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If you're unwilling to experiment and inject a little fun and naughtiness into your sex life, the Gemini man is likely to become bored, and a bored Gemini man won't stick around for very long. However, this doesn't mean you have to constantly reinvent yourself for his purposes. Small, subtle changes are sufficient: a different . 12 May So, what's the Gemini man like in bed? Good question. But a really hard one to answer, because, unlike most of the men of the zodiac, 'sex' and 'bed' are not synonymous to the Gemini man. In the Gemini man's thesaurus, 'sex' is synonymous with 'car', 'cemetery', 'gym', public convenience', 'Jacuzzi' or. The Gemini Man is playful in the bedroom and loves the excitement that comes with sex. For him, sex is an adventure that involves many acts, such as foreplay, teasing, and experimenting with different sexual activities. When he is in a long- term relationship, he expects his.

Gemini men are known for their frivolous nature. A Gemini is a natural flirt and oozes of a lot of charisma and charm. He takes a lot of time to fall in love and once he has found the girl of his dreams, he is very passionate about her.

Although he is not a very emotional person, a Gemini man values great thoughts learn more here opinions. When in love, he is a fun How To Seduce A Gemini Man In Bed be with and also very romantic. For him, a relationship has to be full of romance. He loves meeting new people and making new connections.

For a Gemini man, to stick to one woman can be quite tough and the woman should have a lot of mesmerizing charm in herself to keep her Gemini man stuck to her only. If a Gemini man has found the true love of his life, a woman who has all the amazing qualities that he seeks, he can be very loyal in a relationship. A Gemini man is not someone who is very verbal about his emotional feelings.

Gemini Sex -- How to Seduce a Gemini Man and Make him Yours

He is, in fact, very good at hiding his deepest feelings and will only bring them up once in a while with some humor or a pinch of coldness. A Gemini man cannot deal with his own emotions easily and he will take some time to analyze what is happening to him emotionally when he is in true love.

A Gemini man prefers to be quite objective in his arguments. However, he rarely ends up arguing with his partner. He does not like to be cold or sarcastic. A Gemini man has to see logic and reasoning in everything.

At the beginning of an affair, he is wonderful and everything a woman could ever want; but his emotion will soon dissappear, and to reboot he needs change. A Gemini man can have sex in the wildest of places and will prefer his woman to be a sport about it. Essentially your Gemini man wants your attention, but just not on your terms. If you are copying for online use please give credit with a link to this page. He is quite straightforward and if you just want him sexually, then be frank about it and you will have him only for that.

A Gemini man is an excellent communicator and listener as well. If you are in love with a Gemini man, then you have got to spice up things in your life and try and keep adding variety in your routine life be it your social life, sex life or family outings.

They love diversity and quickly get bored of the same routine things.

How To Seduce A Gemini Man In Bed

A Gemini man seeks for himself an intelligent woman who can trust him and also give him his space in the relationship. Any woman who has just started dating a Gemini man should not make promises of everlasting love with him right at the beginning.

He is scared of commitment initially. With him, commitment should come naturally and eventually and if forced on him, he will run away. One can have a long-lasting relationship with a Gemini man if the woman also values space and diversity in a relationship and is capable of giving her man both.

A Gemini man likes random gifts and small vacations now and then. These will help to solidify your compatibility in the relationship. While in bed, a Gemini man is quite adventurous. He loves to try new things sexually. If you want to seduce a Gemini man, then you need to stimulate his mind.

He gets turned on by dirty sex talk and mind games. He is never insecure or jealous in love and is quite generous while in bed. One need not get into a strong emotional bond with a Gemini man in order to get into bed with him.

He more info quite straightforward and if you just want him sexually, then be frank about it and you will have him only for that. A Gemini man can surprise his partner in bed with a variety of actions.

He is quite sensitive and will always put his partner's needs before him. While in bed, he does not seek a partner who will pleasure him only but seeks someone who can mutually enjoy with him sexually. A Gemini man takes sex as a medium to relieve himself of any nervousness or tensions. He will often appear more glowing and confident after sex. If you want to please your Gemini man in bed, you must read these 10 things a Gemini man secretly wants in Kiss Why Neck Guys Do Your Show your adventurous streak if you want to seduce your Gemini man and keep him in your bed.

A Gemini man loves adventure. Sex for him is merely a physical need and there is no emotional bond attached to sex.

He enjoys sex and craves for adventure and diversity in sex. Routine and monotonous sex bores him quickly. A Gemini man has a very haphazardly divided attention and to keep him attracted to someone or something, you need to introduce newness every time.

