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Heart Warming Rolex Gift Giving Video - Dad receives a Rolex as a Christmas Present

Gift Giving Superstitions: What Not To Give People Who Respect Their Culture's Traditions

23 Nov Say no to clocks or watches. Some people believe that giving a watch or clock as a gift implies that the time is running out on your relationship. In China, for example, clocks have an unlucky association with death and therefore should be avoided as gifts. Compared to a lot of other presents scribbled down in your list when mulling over just the right present over for her, a watch is really something that can be forever. Therefore, it's all the more important to choose just the right timekeeper. To ensure that your Valentine's Day, wedding reception, or her birthday doesn't end in. Though finding watches with history is what most horologists prefer to take part in , when it comes to the matter of gift-giving, it is sometimes more appropriate to find or customize a modern piece for someone we love. Two events that this may be more fitting for are weddings or graduations as both of these events signify a.


Some are still believed to be true, and some are now used to tease friends. Giving a gift is a please click for source gesture but some items have negative meaning especially to your relationship.

Here are 10 presents some Thai people might consider bringing bad luck. If you buy shoes for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is believed that it will cause the break up because shoes need to be in pair, a couple who are dating but not living together could be cursed to go different ways.

This item is frightening. Do Giving A Watch As A Gift give black clothing because ancient Thai people consider black as the colour of pain and sadness used for mourning. It is believed that if your loved one gives you a watch or clock, your relationship might be over like the clock stops ticking. Many Thai think giving perfume to your partner could make your love lessen like the scent of the perfume that is fade away over time.

Thai believe that handkerchief is used for wiping tears, so someone who receives a handkerchief as a gift will lose their tears. It is a common gift. Superstition has it that if the glassware is broken it means the relationship is also destroyed.

Here are some suggestions what ladies like. Sign up for my newsletter to stay tuned with the latest news and information. Just enter your name and e-mail address below to sign up. HiI taught to gift my bf a wrist watch as a valentine gift ,, but after reading ur article I am bit confused. Or shall I give him money n ask him to purchase a gift of his own?

Giving A Watch As A Gift

Or buy a watch fr himself?? Will that have any effect on these superstition?? Because I Believe in superstition… so plz help me in this.

Symbolic Meaning of Giving Watches as Gifts

Hi Priya, if you are worried you could explain to your boyfriend and ask for 1 or 2 Baht from him just to pretend that he bought the gift from you. Thank you for your suggestions. I will try to do a research and make a post about it. My life my boyfriend gifted me mirror because I demanded of it,but when I read this article I felt sad,what should I do??

These are superstitions but if you are worried you can give them a small amount of money click at this page 10 Baht to your boyfriend to make it like you bought it from him. I received a handkerchief from my girlfriend but not as a gift… Will it be bad for our relationship…. Believing in superstitions is an individual thing. I think you can be relax if you find it irrational. I had recieved a handkerchief as gift from my guy many months ago, follwing which our relationship started deteriorating.

So, when I heard about this superstition I decided to throw the handky away. Could it possibly be like will there be any effect for me having done so? I am sorry to hear about your relationship not going well.

I wrote this article to share some of the Thai superstitions.

Hi Priya, if you are worried you could explain to your boyfriend and ask for 1 or 2 Baht from him just to pretend that he bought the gift from you. For a few years, the manufacturer Frederique Constant has been breathing fresh air into the genre. Therefore, it's all the more important to choose just the right timekeeper. The watches have specifically sought out attributes to fit both the individual and the ceremony at hand.

I wish things will work well for you. Congratulations to your parents wedding anniversary. What about a nice set of tableware or a high quality bedding set? Giving A Watch As A Gift parents would appreciate that. May I give a keychain to. Moderator I gave her a watch in our early days of our relationship.

We are going strong together as the times goes by. I exchanged perfume gift with my ex-boyfriend, we broke up after 4 months. You are going to keep it, I am not giving you as a gift. When I got back home I was about to mail it after a couple but somehow I was busy.

After a week we fought and cut off contact for over a week. Yesterday he told me I am done with you. Even though I called him many times he never returns my phone call, I think it because of his slipper. Should I send him back or like you said should I send him the small amount of money and consider as I bought it. I am sorry to hear about you Giving A Watch As A Gift your ex break up.

These bad gifts are just superstitions. I wish you all the best. I had received perfume as a gift from my gf and after then we broke up Is that because of perfume??

If so what I should do then?? I am sorry to hear that. These are just superstitions. Hello, I bought a perfume and a pair of black T shirt for my girlfriend and me.

I want to give perfume to my gf to use every day. How should i give? I had purchased clock Wrist Watch for my friend on 21 may Later I moved on journey but we had big quarrel on phone on 6 June From that day of quarrel she is not willing to talk with me.

I have gifted my boyfriend a pair of shoe. But we are still together. This year also i have ordered a pair of shoe. Personally I think it is just a superstition. If you would like to do something, please click for source people say you can ask the gift receiver to give you a small amount of money like 5 Baht or 10 Baht to make it like he bought it from you.

I also bought her some lingerie. Great information, Ajarn Mod. I gave my wife shoes after a trip to Bali.

She was polite enough not to make a big deal about it. Have you done a story on Thai beliefs as they relate to symbolism in dreams? I have a post on 15 Common Thai Superstitions and Beliefs here: I am totally lost on what to give now.

Giving A Watch As A Gift

These things you list Mod are my standard gifts I always give. Perhaps your Thai female friends would like cosmetics, earrings, a bag, a fruit basket, a nice source etc. The older people in my family share these same beliefs with the younger generation and in most cases they have been true oddly.

Does a black winter hat count as clothing? Hi Kru Mod, I once gave a girlfriend a pair of shoes and within 3 months our relationship had ended. Some of the superstitions are very similar to those of the Chinese especially the first one about shoes.

We may share similar superstitions because of our shared ancestry with the Chinese-Thais. Also, the italicised paragraph about the recipients of such taboo gifts handing over token amounts of money to ward off the superstition is common practice for us as well! I think I gave my husband three of those in the past ten years! I like your site, and I hope you come see mine. Thank you for reading my here. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it: Your website looks good!

We may share similar superstitions because of our shared ancestry with the Chinese-Thais. I also bought her some lingerie. I am happy to hear that you found my article useful.

I will use some of your food recipe. Thank you for sharing. I did not know any one of these items. After this article I am absolutely lost. I once bought a pair of shoes for a lady — not too long after that I never saw her again.

I once bought some perfume for a lady — not too long after that I never saw her again. A lady once gave me a photo of herself — not too long after that I never saw her again. I once gave a beautiful blue lotus to a lady — she was not pleased at all, and I was confused, I did not know why.

Giving a Watch as a Gift and What it Means to Different People | Pieces of Time

Thank you so much for your article. I am not superstitious, really, but I will be more clever from now on. Sawatdee ka Gerhard, I am sorry to hear about that. There are many things women like, it depends on her character. Here are some ideas; most girls like cosmetics so you could give a good lipstick or an eyeshadow palette, or a set of facial treatment. Jewellery is also lovely, perhaps a necklace or bracelet.

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