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Dude, my boyfriend has a little sister (only a couple years younger not real little) who acts exactly like this its SO CREEPY. shes always like "I love you so much remember you're my favorite" but like she says stuff like that ALL THE TIME and has his picture on her wall and alittle obsessive. 22 Oct If I were to bring this up, he'd be upset and think I don't like his sister, which he's accused me of in the past. My boyfriend knows very private things about her, the kind I would never discuss with my brother. Am I being Let's just say a moral of these tales is that things rarely turn out well for sibling couples. 9 Aug His sister has a boyfriend (now fiancé) of 7 years, therefore my boyfriend has always kind of third wheeled their relationship, which was never an issue for his sister or my boyfriend- they were both more than happy to do so. A huge part of me thinks his sister doesn't like me because ultimately my boyfriend.

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If you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship or would like information on warning signs to watch out for, check out The Red Flag Campaign. Boyfriend and I have been dating around a year, and we live together. We have a wonderful and healthy relationship. Plain and simple, he's awesome. His family is awesome. The only thing bothering me is his relationship with his younger sister, and I can't tell if I'm being paranoid or if something is a bit off about it. The first time I met her, she seemed very naive, young, and sweet.

She has this squeaky little girl voice and always sounds like she's speaking to a young child. Whenever I meet people especially boyfriend's family, whom I want them all to like meI always like them off the bat.

My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple

Over time, as we all experience, there are people I end up not liking. I'm not necessarily saying I don't like his sister, but over time, she's begun to make me feel very uncomfortable.

Good Luck — and I wish you success with managing healthy eating habits. I understand that not every relationship is the same, which is why I'm seeking advice. He even called her by my nickname and me by hers several times. The problem is my boyfriend's relationship with his only sibling, a sister. It seems like when they were young, boyfriend had a father-figure role with little sister.

Every time there's any family event, she always needs to greet him with a clinging and lingering hug. At the meal, she always sits next to him. After the My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple, when we're all just sitting around and chatting, she sits next to him and places her hand on his knee this has happened literally every function we've all been at, around five or six times.

She calls him by cutesy pet names If his name was Charles, she would be calling him Char Char consistentlyplays with his hair, walks up to him and whispers in his ear. All in all, if this were any woman at all, I'd be severely uncomfortable. But, because it's his sister, I told myself that I'm just being paranoid and jealous for no reason. Thanksgiving was the last straw for me. He and I attended my family's Thanksgiving meal first between noon and four pmwith the intention of going to his family's Thanksgiving afterward.

We ended up staying with my family a tad longer than we intended to, and there was a snowstorm with an hour-long drive, so we ended up not getting back to his family until around 7 pm, when we were originally continue reading to show up around 5: Boyfriend had been texting his sister throughout the day, with no response.

Tried calling her a few times as well, also with no response. When we arrived at 7 pm to their mother's house, little sister wordlessly crept up to my boyfriend and hugged him for two straight minutes.

Finally, toward the end of the awkwardly long hug, she informed him that she was mad at him for not getting there sooner and she wasn't responding to his text messages because he was, "punished. I was subtly excluded from a lot of things that night, mainly by click here. I felt uncomfortable and ostracized the entire evening.

He doesn't respond with touches and cutsey names back with her, and he doesn't seem uncomfortable in the slightest.

I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to discuss it with him because I don't want him to think that I'm accusing him of having an incestuous relationship with his sister. I feel like any angle that I approach it in, I end up being the one in the wrong and looking like an asshole.

Also, I have a little brother, with whom I'm close he's 24My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple our interactions aren't anything like my boyfriend's and his sister's.

We hang out and watch football together, and only hug when leaving. I understand that not every relationship is the same, which is why I'm seeking advice. Is this innocent, more info I being insecure and ridiculous? Could there have been some Flowers in the Attic shit going on?

BF's little sister super clingy and borderline inappropriate behavior makes me uncomfortable. I'm sorry but that kind of behavior is just weird as FUCK to me. I have an older brother with whom I'm close, but never in a million years have I acted like that with him. I agree with what someone said about her being developmentally challenged, she's kind of a dead ringer for it, but I also think that you should be able to voice your concerns about her behavior with your bf. Explain to him that her actions are really not normal, and that if she were a woman with no relation to him, it would be considered obvious flirting.

