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This list of celebrities who wear dentures is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Everyone knows that a smile goes a long way. In Hollywood, and for other public figures, that smile must be perfect and as a result, several famous people have worn dentures over the years. Some actors and actresses started wearing. 14 Nov Guess who did that? Clark Gable. I thought it was funny that I randomly mentioned Clark Gable two days in a row (or maybe I have Clark Gable on the Because of a bad gum infection in , he had to have most of his teeth removed and replaced by dentures, which caused him to suffer from halitosis. 27 Mar Clark Gable's famous line: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn," might well have served to outline his attitude to his co-stars, who frequently complained about his bad breath. "Kissing Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind was not that exciting," Vivian Leigh once said. "His dentures smelled something awful.".

Everyone knows George Washington wore dentures.

Did Clark Gable Have False Teeth

By the time he reached the age of 22, he had only one tooth left. Did you know that many other famous people have false teeth? And the further back in history you go, the more limited the restoration options were.


Washington is not the only politician to have had dentures. His dentures are sometimes the source of some amusement, and even had their own Twitter account.

Celebrities with Dentures

Celebrities of all kinds have been known to wear dentures, especially Hollywood stars dependent on their good looks. In his heyday, Clark Gable was known as one of the most handsome men in the business.

Even child stars may have to wear false teeth from time to time. In order to keep her character, Hermione, from sporting gaps in her smile, the young actress wore partial dentures to hide both the holes and her age. Celebrities are known for cosmetic procedures that keep them looking young and beautiful all the time.

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Dental problems, especially missing teeth, can be extremely embarrassing, so many of the celebrities who get dentures do not advertise the fact. This leaves their audiences guessing exactly what work they have had done.

The Oscar was given back to Clark Gable's widow after he died in Switch to Threaded Mode. When he was first in Hollywoodhe went by W.

People such as Lou Reed, Ben Affleck, and Snooki have all been rumored to have dentures, but nothing is confirmed. Florence Henderson, best known for her work on The Brady Bunch, is well known for wearing dentures—except she never wore them! She worked as a spokesperson for Polident for a decade, leading people to believe she had false teeth.

Did Clark Gable Have False Teeth

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BB code is On. His co-star Orlando Bloom, who played elf Legolas, was not much better. His dentures smelled something awful.

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