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The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in Austin

4 Feb They have pool tables, shuffleboard tables, darts and, if all else fails, they have oodles of TVs to keep you entertained. This is the place to get “active” after your refined experience at The Driskill. And with a typical drink and food menu, you could set up shop for the entire night. E. 6th St. – Website. 18 Jun So I packed up all of my things and decided to move to Austin because, you know , nobody else is doing that nowadays. On my way Luckily, Austin is a remarkably welcoming city filled with tons of events and activities designed to bring people together. Here are some of the best places to meet people. 19 Mar Things always happen for us at Momo's when we set up shop there for the night. Also in the neighborhood is the best place to pick up girls in Texas, the Whole Foods flagship store. This place is amazing. It's like a small city. With numerous cafes, indoor and outdoor seating, wine tasting, etc., you could.

The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Guide to Austin pickup scene self.

I've had a number of requests from fellow Austinites to share what I think are the best pickup spots in Austin, so here goes my exhaustive review of places that you may want to check out if you live in or are visiting Austin.

These are from my perspective, which is as an early 30's guy who likes a crowd that is mid 20's to mid 30's and laid back. If you are younger, my perspective may not apply to you that much. The east side is my favorite area to go out in Austin.


Super cheap drinks, laid back atmosphere, an extremely hipster crowd but they're generally fun hipsters who are open to meeting people. Big outdoor picnic tables are very conducive to opening people.

Gets pretty busy most nights of the week, even during winter. Awesome staff who will get to know you. Pool and old school video games.

I'll hit them if I'm walking between Shangri-La and Liberty, but they're usually dudefests or completely empty. The Good Knight occasionally has a good crowd. Harder to open cold sets, but like Shangri-La, you see a lot of 2- and 3- sets of girls who are out this web page a drink any night of week.

Good laid back date spot, especially for the couches inside. Clive, Lustre Pearl, and Icenhauer's are all pretty much cut from the same cloth, and all decent pickup spots. Lustre Pearl is by far the best one of the three for pickup because it is more open, the arrangement is more conducive to milling around and meeting people, and it has ping pong and hula hoops and a food truck. When it's warm, Lustre Pearl is a close second for me behind Shangri-La for best pickup scene.

Icenhauer's is the newest, and is more upscale, but has been dead the several times I've been there.

There is also a sports bar on Rainey, 96, which does get a surprisingly mixed crowd, but sports bars are terrible for pickup. The staff at Clive are the friendliest and will get to know you by name if you go there a lot. Late 20's crowd, verging on douchey and meat markety at times, but some bright spots. Chill, outdoor area with a big firepit and TV's. Some of the cheapest drinks in this particular area. Good long bar, which I like for source. Picked up quite a few women here.

Easy to get to know the regular bar staff. Surprisingly good pickup spot, lots of mixed sets and not too loud with a nice little smoking patio. The crowd can get annoying, and it's a little meat markety, but you can definitely pick up here.

Mostly people who have graduated from the dirty sixth scene. They have a brunch on Sunday afternoons with bottomless mimosas that turns into a party scene by about 5pm. Easy to get to know the staff if you go there during happy hour. It's got a heavy regular scene, so not terrific for pickup. Good bounce spot, easy to get to know the bar staff. Heavily populated by the blue shirt and khaki population. If you are looking for late 20's HB9's who know they're hot as shit and like AFC guys swooning all over them, these places esp The Ranch are probably your best bets outside of the higher-end downtown clubs.

Good cheap food, good date spot. Wednesday nights get packed with tons of women who come to see the 80's cover band good night for dance floor game. It's basically a sports bar, but on weekends gets packed with mixed groups and can be a decent spot to meet people.

Often heavily male crowd. Red Fez can be a good date spot on the more chill nights, they rent hookahs. Both get really loud on Best Places To Hook Up In Austin, but can be packed. I like the top bar at Lucky for meeting people. Similar to Dallas night club up north, basically a pickup and date joint for cowboys and cowboy wannabe's. A fun scene if you like two stepping etc. If you want cougars, go here any night of the week. I don't care for dance clubs that much, but in order Aquarius Love Sagittarius Woman Compatibility Man And decency for pickup I'd rank them 1.

The upstairs bar at Speakeasy can be good on weekends, but it also gets really loud and packed. I mostly avoid Dirty Sixth these days. If you're looking for college-age women, though, it's probably your best bet. A couple of meat markety dance clubs, like Barcelona, Soho and Pure if you're a dance floor guy.

