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Skill based matchmaking is a broken mechanic that is supposedly there to tag players of equal skill level to one another. However ( signatures on petition). So the beta came and went, and most grievances were aired, but nobody is asking, is this game going to have the insane skill based match making system AW had? That would absolutely suck ass, not because of the match making, but because AW would prioritize skill over connection, and since this series is stuck on P2P. 4 Dec I thought I would start a discussion on SBMM since it is a very hot topic right now since it features heavily into how players are grouped in matches in AW. It effects the PC player base a lot more than consoles since there are fewer players on PC as a whole. First, SBMM has been in ALL previous CoDs.

Some people who were in the 2s and 3s barely average a kill per life if their connection related form is bipolar.

They play a few games, wreck face, get dumped on to a server miles away, get raped, get kicked, join a plum lobby and so on and so forth. These "lobbies that are still clearly mixed" are usually just that.

And still, nobody who claims this funk doesn't exist can explain why these games dump people on to servers out of region where the average latency of a lobby can actually reach triple digits in milliseconds. And yet if I jumped on my 1. There is nothing to be earned from defending these devs and their scumbag ways.

You cannot have a fair FPS experience without priority being placed on connection. Capping max acceptable latency to a server and source balancing teams after completely matchmaking is the only way to ensure those who do well do so because they're not a jittering terminator seeing you ms around a corner, leaving you dead before the game can tell you you've already taking a single hit.

Is Skill Based Matchmaking going to be removed? - Activision Community

I welcome anyone who thinks otherwise to come and play Nigerians, Beninians, Americans, Indians and Saudis on my account, and see how well a flat 7ms fibre latency serves you. I'll even throw in the bleach you'll want to drink after as a freebie. That being said, it's been there, So, bleh. I have a 2. I keep getting into games where my team and I keep getting demolished into pieces. I miss playing against noobs. But you should be able to pad YOUR stats in easier lobbies because you're not as good?

Cod Aw Skill Based Matchmaking Removed

I find it funny how on my main account with pretty good stats, 7th prestige, 1. I also have a 2nd account that I reverse boosted, so like deaths, 0kills that's sort of thing and the lobby difference is unreal, on this account since reverse boosting it I have yet to get matched against a player above 3rd prestige and the highest kd I have seen was a 1.

So my question is this, how after players like myself have done multiple tests on multiple accounts with varying stats can they still say that SBMM isn't in the game.

Sledgehammer Games issues a statement regarding Skill Based Matchmaking in Advanced Warfare

After I get my main to 9th Not going master as emblem is fugly I'm going to be going to my GOD account and I would advice some of you guys that get matched against really good players to do the same. Please help us improve the Call of Duty Community by taking a moment to provide your valuable feedback.

There is a reason they have a skill based playlist and a non skill based playlist. While I agree that the connections should be based primarily on who is closest to your location, I have no issues with SBMM. I could only play 4 games in all day. Remove this garbage search system.

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Cod Aw Skill Based Matchmaking Removed

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But we don't know how they're determining skill SPM? Good luck to all the not good players who get to "improve" by playing other not good players all the time. Message 55 of Now every game I join I gotta bring my A Game and be super focussed. Message 52 of

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COD AW - ASM1 NERF, MK14 Buff & Skill Based Match Making REMOVED? (COD AW Patch Notes April 27)

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. There's a reason players like MakoShark thought they were gods in AW. Message 51 of I only had around a 1. Message 52 of Message 53 of Message 54 of Message 55 of Tested this with 4 friends using a total of 10 accounts and the results was always the same.

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