PewDiePie holding his fist up, and giving a "brofist" to the recording camera to which the person watching the video may also give Felix a "brofist" back at the same time.

Omegle is a text and video Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker website PewDiePie has used from August to late to randomly connect with and surprise his fans. It usually starts out with PewDiePie typing his name in the "common interest" box of Omegle and clicking the button to start a video chat with whomever he connects with.

PewDiePie hit 5 million subscribers on February 18, This isn't gay right all I'm doing is showing how I penetrate. His second dog is Maya. PewDiePie hit 43 million subscribers on March 27,

On August 29,Felix decided to shut down the comments, because they were mostly spam comments from fake PewDiePie channels. Later, he made a video talking about this issue. He enabled the comments again after a while and at times later that year and in replied to the nicer ones.

The group started off small and Felix said it would get bigger,however due to his anti semetic joke controversy and his network who owned Revel who pulled away from him after the controversy,the project was cancelled.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker

Swedish for police car. Polisbil Polisbil is a police car found at intervals during Cry of Fear. The first time Felix met Polisbil, Polisbil killed him due to a glitch. For some reason, after this, they became good friends and regularly greet each other throughout the game.

Farsha is what reads as the destination on all trains in Cry of Fear.

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Because of this, Felix Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker the trains Farsha. Farsha did not show up very often and unfortunately committed suicide drove off a cliff near the end of the game. Ruben's Mom is a demented looking housewife that constantly tries to kill PewDiePie. She has a unique appearance; spikes on her arms and feet, a "50's housewife". They are the main enemy according to Pewds.

This started because most of the time when bad things happened to him there are barrels right next to him, so they were a sign of bad things ever since. Stephano is a golden statue of a knight driving a sword into the ground. Felix uses him as his main travel companion in Amnesia. Pewds visit web page that Stephano is fearless and he will often be found on a table or in a chest in Amnesia.

He shows no signs of rusting and the reason he took Skully's place as PewDiePie's travel companion is genuinely because he appears more often. Http:// is a man with an execution hood on his head, and green glowing lines on his stomach who is often found hanging from a ceiling via rope.

Martin shows up in many custom stories that PewDiePie plays.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker

In a custom story called the Killings in Altstadt, the screen would go black in an inn bedroom and Martin would appear in front of Pewds, causing him to yell out: Get off me, Martin! Martin tried to rape me! The servant grunt is an enemy in Amnesia who attacks the player upon sight and chases them until the player is out of sight. A low growling sound is made when the servant grunt is Youtube Cat Dating Video Introductions Maker and a screeching sound officially called "Terror Meter" is played when it's on the chase.

Hearing a growling noise, Pewds hid in the next door without hesitation, only to find out that the bro was right behind him. Pewds outran the grunt at first, but he looked back and gave the servant grunt a chance to slash the player and knock him out.

Piggeh is a dead pig in Amnesia that PewDiePie visit web page as a companion.

His birthday is August 29,when he was first given a name and voice. Piggeh's catch phrase is: Piggeh's vocabulary is full of creepy satirical humor; with him typically using a variety of sexual references, ranging from orgies to rape.

When he is carried around, he has very fluid movements, causing PewDiePie to often make Piggeh say something like: