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Insecure Women Who Create Unnecessary Drama

How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend

4 Feb I am a manipulative wife. First decide if you love her enough to work through it. If yes read on. If no, get the fuck out of the relationship. There are many reasons why people manipulate most have been covered already, some are positive some are negative. She clearly has an issue, address this with her, she should know. 27 Jan Manipulative people like being in relationships where the power dynamic is skewed in their favor. Have you noticed that your spouse's other relationships are skewed this way? An example is someone who can only have who are significantly less attractive than they are, or someone whose friends are all. 27 Dec Don't fall into the trap of a manipulative relationship.

How to deal with a manipulative girl? Gather round, I've got a story to tell. When I was in college, a few years back, I think I was around 20, still terrified of females. She literally went out of her way to make me hang out with her, which was cool I guess, nothing wrong with a new female friend. Even though that looked terrible to my friends, but he later told me he did not care, she was his ex. It was this type of discomfort that would give me ED and make me doubt my manhood.

I would constantly torture How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend and ask myself what I was doing wrong. Looking back I think it was too much alcohol, and drugs combined with the fact that I never truly liked her.

She was also taller than me, so that was kind of a turn off as well. The most physical the relationship ever went was making out once, to her dissatisfaction. Thank you guys so much for the best, I've had in a long time and the book suggestions. From now on, I will always remember to stand my ground and never lose sight of my own dignity and well-being.

If I saw her again, I probably would want to sex her, just because I never did and my ego believes it would help my self-esteem.

But, would it be more appropriate to punch her in the throat? Check out a book called In Sheep's Clothingit's about identifying and dealing with manipulative people who use covert aggression.

I think I will. Reflecting back on this memory made me realize that she wasn't the only one using me. It's a pretty badass book in general, anyway, very well written. Meant for both the professional and the layman.

If you feel like you get punished when you confront your spouse or disagree with them, that's not good. This was a girl who treated sex not as something fun for her to enjoy, but as a power play. AskMen subscribe unsubscribereaders 3, users here now Community Rules:

I would be really surprised if you find nothing of use in there. My SO grabbed it to deal with a tricky-spinning coworker, and now all she does is trip that she can't manipulate my partner.

Man she was manipulating me like one of Cersei's minions! So thanks for the suggestion: The real question I should be asking is What Would Hodor Do? LOL Or Tywin, he was a pretty smart cookie. Yeah, Tyrion's methods would suffice, but Tywin left no loose ends.

But, Tyrion was Tywin's loose end, so I guess Tyrion was luckier? Then you beat the living shit out of your roommate and let anyone know next person to break into your room is being referred to the police for break and fucking enter. Lol I honestly feel like I should go and beat the shit out of the manipulative girl for playing with my emotions. She's a learn more here and you're a man.

Men Decoding Manipulative Women

You lay a hand on her you'll be in cuffs in the back of a police cruiser. Fair has nothing to do with it, just check this out way it is. If she is in your dorm room and doesn't have permission to be there call campus police; that is what they are there for.

Then proceed to smack the hell out of whoever let her in there. If she continues to do it, file for a restraining order. These are just examples with how you could have fun with girl like this. It's easy to tell off the bat if they're manipulative - so have some fun with it, or ignore.

No, she wasn't "testing him". She was as they say, 'Messing with her chew-toy'. Reading comments like this make me want to get some females to beat her azz. Gosh, I was so stupid back then Please help, as this here kind of bothers me. If you see her again, just say "hi" and carry on as if it was anyone else. She probably doesn't give two flying shits about you anymore, and it's best for you if you return that favour.

To answer your main question, "how to handle a manipulative girl": With which I mean: Best answer so far.

Are You In A Manipulative Relationship?

Looking back -knowing what i know now- I can honestly say the one time I stood up for myself, was when she would have given it up. Also, she did show me her boobs, one drunken night.

She was never going to have sex with you, it sounds like she used to for her own self confidence i. You probably could have handled it better, but what's in the past is in the past, best forget about this bitch. If you're still with that girl then DON'T sex her if you get the opportunity, it will most likely be a one time thing if at all and it's not worth jeopardising your relationship with the girl who actually likes you for you.

I would recommend asking first before acting, if a move must be made How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend all. It speaks multitudes of how you value their friendship.

Dealing With Manipulative Women

And even then, dating a friend's ex is in general an awful idea. My advice to you would be to forget this "revenge" element altogether and move on when you're ready to date again. She is immature and petty.

How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend

This is not worth a Godfather-esque reprisal, which would ultimately just waste even more of your time. Save revenge for the ones who truly deserve it. I recently dealt with a variation of this type of girl. Narcissistic, batshit crazy, ultimately self absorbed and attention hungry.

You have an issue with their behavior? After years in the business of divorce, I have some experience in knowing what spousal manipulation looks like--and also how to deal with it. Narcissistic, batshit crazy, ultimately self absorbed and attention hungry. You can exercise leadership over the situation simply by saying:.

She regularly flirted with all the pathetically-nerdy How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend I guess because they made for easy targets for her own validation. This was a girl who treated sex not as something fun for her to enjoy, but as a power play. The way she described sex, she made it sound like she only cared about how it made her feel powerful needless to say, she was very dominant kink-wise. I think a big part of the reason she acted this was was because she had a very troubled childhood and had been raped in the past I don't know the details of the rape, but it seemed to have occurred when she was young and possibly on a reoccurring basis.

From that, it might make sense the way she treats sex as a power play, it is probably her way of taking control see more what she was previously so helpless about.

I've since cut contact with her, because I just don't care to deal with crazy people or narcissists. I feel sorry for her trauma, but I don't expect to be the one to help her nor do I have the patience to deal with her. Lol you described the girl in my situation to a T! What I learned from this experience, is that you have to dominate them and she will only respect your sexual advances, if you treat them in this manner.

How To Deal With A Manipulative Girlfriend

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Click here and select a username! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Anytime, I was in the mood, she wouldn't be feeling it It's like she wouldn't let me make love to her, only on her terms, would any sexual interactions play out. So needless to say, I stopped talking to her, and found another girl who liked me for me, and made me feel more comfortable.

What were her motives? Did I handle that situation correctly? Want to add to the discussion? I'm gonna go with: Cutting all contact is the right thing to do. Chaotic good, for the click here. Tywin is smart, but dangerously selfish.

I prefer his relative, moral counterpart - Tyrion.