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Want to live the life of a rock star? Well, you'll be able to step into the spotlight and shine amongst the stars via this interesting entrant in our games similar to The Hook Up roster. According to the creator, it's categorized under the online RPG and community genre where you can breathe life into your innermost dreams, well. But young people like elizabeth welsh don't see the hookup as an obstacle to future relationships: "it is a common and easy mistake," welsh says, "to assume that the value of friendship Games similar to the hook up online You can't get enough of books like hunger games, divergent, the fault in our stars and harry potter. 6 May The Hook Up is a Fabulous, Community Based, MMORPG, Virtual World, and Browser-based Simulation. The game provides with the best Life-Simulation and enables you to become a part of colorful and fantastic game world where you are able to build your own online character by customization options.

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Games Similar To The Hook Up Online

First all of, an apology. This is going to be long, as there are a lot of games that have gone missing that I remember vividly. Also, an apology if any of these have been discussed before. I searched around and saw nobody talking about them so I decided to make an account and share what I know.

So back in I remember going onto The-N. There are many videos and screenshots and other proof of these games existing, but as far as I am aware, it is simply impossible to play them now.


I'm going to be running down all of the ones I remember playing and that I have evidence of. The Hook Up Admittedly this was the game that made me start my search as I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to replay it.

The Hook Up was a single player flash game where you designed and named your female character, who just moved into a new town. Video walkthroughs of each route are still available on youtube. Pizza Quest '77 This was a game based off of That 70's show.

Games Similar To The Hook Up Online

It was a short Games Similar To The Hook Up Online and click puzzle game where figure out what you have to do to get some pizza. Now before I go onto to other games, I need to explain a bit more. On The-N, you had an avatar that you could click at this page and wigs source to personalize.

Several of the games on The-N were multiplayer, and used these avatars as a stand-in for you as you played with people across the world. I found a commercial showing off these avatars from Slasher! So, back to the games.

As with most of the games here, several videos of this game are on youtube, as well as a wikihow article on how to play. But most interesting of all is that Games Similar To The Hook Up Online were attempts to bring back this game by the fans inas a forum based game you needed to sign up for.

The original creator of Slasher! The revitalization attempt is now dead, but Seth Madej still seems to be somewhat interested in the subject, as he started selling T-shirts from the game just back in September of Avatar High, Avatar Prom, and Avatar-U I'm grouping these together because they're similar enough and this post is getting long enough already. Avatar High is still available to play, albeit through hackaedarcadegames. Avatar-U was one of the few games that survived the great TeenNick rebranding, but disappeared once the website was revamped in sometime after February of this year.

Luckily it can be played via thewaybackmachine. Avatar Prom was similar to these two but instead of taking care of a school or college, you took care of a prom.

In the same time, the dialogue could be unusual, but your choices will change the perspective of the game. Games Like Line Play. Games Like Ciao Bella. This is the first part of The Sims Stories which went on the market in My Tribe brings you in real-time control of an island paradise.

This game however, seems to be completely lost, with only a few screenshots proving it existed. The only proof I can find of it even existing is the title appearing in the drop down games menu from thewaybackmachine, and a yahoo answers user asking for a walkthrough of it. The game was based off of the show What I like About You. It was a rapid fire puzzle game, similar to warioware I guess.

Well, if you are the one who keeps on fantasizing day and night…. I had to register just to reply. The game allows the players to create and customize their….

There are many, many, MANY, more games from this website that have been completely lost by now. But I believe this is where I'll wrap up this initial post. Apologies again on the length and I'm sorry if it was improper to group these games together at all?

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I felt like It wouldn't be right to make like 10 individual threads for each one. Quite frankly I don't know how these threads are supposed to be formatted so I might have just made myself look like a big idiot here but oh well.

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Let me know if you want me to go more in depth about any particular subject. I tried to just cover the basics on all of these games but I do vividly Games Similar To The Hook Up Online them all very well. Apr 27, I had to register just to reply. I loved those too Id also like to make a note that games online back in the early s were poppin and I wish a lot of them didnt dissapear.

Here is a link to Pizza Quest ' Jul 25, I am very sad that these games are gone. It has been like 8 years and I am still very upset by it. There are no websites that contain this game and I am not sure who the developer is. I wonder if enough of us contact them and speak up about it if they will consider re-releasing the game.