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Cartoon Hook-Ups: Batman and Wonder Woman

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1 day ago Not only would there be sexual tension in Justice League between Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Batman — the dynamic had been deliberately heightened in reshoots with Whedon. Drats. I wondered why I, of all people, was flaring up at the idea of two fictional superheroes (and grown adults!) flirting. I can imagine the two of them “hooking up” but nothing too intimate BUT I do see why they could possibly become something more. Wonder Woman has lived long , she seems to possess the sort of mental strength and perspective that Batman would admire but never actually admit to anyone. I noticed this about her when. 17 Jul He saw women as the more powerful sex, which led to his exploration of weakening Wonder Woman by tying her up or making her a slave. . The two of them flirted, then finally hooked up in Wonder Woman # “Night of Many Wonders,” by Dan Mishkin, with art by Don Heck and Eduardo Barreto.

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Dawn of Justice had plenty of flaws, but the movie had a very big silver lining: DC has teased a Wonder Woman and Batman pairing in both the comics and cartoons, but has inexplicably shied away from coupling the two characters together. Perhaps its because of the logistical challenges, or because DC doesn't typically put Batman in long term relationships, or maybe it's because they know the unavoidable truth: Let's take a look at the history, the chemistry, and the future of the most natural and obvious pairing in all of comics.

However, Wonder Does Batman And Wonder Woman Hook Up decided against it after realizing that the relationship could either go really well or really poorly. Ultimately, Wonder Woman and Batman chose not to risk their friendship over a relationship that wasn't a "sure thing.

Wonder Woman wasn't intimidated by Batman's stony demeanor and Batman trusted Wonder Woman enough to let her see his flirtatious and playful side. After the sorceress Circe transformed Wonder Woman into a pig, Batman agreed to exchange "something precious" in order to get her back.

Q posts - 7 years, 2 months ago - Show Bio. She doesn't love either of them, she's been attracted to them but that's mainly been out of convenience. No, she doesn't have access to a time machine, nor own the best face cream that retards the effects of aging. They decided to go back to being friends before he was killed by the Shattered God and Zeus. Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created.

That "something" turned out to be a soul-baring performance of "Am I Blue" in front of a crowd of dozens of people. Batman was willing to put aside the persona and mystique he had built around himself and show his "true self" in order to save Wonder Woman, a fitting analogy for his relationship with Diana.

On its surface level, Batman and Wonder Woman seem like a bit of an odd couple. Wonder Woman is a Greek demi-goddess raised in an isolated female warrior culture, while Batman is the weird child of unchecked crime and unlimited wealth. Wonder Woman strives go here set an example for those she protects, and Batman uses intimidation and fear to advance his goals. But despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two heroes aren't that different.

Why Batman and Wonder Woman are the Perfect DC Power Couple

After all, Batman and Wonder Woman were both raised apart from their peers and embarked on an unlikely quest with daunting, almost impossible goals. Batman fights a one man war against the out of control criminal element in his city, while Wonder Woman wants to the Amazon message of peace which often contradicts with her warrior mentality to unlock humanity's true potential.

But the similarities don't end there. Both are warriors and superheroes who can operate in solitude but work best with allies and friends.

They're both natural leaders with sharp tactical minds, they're among the best fighters in the world, and they both fly cool jets. Wonder Woman and Batman come from different worlds, but they are kindred spirits. Both have the heart of a warrior and are pushed by the circumstances of their upbringing to reach for impossible dreams. Batman and Wonder Woman are kindred spirits, but they each approach the world in wildly different ways. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman relies on kindness first and turns to violence as a last resort.

But those attitudes are actually weirdly complimentary to one another. Wonder Woman possesses an infinite patience that's perfect for dealing with Batman's intimidating airs and cold attitude.

The romance made sense, and it made the movie better. Dernman Follow Forum Posts: Unfortunately for Cassie, Tim is possessed by the demon Trigon at the time.

No amount of pushing or angst would drive Wonder Woman away, as long as Wonder Woman wanted to be to be with him. There's a mystery to Batman that tends to draw women in, but they've all been turned away by his incessant drive and Wonder Woman might be the one person in the world who can see the good in Batman, while not getting turned away from the accepting the bad.

Does Batman And Wonder Woman Hook Up

As for Batman, his relationships tend to collapse due to a lack of trust. He's either unwilling to bring his romantic partner fully into his world or he can't bring himself to trust completely. Wonder Woman presents the perfect solution to both issues. Wonder Woman instantly fits inside his crazy weird world of crimefighting.

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And she's perhaps the most genuine person in the world, armed with a lasso of truth that makes lying to her impossible. If there is one person in the world who Batman can trust, it's Wonder Woman. As I said at the beginning of this article: This web page not that Wonder Woman needs Batman or vice versabut ultimately I don't see how the characters would walk away from that relationship unchanged.

In some way, Batman and Wonder Woman represents each other's current mission and goals. For Wonder Woman, Batman is a perfect representative of "man's world.

But for all that anger, confusion, and angst, there's also virtue. Batman protects the innocent, he helps the less fortunate, and he's driven to do good. Batman is a good man, bent by the world but not broken. He needs to be fixed, but he's not beyond help. For Batman, Wonder Woman is proof that a better world does exist. She's the compassion, the inner strength, and hope sorely missing from Gotham City and Batman's life.

Does Batman And Wonder Woman Hook Up

Wonder Woman is a living avatar for the things that Batman fights for, a ray of hope in the darkness that's constantly threatening to consume both Gotham City and Batman's soul. There's probably a multitude of reasons why DC has shied away from a full-on Batman and Wonder Woman pairing, but the company should consider embracing the potential these characters have together instead of shying away from it.

Batman and Wonder Woman could bring out the best in each other and give creative teams so much room for growth and development. Register - Forgot Password. Their Relationship Works Batman and Wonder Woman are kindred spirits, but they each approach the world in wildly different ways.

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