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Dual Monitor Setup with Apple Mac Mini

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You connect two monitors to a Mac Mini via two separate ports; one monitor for one port. Out of the box, fully supported by Apple is either two displays via Thunderbolt (and they can chain if one of the display is actually Thunderbolt and not DP or another adapter) or one display via Thunderbolt and the. I do not know why apple decided to go with two different adapter types but it works just the same as you will need two separate adapters to use two displays anyway. From there, you just buy two "dongles" (display adapters) which hook up to your respective screen input jacks (VGA or DVI) and you're set!. 31 May I am currently running my Mac Mini's DVI connect to an HDMI port on one dell monitor. It works fine, but I have two monitors, and I From there, you just buy two "dongles" (display adapters) which hook up to your respective screen input jacks (VGA or DVI) and you're set! There is no problem at all, you only.

There are lots of talk and chatter in the internet about the Mac Mini and its ability now to power dual monitors.

Dual Monitors Set Up in Mac Mini

There is a very good YouTube video on this that you can watch. The Mac Mini comes with 2 display output: Both adaptors are then linked to the monitors via normal DVI cables. No reboot, no setup issues, no worries.

How to use dual monitors on a Mac Mini

Typical Apple And dont call me a fan boy! The other screen is blank. I could not move any windows from the left screen to the right screen.

Can I Hook Up 2 Monitors To Mac Mini

I google for help and found this: Enabling it and behold:. I was gonna got the Dell, but they don't sell this model anymore, so I'm looking at this Samsung as it's height adjustable. How about image quality-wise?

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Is the Samsung any good? For the price, I would say it is good enough for normal day to day work but definitely not for high end photo processing etc.

Can I Hook Up 2 Monitors To Mac Mini

Yeah, I'll just be using it for work, since I have an iMac for play. Is text good on the Samsung?

I'm wanting to hook these up to the mac mini and use dual screen. The general answer is your Mac Mini has two Thunderbolt 2 ports so your best bet is to drive one monitor from HDMI and the other from Thunderbolt so that you have another Thunderbolt port free for storage or networking. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I think for the price, it is okay. Prev Article Next Article. Which do you prefer: Chinese Albumart November 27, Chinese Albumart November 29, Also, I like this Samsung only because it is And Tell me Your Thoughts Cancel reply.

Chinese Albumart November 29, There is also a long pin which may be surrounded by four other pins which are required for audio in older models. So then you'd need: They can be found on the DisplayLink website: