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What is friendzone

16 Dec If you try to "friend zone" her you'll never be able to talk to her again. Unfortunately, unless you plan on dating this girl you're gonna have to "friend zone" sometime after you feel like you're done with the sex. If you'd rather not get involved with her then do it now. If you do somehow manage to sex her, don't. A lot of guys make the mistake of getting in the friend zone but what if you put HER in the friend zone? Here's why you may want to do this. If she communicates a desire to pursue a relationship, I'd recommend politely and maturely responding clearly that you do not want to have a relationship like that with her (not some alternative excuse "It's not the time", "There's this other girl ", etc.). But unless it's been clearly communicated, then let it take its.

She is below average. No way I'd lower my standards. She desperately wants my d and making every move she could, but no way in hell. I don't think it's nice to block her. How do I tell her what's her place?

Contact Email Justin Stenstrom. Don't text her often Leave a Reply Cancel reply Or. So I have no clue, but I guess I do it involuntary. That should work by the way, a friendly advice- never let your parents touch your phone lmao.

I can't help it, he's so sweet! Yeah, Mr YourFutureEx is so sweet yet won't make you diabetic: Genie is so good to you, Mr YourFutureEx: No, she's not bothering me anymore as I blocked her lol. You are the only two girls I love to get bothered by.

Sometimes, we all need to put our foot down and if the other person doesn't get that she's making you uncomfortable so it's better to block that person.

It doesn't make you rude or mean.

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Oooh, you love to get bothered by us? Wait til I randomly tag you in threads today! I bet that will change your mind! Oh no, don't block her. Just tell her that you like her but that she may be pushing a little too hard.

If she is that weird, be nice. She's not insane hopefullyjust in love. Considering we were just friends, her recommendation of me to her friends was glowing. But feel free to talk about other girls 7.

Tell her honestly she's welcome as a friend but you don't have feelings. She'll become more unhappy if you give her hope and let her struggle: Well there's hardly a nice way to tell someone you think they're below average and the last thing you want is a sexual relationship with them. No matter continue reading you do she's gonna feel rejected so just man up and tell her you're not interested.

It will suck for her but it's a hell of a lot better than letting her drag it out and make a fool of herself. Why are your posts on sexuality always so hilarious?

How To Friendzone A Girl Nicely

XD Tell her that she is like a sister to you. This should be nice enough: Why would you flirt with someone whom you are not interested in? The nicest way to reject a girl would be to just straight up tell her that you're not interested. Believe it or not but there is no nice way to friend zone someone. But there are better ways than others for example by saying that your not interested in a relationship at the moment for a number of reasons.

Just tell her how much you appreciate her friendship and just put emphasis in how she's a friend and not passing that barrier. Bitch tried to call me even though I told her to not to. While my mom was about to take my phone, luckily I survived. I smell one clingy girl. Run as fast as you can. On serious note, I would suggest you ghosting her. Just take really long to reply her messages. Keep her messages on read but take insanely long to reply.

That should work by the way, a friendly advice- never let your parents touch your phone lmao. Mine never dare to touch mine.

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I turn into hulk if they do. That's what I'll do.

I said "tumko kaha tha ki phone mat krna" She replied "ok. Bye" And then I didn't reply Neither do mine. But my dad posts some important documents and stuff on my WhatsApp for my mom to read and that's why I have to give it to her sometimes. Try to signal to her that you're not interested or try to avoid her. If all else fails tell her you swing the other way. What do u mean below averageblv me there is nothing more good like to be honest But first try to avoid hergive her some refusing signed if it didn't work just tell her how u feel.

Tell her you're not interested simply if not she would think she have still a chance. Tell her the truth. Tell her that you are only interested in being her friend and nothing more. Just say to her that your not ready for a relationship at the moment and hope you still will be friends. How To Friendzone A Girl Nicely she does not get the hint, like I do with a guy is have some distant and hopefully her crush on you will fade.

Best of luck to you! Just don't lead her on. Eventually she'll get the hint, and back of. I like you as a friend I think we should see other people I no speak English I'm married to the sea I don't want to kill you but I will. Tell her you're not interested in a relationship with her.

Or just call her your friend. How to friendzone a girl nicely? Just simply say to her.

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I love spending time with you, SIS, lol. Gotta be a little bit too blunt. I think it was all pre planned.

It was friendly only from my end. Genie is soooo nice to follow up on your question after so many days, Mr YourFutureEx: What Girls Said Say " you are the best Friend I ever had ". Tell her that you are looking forward to celebrate raksha bandhan with her.

Start talking to her see more a girl you like. Ask her for advice. Just be like hey look I'm not interested in having sex with you ok? I wouldn't think so, I'd want a guy to be totally flat out honest about it. Be kind to her it's not all about looks she could treat u like a prince: I know, but I don't like her personality either.

You sound like a real nice guy What Guys Said 9. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

How To Friendzone A Girl Nicely