Adventurous sex could mean a little change every time you engage with each other sexually. It could mean sex outdoors, sex in a freaky place, sex in an unimaginable place or sex whenever and wherever.

Adventurous sex gives the Gemini man an adrenaline rush and it stimulates his mind. You don't have to think of crazy venues everytime to lure him. Subtle changes and just change of place at home could be enough to seduce him too. A Gemini man needs his personal space and freedom even in a marriage relationship. If the female partner gets clingy or too emotional about him, he might just walk away even from a marriage bond.

He loves to engage sexually with a partner who matches his mental intellect and who takes sex for mere pleasure just like him, at least in the initial stages of marriage. He gets emotionally attached to his woman though he would seldom be verbal about it. The female partner should know how to keep him sexually attached to her by bringing newness in sex every time and not attach any kind of emotional strings to it.

While in a marriage with a How To Seduce A Gemini Man In Bed he loves, he is very loyal and considerate but his need for sex is only for pleasure and is not emotionally constrained. If a woman can stimulate his mind sexually, then take it as a sign of a compatible relationship with a Gemini man. The way to seduce a Gemini man starts from his mind. Horny talks, dirty talks and erotic imaginations seduce him to the core.

He gets aroused when his female partner takes him to a wild and erotic fantasy mentally. Having mastered the art of mentally stimulating her Gemini man, she can be assured of a mind-boggling encounter sexually.

Seduce a Gemini? Achieve your goal by using these tactics.

Witty intellect and mind games also stimulate the Gemini man. Tease him and challenge him in a verbal war of words. Play sex games with him. A Gemini man gets turned on by thought. He often visualizes and fantasies of his sexual engagements. He often secretly wishes to be eaten out completely by his partner as if he were her dinner.

Tips to Seduce a Gemini

He secretly wishes his partner to grope him and feast on him. He loves women who are spontaneous in their reactions sexually. Often 'bed' does not mean 'sex' for a Gemini man as it does to most of us.

A Gemini man can have sex anywhere and everywhere. Routine sex underneath the sheets bores him and he might lose his sexual appetite completely if sex was on the bed every day. A Gemini man can have sex in the wildest of places and will prefer his woman to be a sport about it. A Capricorn is a more prudish sign and more likely may not gel well with the adventurous ways of a How To Seduce A Gemini Man In Bed man.

A Virgo sign is also quite prudish when it comes to sexual adventures. While in bed or bedroom, think about all the ways you can stimulate the Gemini man's mind to whet his appetite sexually. One such way is that of sexual role-play. As the Go here man loves to fantasize, you can come up with all sorts of sexual role-plays to turn him on.

A doctor-patient check-up, a teacher-student punishment and even 50 Shades of Grey are some great examples of sexual role-plays. It is all up to you how well you can seduce your Gemini man by turning his imagination wild. A Gemini man loves to watch porn movies to turn him on. He secretly wishes to engage in sexual foreplay with an erotic porn movie playing in the background.

Gift him all sorts of porn movies and make every night different and exciting while in bed with your Gemini man. As variety is the spice of life for a Gemini man, porn movies play the perfect role in stimulating his mind. Get naughty and send him sexts while having dinner or while he is at work. This will excite him, turn him on and leave him fantasizing about you all day long. As sex is all about imagination for the Gemini man, tantalize his brain and stimulate his more info with your erotic text messages.

Send him teasing pictures of you and bits of your body that will make him go crazy. A Gemini man secretly craves for an open relationship.

If you don't mind it too then perhaps you could introduce him to your friends and together you can have a fabulous threesome or a group sex experience. Couple swapping also turns him on. A Gemini man secretly wishes his partner to be more open-minded in sex although, he mind not come up with the idea himself.

How To Seduce A Gemini Man In Bed

He does not get into a committed relationship easily because he values his freedom a lot and also his desire to meet different women. Flirt with your Gemini man to turn him on.

Grab his balls or rub your bum to his body while he is just leaving for work.

But so easy when you are not looking to catch one. Learn how to be less clingy by reading our 9 tips. Even if he managed to convince her about his absolute sincerity, one should not trust him too much. Naturally chatty and flirtatious people, public gatherings are a particularly bad choice to try for the first time, as they are often the center of attention.

Rub your legs against him while he is having dinner. Challenge him for a wild sexual encounter. Flirt with him, wear revealing clothes and give him generous peek-a-boos of your body. Compliment him and do a lot of dirty and sensual talk with him to turn him on.