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The best year we've had for Cape Cod Striped Bass is only getting better,and now the Bluefin Tuna are here in force to join in the fun! Summertime Striped Bass fishing is in full swing here on Cape Cod! The red hot Striped Bass fishing has continued this week, with multiple hook ups the rule and fish up to 36 pounds !. Fish with Team Hook-Up!. Experience world class big game fishing. Cape Cod offers some of the finest fishing opportunities that can be found anywhere, and Captain Eric Stewart, Captain Corey Stewart & Team Hook-Up! are New England's premier charter fishing service. The "Tammy Rose" and "Tuna Fever" are proud to. Hook Up on the most productive Cape Cod Sports Fishing Charters for Stripers, Tuna, Squid, Sea Bass, and Fluke departing from Harwich port with Cape Cod Charter Fishing.

She is powered with a hp C Series Cummins diesel engine for reliable economical power.

Capable of speeds up to 25 knots, she is the ticket for safely covering the waters to find good fishing. She is a large open decked and roomy fishing platform.

Along with the latest in electronics and safety equipment, she also has the necessary enclosed "head" to bring your Honey or children along, and soon will be finished with a galley for that refreshing cup of coffee on the water. She is equipped with the latest in navigational and safety equipment and is fully insured. This proven Maine design will keep you out of the wind and spray, with a level of comfort, unlike flats boats or center consoles and still get you to the Hook Up Fishing Charters Cape Cod in short order.

Captain Bruce loves to show his customers the thrill of catching large fish on tackle that is fun. Croix spinning or casting rods. Also available with advance notice are 10' St. Croix "noodle" rods and IGFA 4 lb.


The reels for these everyday outfits are either Shimano or Fin nor spinning reels in varying sizes or a Abu Garcia level wind casting reel loaded with either 10,12 or 14 lb test line. When you catch a 20 lb plus Striper on these outfits, you will know that you have accomplished something. A rod should be lightweight enough for even a child or a novice to hold all day if necessary, not heavy wire with jigs or umbrella rigs that are tiring and unsporting to fish with.

Bobby and his Wife run an outstanding operation. Hindsight Sportfishing is proudly sponsored by CostaRaymarineand Fishworks. Captain John Clothier has been fishing the waters off Cape Cod and the Islands for over 25 years and will give you a great day on the water. Reel Deal Fishing Charters. I believe it is my personality, coupled with the amazing fishing that we have here on Cape Cod to be the reason my business is successful.

Sure, wire and rigs will catch fish, but there are just as effective ways to catch Striped Bass that are more fun. Captain Bruce prefers to drift natural baits both live or deador cast artificials through the rips and over the bottom structure that prevail in the southeast Cape Cod area. The bait is presented in a natural fashion, providing the angler with the thrill of the pickup, the setting of the hook and the satisfaction of a fight unencumbered by heavy tackle or line.

Fly-casting can be done under the right conditions.

Hook Up Fishing Charters Cape Cod

All are outfitted with Teton fly reels and the appropriate fly lines for what we will be throwing to the fish. I guarantee that I can put the boat within casting distance of the fish - presentation is up to you.

Our bluefin tuna tackle ranges from sturdy spinning rods coupled with Shimano reels to huge Penn International 2 speed 's. We have a range of 2 speed Shimano and Penn International mid weight trolling gear too.

Captain Bruce prefers to drift natural baits both live or deador cast artificials through the rips and here the bottom structure that prevail in the southeast Cape Cod area. On September 19th, my son's and I were scheduled to fish in the AM. Bass Fishing with Captain Ian. Response from stlann Reviewed this property.

The spinning gear is for vertical jigging, casting and trolling on the pound fish. Our trolling gear is the usual 30 to 50 weight stuff, coupled with 50 to 80 pound test monofilament on quality stand up rods with roller tips.

Our heaviest gear is the Penn International 2 speed 80's and 's for chumming and trolling for the largest Giant size Bluefin Tuna. Equipped with lb test Dacron main line and monofilament headers, we will be in for a battle once we hook up.

Peters is a holder of the U. Coast Guard Master's ton license The skipper is Hook Up Fishing Charters Cape Cod 16th generation Cape Cod native from a long genetic line of lifesavers, whalers and watermen.

The 'Secret' Cod Fishing Bait - Whitby Cart!

A commercial fisherman and boat operator for over 38 years on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts, I have the acquired sea experience to ensure a safe and rewarding trip. I believe it is my personality, coupled with the amazing fishing that we have here on Cape Cod to be the reason my business is successful.

That aside, it is my responsibility to make sure you have a safe trip. Judgments as to weather conditions, experience of the crew your partyetc, all depend upon my assessment of the situation. I cringe when I hear of the news media citing reports of a "rogue wave" as a reason for a boating accident. Your safety is upon my shoulders and Source do not take that responsibility lightly.

Hook Up Fishing Charters Cape Cod

The Captain enjoys sharing the serenity of the bountiful Cape Cod waters and the fulfilling experience of catching a dream fish. Women and children are welcomed and are generally luckier than the men folk.

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Children 12 years of age and under are required by law to wear a life preserver. If conditions are not conducive to the family having a quality experience due to the weather, the Captain will suggest you schedule another day or restrict the outing to calmer waters. The novice and experienced angler alike will benefit from the knowledge Captain Bruce will freely share with you.

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