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To Cope With Treatment Relationships In Silent How

How to deal with the silent treatment

1. Learn why your partner uses the silent treatment

13 Nov The silent treatment occurs when someone – your partner, best friend, family member – ignores you. Dealing With Silent Treatment In Relationship. Findings from his in-depth analysis revealed that the silent treatment is ' tremendously' damaging to a relationship. It decreases relationship satisfaction for both . any psychological advice on this kind of behavior. I truly feel like I'm dealing with split personality disorder or something and it's getting worse as he gets older. The silent treatment is one of the most common ways to "fight" in a relationship. Here's how to deal with the silent treatment in marriage or any relationship - as well as help undoing some of the damage it causes.

2. Avoid letting the silent treatment get the best of you.

The silent treatment occurs when someone — your partner, best friend, family member — ignores you and refuses to speak to you. The silent treatment can be a way for your partner to protect him or herself.

How To Cope With Silent Treatment In Relationships

This type of passive aggressive communication might be all your partner learned as a child — it may be how your partner controlled his world as a little boy. Yes, it might sound like pretense but it sure works.

How To Cope With Silent Treatment In Relationships

Remember that men who give the silent treatment are looking for ways to get a particular reaction out of you. Sometimes people who give the silent treatment need their partners to make the first move towards reconcilation.

When that time comes, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and ask your partner to talk in a private, comfortable place. Start off with a positive, factual statement. Make an offer of reconciliation and see where that takes your relationship.

The silent treatment is part of a "demand-withdraw" pattern that is deadly to relationships! Ask yourself whether it's just a personality difference. Before that here has been the silent treatment for twenty five years. Just give us a simple saying sorry, in deepest sincerity. Being on the receiving end is painful and frustrating.

Share how it feels when you get the silent treatment, and how it affects your relationship. You might even discuss other examples of verbal abuse in relationships, so your partner sees how serious it is. If your relationship has gone sour because of the ongoing silent treatment method, you may want to end it without the next thought.

I really have to reconsider this relationship. This is when you can enjoy your progress without getting interrupted by him, so do it! Others, however, say that typically the silent treatment is just a poor form of communication.

Or you may want to state your boundaries and consequences plainly before you decide to end things. Your partner might not like this last statement but it will make him see that you are no foot mat to be walked on. It is then left to you to decide if you want to stay and give them another chance or if you want to walk away good.

The moment you start to feel like that, please stop. Stop reprimanding yourself for not being a mind reader.

How The Silent Treatment Is Damaging Your Relationship And What To Do About It

If someone gives any indication that they want to change, offer to help them. Otherwise, let them be. Also, surround yourself with positive people.

Six Ways to Respond to the Silent Treatment in Relationships

Keep your diet balanced, and exercise as regularly as you can. Practice positive affirmations daily.

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