Just be careful not to become accusatory, as I don't think there's anything he's done wrong, per se. The onus is on her. That said, by allowing her to continue, he's only enabling and encouraging that weird behavior, and that doesn't help either of them. The sister sounds a little developmentally challenged, whether intellectually or emotionally.

If he is used to these kinds of reactions, he is not going to think them out of the ordinary. She is "baby sister" and you are the one he chose to be with. Be the bigger person and see this for what it most likely is, a bit of possessiveness on her part coming from a core of insecurity.

My Boyfriend’s Relationship with His Sister Weirds Me Out!

It should never approach the level of threatening your relationship, so as "Reba" once said, "One word. I appreciate your advice. I don't know her well enough to say whether or not she's developmentally challenged in some way, but from the shallow interactions I've had with her, she seems quite Kind of almost like she doesn't have a proper personality. But again, I don't know her that well.

I couldn't agree more with this suggestion. If you end up talking to him, and it ends in him talking to his sister about it, it will make things x worse. On the other hand, if you source to her about it, there will be friction for the remainder of your relationship.

It's just not worth it.


She told my wife how much she hates me, and that has always caused some major tension to our get togethers. All that successfully achieved, was me and my brother never hang out anymore. She won't have anything to do with me. This is why I say, I would take this advice. All that is going to happen My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple you are going to possibly hurt their relationship, something your boyfriend probably loves and cherishes. I'm glad to know im not the only one with this problem.

Theres nothing really you can do except ignore it. Don't you think it might be possible to ask about the sister's behavior without implying incest?

I don't know the exact wording you could use, but perhaps you could say that it seems like his sister really looks up to him and considers him a good brother. I think there's a way to ask about family history without implying sexual contact in any way. As some others have brought up here, it does sound like the sister hasn't emotionally matured in some ways.

She could be possessive like a girl is of a toy, not necessarily of a sex partner. If her hand placement and stuff seems somewhat sexual but your boyfriend is completely blank not trying to hide emotion, but rather just not realizing it's not normalit's possible that both his and her perceptions of "normal" family interaction are skewed by sexual abuse of some sort probably against the sister, though by no means necessarily by your boyfriend when younger. See, that's the thing: It seems wholly intimate, too intimate.

Again, I'm not necessarily saying that something sexual has happened between them, but if any other woman was doing these things to him, I would immediately intervene. I feel like a crazy person for even wondering if something happened when they were kids; because they're siblings. But her behavior makes me wonder.

My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple

She doesn't behave in this way with her boyfriend. Maybe just approach it at a non-sexual angle to feel out his reaction and My Boyfriend And His Sister Act Like A Couple if you should push it further. You mentioned you felt excluded. Maybe say something along the lines of "I know this is kind of awkward, and I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but the way your sister acts around me sometimes makes me feel like she is purposely trying to exclude me from things cite examples, he will ask.

I will say though, if here believe these feelings aren't reciprocated by your boyfriend and he just is used to it so he isn't weirded out by it, then you are better off just letting it go. Only if it bothers you enough where you don't see a future with him because of it, will it be worth the possible fallout. This should be the top comment. You are absolutely right, she could come at it from this angle and not fear accusing anyone of anything inappropriate.

Intimacy and sexuality are not necessarily connected. You say her behaviour seems sexual to you, but nothing you've described is even close to sexual in nature. HER behaviours are sexual--meaning that people who are abused or have been molested act out sexually, inappropriately as a result of the abuse or molestation. It's a method of searching for approval and acceptance. She doesn't act this way with her bf, because A she already has him, and B It's an ongoing behaviour with someone new, someone different even though he's her brother.

I assure you she acts that way with other guys when you aren't around. They grew up togeher, they know each oher their whole lifes. So no wonder they're close. And families might have different standards regarding physical contact. And different emotional structure and habits.

Boyfriend and I have been dating around a year, and we live together. Similar situation December 29, I appreciate your advice. Just Max March 8,3:

One simple explanation for the hugs might be that she missed her brother. I would if I were you, examine my inner self to find out whether the jealousy towards his sister is founded in reality or stems from insecurities your part.

Whether or not his sister was abused or developmentally challenged is pretty personal.