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5 Great Reasons To Live in Colorado Springs

18 Jan 5 Great Reasons to Live in Colorado Springs. Learn more about what draws people to beautiful Colorado Springs. Rocky Mountains, climate, attractions and more! -Ashford Realty Group. 23 Jan Colorado Springs is a beautiful mountain city with a fitness-friendly culture and a high quality of life. If you're considering moving to Colorado Springs. 27 Sep Colorado Springs is a town situated near the base of one of the world's most famous mountains called Pikes Peak which rises 14, feet above sea level. The population of Colorado Springs has risen steadily since from about , people to when it was home to over , people.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the greatest cities on Earth. I absolutely love living here. For this reason, many people are relocating here. Your relocation to Colorado Springs should be a pleasant experience.

Why I Moved to Colorado

Colorado Springs has some of the best outdoor activities in the country. They also named it America's Best City Overall.

Reasons To Move To Colorado Springs

There are parks and trails scattered throughout every part of Colorado Springs. There are also excellent camping spots in the mountains, just minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. Tourists travel here every year to experience camping in the Rocky Mountain. There really is nothing like it. The size of Colorado Springs makes the local events big enough to remember, but small enough to enjoy.

Colorado Springs has many large events as well. We also have a very dry climate, which requires people to drink more water. Extra water and elevation exertion naturally help people stay healthier. Hiking, biking, walking, and climbing are part of the experience of living in Colorado Springs.

Nicole is the owner of Ashford Realty Group, where she is one of the lead brokers. Providing year-round activity helps provide a healthy lifestyle for its residents. The tax burden here is the lowest in the state and much lower than the large majority of the country. Cities tend to be liberal bastions, but Colorado Springs has traditionally been more conservative. Some of this is in thanks to the tax rates in El Paso County.

At first glance, Colorado Springs may seem like a large growing city that has moved on from the good ole days of local small town community. Colorado Springs is a city that encourages local community.

Since the emergence of Facebook Groups, many people are able to move here and easily connect with like minded people. Many out-of-town home buyers relocating to Colorado Springs are surprised to find out how reasonably priced our homes are here. Our property taxes and home owners insurance are also much less than Texas, California, and New York. With all of these things considered, Colorado Springs is very affordable in comparison with other popular cities in the U.

When a large percentage of a city's economy is based off of one or two large corporations, the financial health of the city is only as strong as those companies. The support for see more business in Colorado Springs is very strong. There is one week out of the year where all of the local residents are encouraged to only shop small businesses for the whole week.

Military has a very strong presence in the city as well, which also helps boost our economy every year. This is a topic that comes up often in conversations with people who have recently relocated here. Residents of Colorado Springs can take this fact for granted because we're used to it. Our 4 seasons are all very distinct.

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall all have their Reasons To Move To Colorado Springs traits and predictability.

In April, a local man was cited by the police for taking his computer into the alley and executing it with eight shots at close range with a handgun. Colorado Springs was initially founded as a health center because of its mineral springs and dry, clear air. This is how most Coloradans navigate. As for when, consider finding a storage facility with either hour access or extended access hours to the storage property.

We enjoy mild climate source round, with an occasional blizzard or hail storm sprinkled in to keep it interesting. The air in Colorado Springs is dry and mild with very little smog. This is great for people with health problems who need fresh clean air. They are both stunning must see attractions.

5 Great Reasons To Live in Colorado Springs - Ashford Realty Group

For a town of overpeople, Colorado Springs has it's share of Landmarks, both National and Local. Garden of the Gods, also located in Colorado Springs, is considered to be one of the most photographed tourist destinations in America. I'm the founder of Great Colorado Homes and the creator of much of the content on this website. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Please feel free to leave a comment in the message box below, or to share this article on social media with someone who might benefit from it.

14 Reasons Why Living in Colorado Springs Is Awesome

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With more search options than any other local website. Here's a quick list of homes for sale in all the local areas and neighborhoods. The Great Outdoors Colorado Springs has some of the best outdoor activities in the country.

Reasons To Move To Colorado Springs

Explore Local Areas Here's a quick list of homes for sale in all the local areas and neighborhoods.