Tends to be a mixed bag, from college-age up to late 30's depending on the music playing and the time of year. The relatively new Barbarella is a dance club with a very non-dance club feel, and a great Best Places To Hook Up In Austin area for meeting people.

Emo's, Red 7, and the places around there tend to be music-only venues, but can be good depending on the band. Concerts at Stubb's can be really good for meeting people because the place is mostly standing room and the back area is relatively quiet. I don't make it south that much, but the Continental Club has good music and is a great pickup place on the right night.

Icenhauer's is the newest, and is more upscale, but has been dead the several times I've been there. Cover can be high so to make it worth it get there early. I don't make it south that much, but the Continental Club has good music and is a great pickup place on the right night. Ian Aberle via Flickr CC. Alamo Drafthouse Ritz Credit:

Highball is expensive but has a good scene on weekends at the bar, plus it has bowling and skeeball. Despite being a northsider, it's kind of a wasteland for pickup bars.

Lots of cliquish groups of Dell types. The most laid back bars are Opal Divine's, Little Woodrow's, Sherlock's, and the like, but they tend to be dude-heavy and populated with big groups who don't really want to meet people.

The bar areas at the restaurants in the Domain can be OK for meeting people, but it's a pretty stuffy crowd in general. I'm sure Round Rock has some decent places to meet people, but I don't make it up there, I go downtown. I do good work in austin. I think west 6th is your best bet learn more here a same night lay.

I like J Black's, the boom boom room, union park, the W if you like hot cougars, lustre pearl, townhouse, Molotov, keybar, ranch occasionally. Same with east side show room, good food, but mostly people sitting at tables. Lustre is a good scene, almost like a house party. Kung fu is good because it has games and you can own girls on ski ball. Dirty 6th is pointless if your over The young girls are receptive when they venture out of dirty 6th, but if your over 25 on their turf, they generally shun you for link younger frat guys.

I also like the domain up north. Lots of shopping, and lots of restaurants with bars. It's full of high maintenance sluts, but good looking ones.

I've banged girls i met at j'blacks, the dogwood, rebels, and the w within the last four months, and i don't live in austin. I find it to be the easiest pick up city in the world, with chicago being a close second.

Best Places To Hook Up In Austin

I've heard from female friends that there are just so many hot educated girls in austin, the competition for men is a lot tougher. I know some absolutely smoking girls with masters degrees who are cool who can't get a guy to commit because its article source easy to get hot new pussy there.

Hence the reason i'm there more often than where i live. I'm a 22 year old UT student and I've always Best Places To Hook Up In Austin it easier to take girls home just outside of 6th's UT bubble. Younger girls are more frequently uneasy about going home with you unless you live in a very convenient location, like across the street from their sorority house and their best girlfriend is going to drive you there.

Guide to Austin pickup scene : seduction

Too much of a logistical nightmare no matter how old you are. Yeah, the girls your age are a little wary of being picked up in college bars.

Guide to Austin’s Dirty Sixth Street

I was in a fraternity so my college sex life pretty much consisted of banging girls I met at the house. My game was shit back then so I would have starved had I been forced to rely on pick up at bars.

Being greek was good in a lot of ways but it really held me back on game, since it was easy to get laid just by proximity. I never learned to hunt "in the wild" until my mid 20's after a nasty breakup forced me to. You are going to be way ahead in the game by your mid 20's and I envy you.

Yeah, west 6th is definitely the most pickup-y scene in Austin. I prefer the east side women - more down to earth, lower maintenance, less makeup, more intelligent - but west 6th is probably the "most likely to please" area for a mid 20's to mid 30's PUA. Lustre Pearl and Shangri-La were awesome this summer though. I honestly haven't had much Best Places To Hook Up In Austin on east side, but i'm going to try it out.

When click moved out of austin there was just dirty 6th, red river, and fourth street.

Best Places To Hook Up In Austin

I'm amazed at how much the nightlife has blown up for the late 20's early 30's crowd. I do good work on west 6th, but then i'm kind of a flashy, loud guy, so I'm pretty much the target audience i think. I find the hipster crowd tends to look hatefully at me when i invade their bars in a sports coat, nice watch, and a bright ass fitted shirt from express.

That being said, i like girls with tattoos, but i find the whole hipster thing to be contrived. It's sort of like, look how non-conformist i am, i'm wearing the same ugly shit as these other non-conformists.


What kind of scene are you looking for? There are three sections of Sixth Street in Austin: Younger girls are more frequently uneasy about going home with you unless you live in a very convenient location, like across the street from their sorority house and their best girlfriend is going to drive you there. Lustre is a good scene, almost like a house party.